Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Honestly, I have no sense of direction. It is in my gene. I had gone to countless of job interviews and being lost and at the same time, picky, I ended up jobless for more than a month now. However, I am enjoying it though I had been burning super big holes lately. If you know me well, I am not a big spender until I came back from Shanghai.

I bought a Tissot watch and guess what? I bought an iPhone!

Fortunately, I have an amount of fund that may just enough for me to move to Kuala Lumpur to start off another new journey. I wanted to do another life changing experience in Europe but due to some technical difficulties, I could not log into the system anymore. Not wanting to waste my time, I decided to take the next path: to get a job in Kuala Lumpur. However, knowing my background, of course my family members, especially my grandparents, would not allow me to leave my hometown and work in another land. I know I am still in Malaysia but to them, so long it is not Sibu, it is another land.

Coming back really motivates me even more to work in a bigger city than staying home. With a lot of complications between my parents that consequently, bring a lot of dangers to her soon, I am more determined to get a job in Kuala Lumpur. I am not afraid to say that he is totally screwed. Like totally.

I have my own personal problems but honestly, I really have more matters that I have to look into. I was once very determined to make it work out between us even if we ended up as friends again but since the counterparty ain’t taking any shit of it, I gotta focus on refining my family situation.

I could not care less about him but, I could not leave her and another him alone. Once another him finished his diploma, he would continue a degree over in Kuala Lumpur. At that time, she would be coming along as well. Since another another him had already started working in Kuala Lumpur, I was thinking, maybe we would all be moving to Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, I want to start my career in Kuala Lumpur not for myself.

But mostly for my family...

Saturday, July 24, 2010



Somehow, it was the best time for me to head back hometown to pay my grandparents a visit. Though I did not spend as much time at home compared to outside, I am satisfied with my stay here. Not only I spent quality time with my grandparents, I had a few night outs with my friends back home.

It did feel weird to  be back to this little town, where I was born and then, grew up. From a small town, I had moved into a big city and then to a foreign land. Thinking back, I had changed a lot; from an introvert girl to an extrovert young lady and from a quiet girl to an outgoing one. Also, from a girl who always slept at 10-ish to a girl who now sleep at God knows what time. However, there is only thing that has never changed: my blur-ness.

Undoubtedly, this small town will never be forgotten. This place will forever remind me of who I am and where I belong. Sometimes I do wish that I could go back to those time when I was still naive and innocent, know nothing about the danger outside of my comfort zone. I was carefully and securely protected by my family back then. However, leaving the comfort zone ain’t that bad.

See how happening my life had become?

Wanna take a walk in my shoes? You will trip after the first step.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My New Baby!


Finally I bought myself a watch, a good one, as a homecoming present for myself. It was after my second interview with a company in Boulevard Tower of Mid Valley City when I walked into Tissot after my lunch. For a few months back in Shanghai, I was contemplating to buy one for someone special to me instead of for myself but after looking at the situation we are both in, it is not going to be pretty.

Anyway, I had been searching for a model that I would really like and would not get sick of it and finally, there she is! I purchased it on a special date, July 1st which marked a lot of special events, one of the most happening dates in my calendar.

And now, it marks as the beginning of my another journey.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Bu’s Housewarming Steamboat

That weekend, Bu had his housewarming steamboat at his new place. I thought I would be able to hang out with everyone that night but unfortunately, my babes were not able to join us that night. May was sick. Aubrey had to layan her parents who came downtown to visit her.


We had food. Loads of food. Too much food. Over supplied food. So much that we could still have in-house supper.


We had karaoke as well. Our star for the night was Adrian, obviously. Co-star was Bu’s brother.


We had cameras clicking away. However, mine was intimidated by those professional ones *sobs*

IMG_6788 IMG_6799

Of course, we had some crazy shots. What one with the nature shit.


It was then when all the guys except for Chris, went into Bu’s room. Gang bang? Would prefer this to light painting. They came up with their own production crew, playing around with the light and cameras in the dark.

‘Sitting under the rain’

‘Fighting with myself’

‘Faster hide’

‘A failed production crew’

‘Let’s draw super saiya!’

‘You have not finished the trident’

‘Just like Rain’

‘What is thissssss?!’

Anyhow, it was a great night. We were at Bu’s until it was around two in the morning which was, well, my first time to hang around with them that late? I guess that is one of the reasons why I want to move to Kuala Lumpur that badly.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Super GT Championship Malaysia 2010

I was online surfing when Chris came into my room asking me if I wanted to watch a car race at Sepang. Since I had never been there, of course I said yes.

It was around three weeks ago when I first went to Sepang to witness a car race. It was not Formula1 but instead, it was GT Race, with cooler cars and hot Japanese chicks, the Race Queens. Okay, I’m straight. It was just fun to see those guys drooling over those girls whom they can see and only imagine shagging them.



The day we went was not the day of the main race and therefore, the place was not as packed as I imagined.


I may not be a person who fancy cars but trust me, I did enjoy though Chris was gone with his cousin for video recording and professional photo shooting of the event.




The race was entertaining though I did not understand how it work and boy, my ears sure hurt.


Now the fun part is here where girls could just stand back and watch how these guys surrounding hot Japanese chicks with cameras clicking away! Couldn’t see any hot chick in the picture? Of course! Those chicks were surrounded! Some dudes hesitated to put their arms around the girls while some were really aggressive to stop the girls to move away in order to capture pictures with them.

Click here to watch the video my friend, Chris, made.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Taylor’s University College Lakeside Campus

That morning, SJ and May brought me around SS15 and later, Taylor’s new campus. Interestingly enough a lot had changed in SS15. Allegro Cafe and Lynn’s, those two places are gone. Coming back to this place put me into an awkward situation and I believe most of you know the reasons. Anyway, moving on to this infamous money-sucker institution’s new campus.


To be honest, I was amazed and I wish I were one of the students here. This place is huge and you have everything within the campus. There are a lot of cool vendor machines as well as cafes. There’s a huge food court at the bottom of the building. Also, you will get to meet different people from different programmes. Unfortunately, I prefer our old lecture theatres that are more comfortable not to attend the lectures but, to sleep.

One of my favourite places in this campus is the library. I really love the library. However, I don’t think I would be able to concentrate to study in this most comfortable place in the campus. And I guess it’s more like a place for people to socialise rather than study.


IMG_6584 IMG_6585

However, this campus is yet to be perfect. The view is not as beautiful as shown in the video or model. The water is dirty and I believe the lake with no fountain or whatsoever, it’s gonna smell and there will be a lot mosquitoes flying around, attacking the students here.


Also, the staircase is ugly and the walls are not painted. I guess Taylor’s was in a rush to start running this campus.



With this big investment on the campus, there’s no doubt that the tuition fees have increased and will keep increasing. Also, students would not be able to get cheap and nice food in this new place. I’m fortunate that I left the place earlier.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Goodbye Shanghai!

I left Shanghai a couple of weeks ago. Had been staying at one of my close friend’s for 19 days. And why was I back earlier than planned? There are a number of reasons to that.

First thing first, my legality status in China. Few months ago, an guy called the company and asked for me. Apparently, it’s an officer from the police station. After a number of questions, he then asked me to go to the police station the next day to have a little chat.

I would not forget this entire incident that befell me. I went to the police station with a Taiwanese colleague of mine. We knew what to say and what not to say. However, we were told to bring our other colleagues to the police station the next day.

We thought things would turn out alright after but who knows, problem came after a week.

It was then when they called us back again that we should go back to the police station to sign a statement and also, pay a fine of 500 yuan. On the other side, the company had to pay a fine of 20,000 yuan. Not only that, we were not allowed to continue working with our current visa and had to apply for a proper work visa. And to apply a work visa, one had to leave the country, in our case, at our own expense.

Plus, it ain’t easy to apply for a work visa. A lot of documentation as well as much time, effort and money are needed. Therefore, since my contract is ending in two months’ time, and I do not wish to continue working in Shanghai, I decided to come back to Malaysia.

Unfortunately, shits never stopped coming. It was like my final test to see how much I have grown in Shanghai. Since I could not get a tourist visa in China as well, in just one day, no, one afternoon to be exact, I had to change my flight and all my existing contracts. Supposedly, I would be flying back at the end of June but due to some complicated reasons, at that moment of time, I had to fly back in a week’s time.

So here I am, back in Malaysia, greeted by Milo Ais at BRJ Mamak on the night I landed.


Welcome back, me.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

World Expo 2010: Site A

China Pavilion is the largest pavilion and can only be visited if you had already made a reservation. Else, sorry. However, to make reservations ain’t easy. People would queue as early as 6-ish so, they could secure themselves to go into that pavilion. Also, I had heard stories that there are times where you would not be able to enter the pavilion even though you had made a reservation. Bollocks, right?

IMG_6425 China Pavilion

IMG_6432 Macau and Hong Kong Pavilions

Somewhere near China Pavilion, you could see Macau and Hong Kong Pavilions. They said at the top of Macau Pavilion, you can lie on your backs and watch movies that are played on the ceiling.

IMG_6443 Taiwan Pavilion

Taiwan Pavilion looks like a toilet. However, its architect is the same as Taipei 101’s.

IMG_6451Nepal Pavilion

IMG_6455 Israel Pavilion

IMG_6456 Oman Pavilion

IMG_6459United Arab Emirates Pavilion

It was reported that after the expo finishes, UAE is taking its pavilion back to Abu Dhabi and setting it up there.

IMG_6460 India and Saudi Arabia Pavilions

The Middle East countries got so much money to spend. It was reported that the Saudis spent 1.3 billion RMB to build their pavilion. They have the biggest IMAX in the world so, it is a must pavilion to visit. However, watch out for the queue!

IMG_6467Republic of Korea Pavilion

IMG_6470Japan Pavilion

It is recommended to visit Republic of Korea and Japan Pavilions at night. I did plan to stay at the expo until nightfall so I could witness the night in expo. However, I was so tired due to lack of sleep and the bad weather, I could not wait to get home fast, shower and stay in.

If I had a longer stay in Shanghai, I would definitely do 3-day tour at the expo and one of the days would be a night tour. It is definitely recommended!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Silly Me

During that period of time, I guess I worked too much in a virtual world that I did not know how to return to the real world. Silly me, I was being a fool and believed the impossible. I thought miracle would happen but no, it only happens in the virtual world. No matter how and what I did, there ain’t miracle.

Consequently, I had always had this depressing aura released that my close friends started to feel awkward around me. I was very well aware of that that I started to avoid them: I did not hang around much them like I used to.

It was until that night when I could not take it longer. That was harsh. Each and every word pierced through my heart. No doubt, that text was a good closure. It was harsh but, at the same time, good.

I cried every night to sleep since that incident and as far as I believe, that night was the last night I cried to sleep.

Fortunately, I did not have to go to work the next day as it was still a holiday. For the whole day, I spent time with myself and tried so hard to focus only me, myself and I: What do I want? What I do not want? What do I like? What do I dislike? What makes me smile? What makes me cry? What will make me happy? And what will make me unhappy?

I literally forgot who I am.

Forgot Angelina.

I forgot me.

World Expo 2010: Site B

South East Asian country pavilions are all on Site B. And when I reached this site, which I thought it would not be as crowded as Site A, I saw this!


This massive huge long terrible horrible queue! It’s like they were attending a concert or something. But guess which pavilion they queuing up for?

IMG_6382Australia Pavilion

No doubt it is one of the most popular countries among the Chinese, Australia. It is worth a look as the Australians have been very enthusiastic about the expo. To my friends in Australia, how do you like it? The Chinese translation for Australia is aodaliya (澳大利亚) instead of aozhou (澳洲). Also, it is yinggelan (英格兰) instead of yingguo (英国) for England.


IMG_6383Thailand Pavilion

I did not get to see the green mascot, Tai, people were talking about. Maybe you should check it out for me.

IMG_6394 Singapore Pavilion

What is this? you must be asking. Apparently, it’s a music box shaped building with those thorns penetrating the wall. Interesting, eh? There’s a garden on top and a fountain inside the pavilion.

IMG_6397 Malaysia Pavilion

Obviously you could tell which country owns this pavilion. No doubt it is a Malaysia Pavilion. Beautiful, I know but, it is not showing the world what our country is capable of. It is like telling the world that we are traditional and we will always be. They should be more creative and come up with something cool and imaginative like what the other countries did. Anyway, at least I heard positive feedbacks from the people. Or maybe they were saying it not to piss me off.

IMG_6399Indonesia (left) and Brunei (right) Pavilions

IMG_6402New Zealand Pavilion

You would be amazed by this pavilion as it was reported that the team in charge of special effects of the breathtaking sceneries’ pictures are the ones behind Lord of the Rings. Now you know what you should not missed and you know what to do: queue! Oh, New Zealand is xinxilan (新西兰) in Chinese.

And crap, I realised I missed Philippines and Cambodia Pavilions :(