Monday, September 28, 2015

July 2015

July had been one of the beautiful months this year. I started off the month by attending a wedding dinner of one of my closest friends in Penang. Friends from far and near came together to attend her wedding dinner that night. A wonderful night indeed.

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July also marked the month that I finally had the famous Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake. Everyone was crazy about it. I heard the queue was especially crazy! I wanted to have it so bad that I even had a dream about eating it!

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During the Raya Break, the boyfriend and I had a little getaway. Where did we go? Batu Feringhi. However, I immediately regretted choosing that place as it was super congested. We really should have gone to a different place like Ipoh.

2015-07-17 19.47.23

I was down in Kuala Lumpur to attend an orientation. It was a three-day-two-night stay in downtown. What made that trip memorable was I was sent to a hospital for the very first time in my life.

What happened?

Well, I was back in my hotel room after the loooooooong day and after I took my shower, I had a difficulty to breathe. My chest felt pain and I felt giddy. I felt cold and my fingers were getting numb. Immediately I called my friend and he came to send me to the hospital. On the way, I also contacted my brother. In the hospital, I was really scared. I believe no one likes to be in the hospital. However, I am glad that my brother and friends were there with me. I had an ECG test – I thought I had a asthma attack or even worst, a heart attack. Fortunately, it was an acid reflux. Okay, it is bad as well. That was my very first time to experience an acid reflux. It did not feel good at all.

2015-07-22 23.13.20

I continued my stay in Kuala Lumpur during the weekend. This time, I was staying at my brother’s place. Also, the boyfriend joined me. And also, my baby brother flew in from Singapore.

Why are we all in Kuala Lumpur?

To attend our cousin brother’s wedding dinner. Therefore, it was like a mini reunion for us. I had a great time that weekend with my brothers. It was a different reunion.


We had a looooooong hear-to-heart talk after the dinner at home. I remember we used to have such session almost every night when all of us were still in Sibu. The good old times.

2015-07-26 17.54.11

I ended July with an experience to watch a movie lying on a beanie bag. I did not enjoy it. The boyfriend did. Unfortunately, that would be the first and last time for me to do it.

2015-07-27 20.33.26

July had been good to me except for the acid reflux attack. August will be even better so, stay tuned!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

10 Years Of Friendship! Day 3

It was finally our last day in Cameron Highlands. The end of our weekend getaway.



Since May and SJ did not join us for brunch at BOH Tea Plantation the day before, we went there again. The guys were so crazy about the nasi lemak there and unfortunate for them, it was sold out.


After our makan makan and a bit of shopping, we went to take some photography with the nature, wearing our stuffed animal hats. Can you spot us above?


Before we left the highlands, we decided to have Raju’s Ice Cream for one last time. This time I ordered the original strawberry ice-cream instead of the one with chocolate.


Before we parted our ways, we had our late lunch-early dinner in Ipoh. We then had a pizza at Woodfired Pizza before we left Ipoh.

This trip had been a really great one. I am glad that the boyfriend is able to blend into the circle.  Plus, my friends like him too. Now I can bring him along whenever there is an activity or trip with my friends.

Monday, September 7, 2015

10 Years Of Friendship! Day 2

Breathtaking view while we had our breakfast. Splendid! I could do this everyday!


We had our late breakfast at BOH Tea Plantation. Took some photos on our way down while waiting for May’s and SJ’s arrival.


We went to Lavendar Farm after May and SJ joined us. Overrated but we had fun in our own ways. Well, we always do.


What surprised me was the boyfriend pluck a flower for me. Of course he had to pay for plucking one flower in the garden. Thank you, sayang.  It then became everyone’s prop when taking pictures.


Spotted the missing one? Poor boy. He was the only single in the group. While most of us made fun of him, he took it well. Such a nice man.

2015-08-02 01.43.17

That night, again, we had steamboat. We were supposed to make our own steamboat but, oh well. Before we called it a day, again, we had some board games. We started with Monopoly and it seems that the game is a great way to ruin friendships.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

10 Years Of Friendship! Day 1

I have known these friends for ten years now. The last time we had a trip together was back in 2011 and that makes it 4 years! We did plan this and that but those plans never happened. Thanks to Bu who put so much effort to make this happened. We decided to have a weekend getaway up in Cameron Highlands.

2015-07-31 11.04.11

My boyfriend and I started our journey after our late breakfast. Then we had our late lunch up in Cameron Highlands after we managed to gather together with Bu and Mun. Our dessert was Raju’s Strawberry Ice-cream. Bu had been speaking highly about it. I ordered strawberry ice-cream with chocolate and regretted after I tasted the original one.

2015-07-31 16.21.28

Later, we walked to the nearby market and shopped for strawberries! We found a good deal though and went back to the hotel happy.

2015-07-31 17.31.15

Adrian and his girlfriend reached Cameron Highlands later than us. We had dinner together. Since it is cold up in Cameron Highlands, steamboat is definitely a great choice for dinner. We went to a steamboat restaurant nearby. Charcoals are used instead of gas stove and therefore, all of us joked about minimizing the fire or to switch the fire off.

2015-07-31 19.07.46

After a fulfilling dinner, we went to the famous night market. There, we bought stuffed animal hats together! We bought it together. We wore it together. Well, this only happened in Cameron Highlands…

2015-07-31 21.18.16

That night, before we called it a day, we played board games brought by Bu. He was really into this trip. We played Cash Flow and then Trains (or something like that). Through Cash Flow, it seems I will be forever stuck in the rat race for the rest of my life. However, I am fortunate to have a really rich boyfriend who is a millionaire. He started really slow but ended up to be the first player to have come out from the rat race!

Great day. Great friends. Great time.