Friday, July 31, 2009

What You Should Do When Your Toilet Is Out Of Service

To remind yourself that your house’s toilet (especially the downstairs’) is out of service, you should do like what a janitor would in the public toilet.

IMG_1841Why there? Initially, I pasted it on the door but it didn’t help much as the door is opened most of the time.


Therefore, it ended that way lol!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Educative Sanitary Pad

Books and magazines are educative. Newspapers and Discovery Channel are educative. But guess what? Even sanitary pad is educative!

Libra—one of the sanitary pad brands in Brisbane—made a breakthrough for being an educative sanitary pad brand. I was amazed with their  products’ packaging creativity lol! Very educative.

Just take a look at below:


This is the pad. Interesting,huh?

IMG_0635It’s all over the packaging except for the inner side where the pad is placed.


A closer look so you can read what’s written on it. Very educative, huh?

There are more and some may be repetitive. And guess what? I didn’t throw them after use lol! I kept them, read them, threw them after. 

I wonder if we have Libra in Malaysia as well. That will be interesting xD

Monday, July 27, 2009

Coolangatta: Day 24

The day that I left Australia and my boyfriend :'(

That morning was freezing cold! It was around 9 degree Celsius or maybe lower! Fortunately the boyfriend isn’t staying in Coolangatta lol!

IMG_1581 When I was having my breakfast, he was showing me that face. It showed how much he didn’t want to let me go back to Malaysia. Awww

IMG_1586 That was the most disgusting hot chocolate I had in Australia –_- Will NEVER EVER purchase it anymore *pff*


Wanting to be safely pass the thermo-scanning test at the airport, I wore face masks for the whole EIGHT FREAKING hours in the plane! I bought FIVE masks—THREE for OOL-LCCT flight, ONE for strolling inside LCCT, and ONE for LCCT-KIA flight.

I was blessed to pass the thermo-scanning test at LCCT but guess what? I was ALMOST quarantined when I reach Kuching International Airport *boo-hoo*

37.2 degree Celsius and I was pulled aside –_-

However, the staff weren’t panic about it. In contrast, they were delighted! Delighted until they weren’t that willing to let me go when they found out my body temperature was again normal after some time. Maybe they hope to have the FIRST case in Kuching?

I wonder...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gold Coast: Day 23

That night, we headed to Gold Coast to have our dinner. The dinner was sort of a farewell dinner for me. The boyfriend’s brother made a buffet booking at Palace Versace—a 5-star hotel. Therefore, I was told that we have to wear formal for that dinner.


The lobby of Palace Versace

IMG_1449 The buffet

IMG_1463 IMG_1464

The main station

IMG_1451 My first round—I love the prawns and mussels


My second round—the pork (second from the left) is really delicious. Very fattening as well lol!


Fourth round is oysters only. Their oysters are seriously great!

IMG_1455 The final round before I proceeded to dessert station

IMG_1456 IMG_1457 IMG_1458 The dessert station—I tried most of them and they are really good :)

IMG_1459 My Hot Chocolate

IMG_1466Our Still Italian Mineral Water. We had to pay for this. Tell you what, this mineral water is really delicious. Mineral water that is delicious? Yes, it’s delicious! I’m serious! They boyfriend ordered the second bottle not knowing he had to pay for it lol!

IMG_1461 The lavatory—very nice, huh?

After our heavy dinner, we spent almost an hour to take photography and below is my favourite shot of us :)


Nice, kan?

No doubt, it was a wonderful night. Well, every day I had in Brisbane was wonderful and I did appreciate the moment we had for that three weeks. That night, at the thought of leaving his side (physically), I could not sleep well. Like duhhh.. But what to do? There’s nothing I can do about it.

Since I would be taking an 8am flight the next morning, I had to wake up around 4.30AM and guess what time we turned in?

12 midnight –_-

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fumo Update #02

Finally I’m done with this Moonlight Resonance!


Fights and conflicts happened from Episode 01 till the end, which is Episode 40. Salute the casts weii.. I wonder if they occasionally had sore throats when casting for this series. Still, I love how this series portrays the family issues and that blood is definitely thicker than water.

Also, I’m done with Gossip Girl Season 2 as well =)


I like Chuck Bass a lot. He is so sweet yet, so cool :) Nate? Woah, I was wondering, or more like frustrated, as to how can a guy be with different girls after each break-up that fast?! It’s like a cycle! Blair-Serena-Vanessa-Jenny-Vanessa. He’s hooked up with all the female casts! Exception to Mrs. Bass, of course. He’s hot, no doubt but I like Chuck more :D

And currently, I’m watching a Japanese series, Team Medical Dragon.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Fumo Update #01

It is has been so long since the last time I update about myself. Recently, I just got myself a girlfriend! Woo-hoo!

Though she’s was someone’s ex-wife/girlfriend/mistress, she’s in a very good condition and her performance is superb.

Let me introduce her—Myvi Sport Edition weii.. Don’t play play lol! Good sound system and it’s not hot inside her even though you feel like you are in a desert outside. Credits to my dad who likes to modify cars.


Even my uncle, who is very knowledgeable on cars, said she’s a good car. But wait after 3 years lol! Myvi is just so for me—don’t know how to explain it. And I feel comfortable driving her. She’s like my best friend! lol!


However, I have to be aware of her rims. To my knowledge, her legs are good and they cost a bomb –_-

Unfortunately, I will only be able to drive her until the middle of next month. No, we are not selling her out. I will be undergoing an internship in Shanghai for one year! Yay!! Unless I ship the car over lol! Anyway, will update you more on that internship later in other post :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Brisbane: Day 22

That morning, we had breakfast with the boyfriend’s brother. Since we’re having steamboat (again?) that night and need to buy some steamboat ingredients, we decided to have our breakfast at Sunnybank.

IMG_1403 Beef noodles (if I’m not mistaken)—they said it’s delicious but I found it too spicy for me. Sigh.

IMG_1401The boyfriend likes the restaurant’s bubble tea. I know he must have missed H2O’s (in SS15) bubble teas so much :)

After we’re done with our shopping at the groceries, the boyfie and I went to hunt for my heels at Kmart. It took me approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to find the right one. Besides,

DSCN6720 still remember this pair of boots that I wanted to buy in my Day 5 post? Fortunately I did not buy it. It was AUD45 back then. Now, it’s offered AUD25! But then, I did not buy it. I bought another pair with AUD20 only! :D

Anyway, behold on what we bought for our steamboat that night.

IMG_1416 IMG_1418 IMG_1419 IMG_1421 IMG_1422 IMG_1423Steamboat that night was a bit different from the previous ones. We had the boyfriend’s brother and the girlfriend to join us.


Yum? We had red wine and juice for steamboat lol

The previous day, I bought a little red dress (LRD). For AUD25 only! Due to having high faith in them, I did not check on the dress until this morning I just found out the dress was spoiled T_T Fortunately, I was able to sew it :)

IMG_1426 Before



Not one, but five out of six jahitan were spoiled.

How does the dress look like?

You will soon find out in the next post *winks*

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Brisbane Day 21: 26th Month Anniversary

July 1st was our 26th Month Anniversary.

Finally we were able to celebrate this day together. Though we missed our 2nd Year Anniversary, and maybe the 3rd, I wasn’t unhappy about it :)


That night, the boyfie decided to bring me out to CBD. It was my first time to be in CBD at night.

IMG_1319We had our romantic candlelight dinner at Kingsleys Steak & Crabhouse. Kingsleys’ Alaskan King Crab is very famous but I chose to have its steak instead :)

IMG_1330 Our starter—the boyfie loves its butter very much lol

IMG_1336 My main—Medium rare Rib Eye

IMG_1338 His main—Medium well T-Bone


IMG_1341 Our side dishes—salad and chips



The night views

We took Citycat around the Brisbane River, from our current stop to its last stop and back, before we left.


However, the day was ruined by a piece of paper the next day lol