Friday, February 29, 2008

29th February

This is not the day that comes every year. It is regarded as a special day, if you want to put it that way. I believe everyone spent this day in different ways; dinner, movie, etc.

As for me, I went to have dinner at Cowboy Delight with my darling. Initially I planned to give him a treat at Sakae Sushi but my darling thought that it was expensive and that he did not want me to spend that amount of money. Instead, he asked me to save the money.

Our large Iced Lemon Grape

We ordered a lot and unbelievably it only costed me RM33.88 only!

No matter how you celebrate the day, I believe everyone had fun today.

Happy 29th February!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yesterday was quite a challenge for me to approach the people who have the same ground as I am and oh boy, I was really proud of my communicating skill. Later at night, I received a phone call from California Fitness. I was told to attend an interview today. I was just applying a part-time job! As a receptionist. I was serious to be a towel attendant too but my friends told me to apply something that I can put my personal skills into good use.

My boy dropped me at Sunway Pyramid entrance this morning. I was neither nervous nor prepared even though the interview would be conducted by a manager! Well, we had a good conversation and she praised for my honesty. I guess being honest ain't a bad thing. After the interview, I started to think about my time management if I was given the job. This is going to be challenging, you see. Weekdays will be my studies as well as AIESEC projects. Weekends supposed to be my revision and tutorials. So, if I were to take this job, CF required me to work at least 8 hours per day during weekends.


But I need money and their pay is good! XD

Monday, February 25, 2008

I was told that I am chosen to be the Organising Committee President for AIESEC TUC's first ever Project Based On Exchange (PBOX). I did not know how to react though I am really honored to be given this golden opportunity. Instead of excitement gushing in, worries came. It was just the same feeling when I was elected to be the Vice President of Human Resource 2007. I have always reminded myself that I am not alone. I have my team to assist and support me. Maybe that's what everyone feels when they have responsibility.

And also, if only I can show to my family that I am no longer a little girl...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunset: Trial No.2

After we played in the sea and got changed, we went back to the beach to watch sunset again, hoping it would turn up fine.

Aren't they cute?

Still, it was covered by the clouds. However, it was nicer than the previous evening so I was satisfied.

Langkawi's Saturday Night Market

We had our dinner at the night market and the food was super cheap! RM1 for most of the food.

Langkawi Trip (cont'd)

Day 2

We have a tour guide with us during our travel and the job is to lead us around in Langkawi.

First destination: Pantai Kok (Kok Beach)

He was so proud to have his 'own' beach

Second destination: Seven Wells

In order to see the Seven Wells, we walked up..

this! (see how steep it is)

and this!

and this this!

But instead of discovering seven wells, we discovered


The Seven Wells are still up in the mountain but only then we realised that Seven Wells is for hikers! There are a few camps in order to reach the top of the mountain which is 2250m! Before we went to get our car, we went to check the waterfall and believe me, it is beautiful if there is rain.

Soaked our tired feet in the water. It felt great.

Third destination: Oriental Village

This is where Langkawi Cable Car is and it is a MUST to go. Though I was pretty scared of heights but the experience was great especially when the cable rocked as the strong wind blew.

We made a stop before continued to the top.

Ready to go to the top now!

See that hanging bridge?

On the top.

Kok Beach

This bridge is cool but walk at your own risk.

There is a number of small farms in the village. We went to the Rabbits Farm. I attempted to catch the rabbits but failed. However, it was unfair! One of the foreign kids, and even Chung, were able to catch them easily! And I thought rabbits are close to rabbit?

Fourth destination: Crocodile Farm

Let me introduce you the farm's legendary brothers..

Bujang Lang

Bujang Kawi (the disabled crocodile)

This is where we watched a show

The view from where we had our lunch at a random beach

Fifth destination: Black Sand Beach

Sixth destination: Hot Spring

Pathway to the

hot spring

which is very disappointing -.-

Monday, February 18, 2008

Langkawi Trip

Day 1

Rewarding gift after being away from each other for 2 months and 3 weeks: Langkawi trip

The flight was supposed to be 10.20am but it was then delayed to 11.15am.

The sea of clouds (if we had Doraemon)

The view from above

Langkawi International Airport

Cenang Beach

Underwater World

Asian Shark Catfish (Patin) & Red-tailed Catfish (Keli Ekor Merah)

Tropical Garfish (Ikan Buaya)

Green Anaconda (Anakonda Hijau)


Mahseer (Kelah) & Asian Knife Fish (Belida)


Itik Mandarin

Striped Carp (Temoleh) & Tinfoil Barb (Lampam Sungai)

Spot the Common Marmoset (Marmoset Biasa) ; hint - mini monkeys

Damn! I look fat!

Sea Urchin


Jelly Fish

Leafy Seadragon

Duty-free shopping mall

RM1.60 for a can of Carlsberg and RM22.90 for a box of Ferrero Rocher!

The attempt to watch sunset:

And failed because of the clouds.

Where we had our dinner

Lang Square