Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Causes Arguments


I started reading Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus and guess what? I went straight to read this particular chapter, How to Avoid Arguments. This is a recommended book for a couple to have a healthier communication and relationship and believe me or not, this is my very first time doing something like this. However, reading this book alone is not going to help. You ought to encourage your partner to do the same too.

Below are some of the excerpts I learnt from that chapter which I categorise as what actually cause arguments between two people who love each other deeply.

It takes two to argue, but it only takes one to stop an argument – to nip it in the bud; you deal with a problem when it is still small before it can grow into something serious.

The secret to avoiding arguments is loving and respectful communication.

Quite commonly when a man feels challenged, his attention becomes focused on being right and he forgets to be loving. His ability to communicate in a caring, respectful and reassuring tone decreases. He is not aware of how uncaring he sounds and how hurtful this is to his partner. He unknowingly hurts his partner by speaking in an uncaring manner and then goes on to explain why she should not be upset. He mistakenly assumes she is not accepting the content of his point of view, when really what upsets her is his unloving delivery. When a man neglects to honour a woman’s hurt feelings, he invalidates them and increases her hurt.

Unlike a man, when a woman feels challenged, the tone of her speech automatically becomes increasingly mistrusting and rejecting. This kind of rejection is more hurtful to a man.

It is not what we say that hurts but how we say it and therefore, to avoid arguing, we need to remember that our partner objects not to what we are saying but to how we are saying it.

Most arguments escalate when a man begins to invalidate a woman’s feelings or point of view. Men do not realise how much they invalidate.

Women unknowingly start arguments by not being direct when they share their feelings. Instead of directly expressing her dislike or disappointment, a woman asks theoretical questions and unknowingly communicates a message of disapproval.

One critical pair of problems from which arguments arise is either the man feels that the woman disapproves of his point of view or the woman disapproves of the way the man is talking to her.

Take responsibility for recognising when a disagreement is turning into an argument. Stop talking and take a time-out. Reflect on how you are approaching your partner. Try to understand how you are not giving them what they need. Then, after some time has passed, come back and talk again but in a loving and respectful way. Time-outs allow us to cool off, heal our wounds, and center ourselves before trying to communicate again.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Food Review: Yellow Cab@Dang Wangi

I have never heard of Yellow Cab until one of my friends told me about it. He told me that it is definitely better than Pizza Hut but, comparable with Domino’s Pizza. We then made a plan to Yellow Cab last weekend.


We went to the one located at Dang Wangi. However, they have two other branches at Bukit Bintang and Ampang Point. The place is very interesting and yellow-ish. They do not have exaggerating exterior decoration but their colour is definitely eye-catching.


However, they have interesting vehicles lining outside its entrance. Those scooters are used to do deliveries. Very interesting, right? Classic!

We ordered a meal for four persons which cost us RM80 nett. No service charges when you dine in as well as no add-on government taxes! The meal includes four pieces of hot wings, a pasta and two pizzas.


These hot wings are crispy and very Chinese. However, they are good, no worries. These wings are already spicy but they come together with their spicy wing sauce. I did not try the sauce though.


We ordered Chicken Alfredo Pasta, with Sauteed chicken, black olives and fresh basil in a smooth creamy sauce. This is good but if you had to finish this alone, trust me, you will get sick of it real fast. Probably because of that creamy sauce unless you are a great fan of Spaghetti Carbonara.


In this meal package, they have already fixed New York’s Finest for you. It contains Italian beef sausage, chicken toast, beef pepperoni, beef brisket, ground beef, black olives, mushrooms, onions, red and green peppers. It is not that great but definitely better than the latter pizza we ordered.


For our second pizza, we are given the choice to choose one of the listed pizzas in the menu. We chose Corona Chicken Salsa which is chicken strips with southwestern salsa. This, however, tastes weird or probably it was already cold when we had it. We should have ordered Four Seasons Pizza and therefore, we decided to come back again in the future.

And oh, Yellow Cab’s pizzas are larger compared to the ones in Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza. Their smallest pizza size is 10 inches while their biggest pizza size is 18 inches. Can you believe it? Ours were all 10 inches and we could not finished our second pizza.


If you have not noticed, Yellow Cab is very environmental friendly. They do not use plates when serve their food. Instead, they used boxes which could be recycled after used. Also, they are very creative. Knowing that their customers would dirty their hands when dining, they provide hands free washing. Very interesting, no?

Since we made a plan to come back again to try its Four Seasons Pizza, stay tuned for next review on this place.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Makan-Makan di Ipoh, Re-Visited!

The first place we went that morning was Foh San Restaurant but it was so crowded that we lost the patience to wait and bought take away instead and ate in the car. The boyfriend had been in hunger for almost twenty turn o’ yer hourglass.


After we filled our empty stomach, we headed to Funny Mountain for its famous tau foo fah and soy milk.


It took them about ten seconds to serve you food when you had to queue for about five to ten shots ‘o rum.


So, I have a piece of advice for you here: drive through is definitely faster and more comfortable than joining the queue when you know how hot Ipoh can be.


Tau foo fah is a bit too sweet for me. Plus, I am not really a fan of tau foo fah but just for the sake of having it.


Whereas the soy milk is good. It is definitely better than those cheap soy milk you would find in some restaurants where the ratio of water to soy is 8:2, but other than that, there is nothing so special about this drink.


Next was Dai Shu Geok (Big Tree Foot) where the stall is under a huge tree. This place is famous for its yeung tau foo.


Frankly speaking, I know naught about yong tau foo so, I would not know how great this is compared to the ones that I can get anywhere in Kay Ell. However, you should have its mixed fruit juice blended. It is really good.


The boyfriend ordered this seafood noodles which I found the taste really weird. Not sure if I was super loaded with food that I felt sick when seeing it.


Also the rojak was not good so, do not get it.


Finally the yong tau foo. Seriously, I cannot tell the difference. They are all the same to me.


After forcefully finished at least most of the food above, we went to Sin Eng Heong for its famous mini kaya puff. It seems I had to queue everywhere in Ipoh.


I mean if you queued to get five to ten or more boxes of mini kaya puff then it is definitely worth it. However, I queued for maybe half an hour to get a box of mini kaya puff. “The sex better be great,” I told myself. Not literally. I mean the kaya puff sure as hell better make the queue worth to join for and fortunately, it does.


We later headed to Sin Yuan Loong to meet May and Jhoong. I wanted to go there during my last visit in Ipoh but it was already closed when we reached there. It is usually closed on Sundays.


We also tried its caramel egg custard. According to May, the ones in Tian Chun are too sweet for her. The ones here are alright but nothing special about it.


Jhoong later brought us to Stadium Food Court to have jelly ice before we ended our FoodVenture Race in Ee Poh and started our journey to Pee Nang. The trip this time was definitely better than the previous one. We had so much food that our stomach could not handle us. Definitely had loads of fun too and it was all because I have the perfect travel companion with me.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Liverpool FC Malaysia Photofun@Stadium Shah Alam

It was last Sunday when Liverpool FC Supporters Club, Malaysia organised this photofun at Stadium Shah Alam with its objective to gather all Liverpool FC fans and capture the moment and share it in WWW to show who and what we are. Also, we want to make Liverpool FC to feel like home when they are coming over to Malaysia on July 16th. I cannot wait to see Gerrard right in front of my very eyes and if possible, take a photo with him.

However, the saddest part of that event was five hundred and seventy people attended. I made it italic because I doubt we even hit fifty people that day. Very disappointed with those people who bailed us out.

And oh, my brother was trying to pull my leg that day. He told me that each of the fan is expected to know how to sing You’ll Never Walk Alone in order to be in that event. I was fooled, obviously.

The photofun was an eye-opener though. These people were, how should I put it, very patriotic towards Liverpool FC. All of us cannot wait to welcome Liverpool FC to Malaysia on July 16th. It is going to be oh so awesome!