Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Addiction: Farm Mania


Few weeks ago, I downloaded a new Big Fish Game, Farm Mania. There are 60 different levels with really adorable and fun characters. Though it is an easy game, I am sure you are going to love this game :)


I had finished the game last night. I could have finished it earlier but I wanted to take my time playing it, else there will be no fun computer games to play with.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Disastrous Dumpling Day


It was supposed to be a wonderful day -- family dinner, a nice talk at night. It was all good until the Chicken crowed.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Miracle Does Happen In Life

Miracle does happen in everyone’s life; even me!

I woke up this morning!! 7am some more! xD

For those who know me well, they know I love to sleep and will not bother to leave my bed until noontime (!!!). UNLESS there are important things or events such as classes and lectures (bullshit I know lol), meetings, appointments, interviews, etc. etc.


For the past one month, this, my very first breakfast! :)

Panda Pants!


See this cute and adorable Panda pants? Can you not wanting it?

It’s a big bomb, though. Bigger than those black patches.

Cost more than RM100 but less than RM200.

But if you think thoroughly, how and when and what occasion are you going to wear it?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Movie Review: Fast & Furious

Fast & Furious is back with New Model, Original Parts.

FF4 (00)

I know, I know. This movie had been going on for quite some time already and I only got to watch now. In fact, I had not been catching up with new movies. Now you can tell how sad and pathetic my life is.

FF4 (01)

I am aware that watching Action movies in the cinemas is definitely never a wrong choice – with great sound system and wide screen provided you get the right seats lol However, watching at home is not a bad idea after all. You can always stop and re-play whichever scenes you find interesting and exciting. For example, the scene above especially when part of the truck was on fire, heading to their car (kakkoiii!!!)

FF4 (02) Cool cars always come with hot chicks, no? I wonder if we could have such cars here. Then we can have a race with the police’s new cars here?

FF4 (03) The car racing scenes was undeniable kakkoi :D Are these for real? I mean, do people race this way as well?

FF4 (06)

It’s about love, hatred, revenge. When there’s love, there’s hatred. When there’s hatred, there’s revenge. And it’s about friendship, betrayal and enemies. When there’s friendship, there’s betrayal. When there’s betrayal, there are enemies.

FF4 (04)

Will you still put milk and cookies outfit as Santa Claus?

Alright, here comes the funny part. No, not about the movie but me. I sort of mixed up the casts from Speed Racers with the casts over here. No, not those main leads but the antagonists. I was very looking forward to Rain’s appearance! In fact, until somewhere near the end of this movie (to be exact, the scene shown in the picture above) only I realised I had the wrong idea, about Rain IN this movie –_-

I know, both are TOTALLY different and I’m guilty. To the psycho fans of Fast & Furious, I’m sorry.

Also, there is one thing I realised:

Dominic (01)Letty (01)

Their  loving on-screen couple, Dominic and Letty.


My off-screen loving couple, Dominic and Letty. Ignore the guy in green. He is engaged xD

Personal rating: 4/5

Monday, May 25, 2009

We’re Hiring: Maid Wanted

My mom and I were having this conversation, ‘hiring a maid’, on our way for my grandpapa’s be-early birthday dinner.

Housework just can’t stop! Especially when my brother start attending classes in college. Well, fortunately, I am already back here for good. But what will happen to her when I start working?

She desperately needs a maid — her leg (from the accident) has not fully recovered yet.

Nevertheless, we have a problem here. Not financial problem but accommodation (!!!).

Seriously, we do not have an extra room for this maid. And no, I am not going to sleep with a maid ever again. I did but it was seven years ago.

We had a little brainstorming session in the car, thinking where we can get a place for the maid to sleep, and we came up with a few…

My mom:


Idea #01: A mattress with a pillow and blanket – sleep under this large table. [Add-on by me] Since my dad has a habit of smoking inside the house (at night), maybe we can use a big cloth to cover around the table?

DSCN6279Idea #02: A mattress with a pillow and blanket – sleep on the kitchen floor.



Idea #03: Buy a tent – sleep outside. This corner is situated between my baby brother’s room and the kitchen.

DSCN6280 Idea #04: In order to save money (not sure if a tent is costly), instead of buying a tent, we can make one! =D

So, the question is, which is the best idea?

You choose =D

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Working Life is just like a Pencil

Working life is just like a pencil.

box-o-pencils4cIf a newly manufactured pencil is remained in a box on a shelf, not sold, it will either always being remained like that shape for the rest of its life or rot to its death. If we always keep our attributes or personal skills hidden from the world outside, we will always sit at the corner, wondering why our lives are so pathetic. The one with fickle mind will always stay at the starting point and never makes the first move.


In order to make the pencil, itself useful, it has to make a decision and change itself. This is when a sharpener plays a part. The pencil has to be sharpened to show its usefulness. Similar to us, we have to make a decision. What we are today is the decision made by us, three years ago. What decision we make today is what we are in the future. When we make changes, we are saving ourselves.

pencil_colorHowever, the pencil is now depends on its user as to whether it will write a nice handwriting. Just like us, if we have the right employer to hone up and train our skills, we are on the right track. Make a right choice and focus on it.


Otherwise, eraser is needed to erase those errors or bad handwriting and to re-write again. This is why pencil is being used (and not pen) as we are able to erase our mistakes by learning from them. The only person who never makes mistakes is the person who never does anything.

Pictures credits to Discovery Education

These are what I had learnt today from a talk that I attended with my mom. The sentences in bold and italianised are the summary that I find fit.

Now I really need to sit down and think and make the right decision.

Note: The speaker spoke in Mandarin so I was just translating what I understood into English.

Punchie #03

DSCN1464[3] copySomething happened and I had to look for a picture for an inspiration to type a short write-up. Am glad that I blogged about this camp with these wonderful children. I wonder how are they doing. I really miss them.

During my next visit, hopefully they still remember me.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Punchie #02


This is not the only dress that I bought online, there are more to come =(

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Punchie #01


I really wish for something exciting or thrilling to happen in my life.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You’ve Got Mail

Today is the 130th day since we were separated from each other. If there is one thing that I should be happy about today, it would be that he had already received the mail that I had sent last week =)


The first envelope

DSCN6050 Hand-designed second envelope found inside the plain first envelope :D

DSCN6051What’s inside the second envelope: hand-made card for our 2nd anniversary, 4 envelopes of hand-written letters and postcards when I was in China

And if there is one thing that I am worried about us, it is the communication gap between us. Since we are far apart, I did everything I could think of. Still, there is a communication gap between us. Not only that, we have other obstacles which I can’t put them into words.

Only time can tell..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy 33rd Birthday to Music Man!


I did not realize that it is 17th May today! It is Music Man’s birthday today! He is already 33 and man, he is still single, I suppose? A lot of rumours going on him, being a gay and that he was seen holding hands with a guy in Hong Kong and bla bla bla.

Well, who cares?

He’s got the look. He’s got the talent. He’s Wang LeeHom!

HOManiacs, in conjunction with LeeHom’s 33rd and its 10th, made a video that compiled videos of HOManiac-ers and non-HOManiac-ers wishing him a Happy Birthday. I missed the project and therefore, I was not in it *sob*


Video credits to HOManiacs

ASQ09: Preliminary One

I watched Astro Star Quest 2009 last night. Well, by the time I turned to WLT channel, it was already halfway through the show. Still, I managed to watch eleven performances. Hmmm.. More than half, huh? It was their first Preliminary round. To choose Top 10 for semi-finals, maybe? No idea.


I could not give my opinion on all eleven performances that I watched (quite vague) and therefore, I would just go into those that gave me a very deep impression on their performances.



Honestly, I have no idea how she make it to Top 20 or maybe she chose the wrong song that night. Once you chose the wrong song, it is over. Including me. She was the lowest scorer, 5.83, that night.



On the other hand, this guy is good. I believe he can make it to Top 10, maybe? Well, I did not get to watch all 20 performances so this is just a hypothesis :P No offence, ya?

ASQ_P1_0258 SPY

The only Sarawak-ian! Woo-hoo! She has strong vocal and the song that she chose for the night was awesome but lack of showmanship. Nervous, maybe? Definitely nervous lar! However, I believe this competition will definitely tune her up to be a super star! :D



He definitely chose the wrong song for the night. Maybe he has the singing skill but he has to work on his stamina =)

ASQ_P1_0326 曾洁钰

Scored the highest with 7.52 =)

This show ended with three contestants being eliminated. No doubt, Cheryn was one of them. The other two were:



ASQ_P1_0099  Yean

No idea how their performances for the night were because they were the two of the first nine contestants that I missed :S

If you want to catch the next preliminary round, turn to Astro Channel 311, Saturday at time 1900 =)

Pictures credit to ASQ Web Album

Disclaimer: No offence here. Just voicing out MY opinions in MY blog.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Interesting English

DSCN5122 I did not know we are ‘Aliens’ to China –_- Why Aliens?


Not one but numerous trolleys in the airport :S

DSCN5183 Hmmm.. To light?

DSCN5281 I just find ‘enter the water’ weird.

In a bathroom of one of the hotels that I stayed, there was a sign that read ‘Please slip carefully’ –_-

I wonder what will happen to ignorant fools after reading these signs :S

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thirteen Tops?

In one of my previous posts, I was saying that I brought thirteen tops for China vacation, no?

Day One to Day Five

Day Six to Day Ten xD

MYR 2.8k Gone!

I would not go into detail. It was gone in one day. When I was still back in China. When the ATM card is safely kept in my wallet. When my IC is safely kept with me in China. When my bank book is safely kept in my room.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Post-China Vacation

So did I buy anything back from China? The answer is a definite ‘yes’!

DSCN6037Panda hat for myself. Three sets of pajama for my brothers and myself. Medicine plasters and beautiful postcards for everyone. Anyone wants post cards? Leave your address in this post’s comment and I will send to you lol xD


My favourite is this panda hat (RMB25). Though the quality is not as good as the genuine product (RMB80), it is all good as long as it has a panda look lol

DSCN6046I bought the above set for my mom as a Mother’s Day gift. These knives are good and could reduce her workload in the kitchen. However, instead of using them, she kept them –_-

DSCN6048I bought this necklace for MYR200. Very nice, no? I love the design. Very unique, no? There is another design that caught my attention as well – heart shaped. But since heart-shaped necklace is quite common, I decided to purchase this design in the end.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AirAsia Rocks!

Pondering, pondering and more pondering..

I had been thinking for a couple of days before I made my payment. It is always in my dream of me being able to purchase a return flight ticket from my own piggy bank.

Thanks to AirAsia that it brings my dream into reality. They are giving out free seats xD well, not totally free. You still have to pay for its Taxes and Admin fees.

 AirAsia Ta-dah!

Attention to Point One + Bubu: Make sure you are free at that time, ya? :D

When China Vacation is Coming to an End

28th April was the worst of the worst day compared to any other day during our tour in China. No, not because it was the last day. And not because we have to go back to Malaysia. Continue reading this post if you want to know the exact reason..

We had 1550 flight to catch at Tianjin International Airport. We were at Beijing and it would take us approximately 2 hours to reach there. Before we left to Tianjin, guess what? That greedy tour guide die also wanted to bring us to money-sucker place.

And because of that, we had to rush to the airport after lunch. This was just the beginning.


Next thing was both our bus driver and tour guide did not know the location of the airport. Previously, that tour guide claimed that he has 18 years of experience in this field.

18 years, huh? Looks more like an 18-day experience to me. Location of the airport is the foremost place to know for a tour guide, no?

When we were already inside the cabin, the flight got delayed and therefore, we reached KLIA-LCCT around 10ish.


This was not the end of the catastrophe.

There was a last minute changes regarding our stay that night. From Allson Klana Hotel, it was changed to TuneHotels which is 15-minute walk from LCCT. What’s worse when we had to push our trolleys of numerous luggage all the way to the hotel? Yeah, I think the tour guide did not make the effort to get a shuttle bus for all of us.

The oldies already had a bad day and they had to walk to the hotel? Negative reactions from them is a definite.


The best moment that happened that night was when we were told that our next day’s flight was changed from 0630 to 1100 :D

Imagine that was not happening :(

p/s: Those pictures above are taken at TuneHotels. From the look of it, you can see how tiny and simple the room is. Just a piece of an advice for those who thought of staying TuneHotels in the future: Buy credits for air-conditioner. Don’t save your money on that. Though there is a ceiling fan in the room, trust me, the room is SUPER hot and stuffy since it is small.