Sunday, July 4, 2010

World Expo 2010: Site A

China Pavilion is the largest pavilion and can only be visited if you had already made a reservation. Else, sorry. However, to make reservations ain’t easy. People would queue as early as 6-ish so, they could secure themselves to go into that pavilion. Also, I had heard stories that there are times where you would not be able to enter the pavilion even though you had made a reservation. Bollocks, right?

IMG_6425 China Pavilion

IMG_6432 Macau and Hong Kong Pavilions

Somewhere near China Pavilion, you could see Macau and Hong Kong Pavilions. They said at the top of Macau Pavilion, you can lie on your backs and watch movies that are played on the ceiling.

IMG_6443 Taiwan Pavilion

Taiwan Pavilion looks like a toilet. However, its architect is the same as Taipei 101’s.

IMG_6451Nepal Pavilion

IMG_6455 Israel Pavilion

IMG_6456 Oman Pavilion

IMG_6459United Arab Emirates Pavilion

It was reported that after the expo finishes, UAE is taking its pavilion back to Abu Dhabi and setting it up there.

IMG_6460 India and Saudi Arabia Pavilions

The Middle East countries got so much money to spend. It was reported that the Saudis spent 1.3 billion RMB to build their pavilion. They have the biggest IMAX in the world so, it is a must pavilion to visit. However, watch out for the queue!

IMG_6467Republic of Korea Pavilion

IMG_6470Japan Pavilion

It is recommended to visit Republic of Korea and Japan Pavilions at night. I did plan to stay at the expo until nightfall so I could witness the night in expo. However, I was so tired due to lack of sleep and the bad weather, I could not wait to get home fast, shower and stay in.

If I had a longer stay in Shanghai, I would definitely do 3-day tour at the expo and one of the days would be a night tour. It is definitely recommended!


k0k s3n w4i said...

i believe the expression is "bollocks"... with an 'o' :)

the last time i was in china, i was 10... in 1996

it's a whole diff place back then

Fumoffu said...

Oops! Typo lol!