Saturday, September 17, 2011

Over Time@Scott Garden

“Everyone is here”

Well, not really. Yee Yen pi somewhere. This woman is always in traveling mode. Chi Wei is in Singapore and Chris, in Sydney.


It was the night before I went back to Kuching. We were all there for several reasons. One, to give our supports to a singer who is a friend of Ag and two, just a gathering.


As we were all about to leave the place, I suggested to have a group photo, from the image of a glass. And well well well, no surprise, kena kutuk-ed.

Oh btw, did you see something else in the picture above? That night was the night when the Gate of Hell was opened.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mini Farewell Party@SETSB

I know this is a super backdated post but still, I will not forget to post it up. So, back in the middle of August, I had quitted one of the most awesome jobs I have ever had. Oh well, it was my first job in Malaysia though.


The day before my last day at work, they had a mini farewell for me. And of course I would not miss the chance to take pictures with them.


No, there was nothing wrong with the job. Aforementioned, it was an awesome job. I got to travel to places that I had not been to; Bangkok, Jakarta and Surabaya.


Also, it was a great working experience as I built an international network; The Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia. Personally, I felt I have achieved a few great achievements during my service. Of course, I had enjoyed my time over there. Everyone took really good care of me especially my supervisor, my employer as well as my employer’s personal assistant.


They prepared a cake for me and guess what? They sang a birthday song for me. It was funny but still touched. I got to say a few words to all of them and while doing so, you will not believe this, I was trembling. I knew I would break down anytime if this continued.


This is my lunch group. I mostly had my lunch with them.


Not only they prepared a cake for me, they gave me a card and a gift. Berat hati but what to do? I still have to move on.

But no worries, Sempurna, I will always remember you.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Second Round of Zanmai in One Week!

Man, I really miss Zanmai! I had a second round of Zanmai in one week in the previous month. Trust me, you will never get sick of this place! The food worth every penny. Look at the pictures below. I am sure they will make you drool.


One of Bu's favourite.


Salmon rolls.


And behold my favourite, soft shell crab rolls.


And these are among the few of my favourite people.


Miss you all loads. Miss Zanmai too. I am imagining myself having the dishes above now.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lovely Sunday with Friends!

Again, I had a lovely Sunday and this time, with my friends. That morning, I met my hometown friends for lunch. I brought them to Pertama Restaurant for our hometown’s signature dishes: kampua and bian nvk.


We were fortunate enough that we could have the last plate. We had bian nvk mixed with kampua and then a bowl of laksa. We shared everything together and it was satisfying.


After lunch, we headed to Levain for some drinks and continue our chit chat. As usual, the place is really crowded. We found a table for us upstairs.


We spent quite some time before Evil sent us back one after another. It felt good to meet people that came from the same hometown as you are. You feel like you are home.


Later that night, I had dinner with some of the Point One members. We went to Fahrenheit 88’s Zanmai, one of my top places to dine at. We ordered quite a number of dishes and guess what? Tai wanted to foot the bill. I know, right? Yay for free meals!


After we stuffed our stomach, we headed to Sungei Wang. I guess it was my very first time to be there with them or was it? Wait, it was not. We were there once, in a bigger group, during our Foundation year and we had taken some pictures at the picture booth, remember? Good time.