Sunday, May 30, 2010

After Three Months..

There are a lot of things I have to consider and plan lately, especially when I am leaving Shanghai in three months time.

First thing first, I have to settle my Visa. Unless I could extend my Visa again, either for one or two or three months, I would have to leave the country in the middle of June.

It’s true that the thought of staying in Shanghai after this internship was in my mind but that was when I was still in Shanghai for less than 3 months. After staying here for almost a year, Shanghai is definitely not a place for me now, especially when I am lack of working experience.

With no more than 3 years of working experience, it’s likely you have to struggle to live and survive in Shanghai.

So what’s my plan after three months?

Man, this is going back to when I had to choose either to do an internship abroad or to do a Masters in Australia or to get a job and start building my career like my college mates did.

I have the intention to do another life changing experience and I was suggested Turkey. Also, I am looking into pursuing a Master in Sydney like my mate, Chris. Last but not least, to settle down in Kuala Lumpur.

I have a feeling that I would most likely doing the latter plan: settling down in KL. Therefore, I started job hunting right here in Shanghai. Also, I started asking and looking around for rooms. Since my older brother is currently renting a place in Connaught, I might have to crash at his before I could get a place for myself. However, since my younger brother would pursue his Degree in West Malaysia as well, it’s time to get a property.

This, we have to talk to our father which is going to be ugly. If you know my dad or heard some stories from me about him, you know how he is..

Friday, May 28, 2010

Linda’s Birthday in Shanghai


It was Linda’s birthday on Wednesday last week. Seeing her celebrating her birthday with all of us reminded me of the unforgettable birthday celebration I had two years ago. The surprise deeply touched my heart that I broke into tears in front of everyone. Of course, not to forget the crazy one I had in Shanghai last year. I wonder how's my birthday is going to be this year..

When the time comes, I may have forgotten what you had said to me. I may have forgotten what you had done for me. But I will never forget how you make me feel.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roller Revival!

It was two Fridays ago when I finally had a proper night out in Shanghai. It’s been a long time since I had a late and crazy one. One of our kiwi friends told us about this roller disco and people were expected to dress up in 80’s that night.

I thought it was just another type of party. However, I was so wrong. We literally had to wear roller skates, holding boozes and dance! Sounds awesome, right?

There was a person who had never skated roller skate before and imagine she had alcohol beforehand. Yeah, that’s me. I suck in roller skating plus, I was intoxicated! It was hilarious! However, no doubt I had a great night.

IMG_5721 We started pre-drinking at Calvin’s. Most of them really went all out in dressing up! Wigs, moustaches.




We met up with more people at the place itself. It wasn’t that packed when we reached there and therefore, we traded in our shoes with the roller skates fast enough (at the end of the night, there weren’t many roller skates left for people and it was hella packed).

I managed to skate, just for a little bit but it was still entertaining enough. The most hilarious event happened at the end of the night.

I missed a kiwi guy’s call and so, I went out and called him back.

Guess what happened after I hung up my mobile phone?

I just walked towards a cab, got into it and went back home when I still had some friends back inside the place lol!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Punchie #19

IMG_5694I am not a flower-type girl but I do have my favourite type of flower and this is it. What’s the name of it? I don’t know. Just to buy it for myself.


Nahh.. Not really. I love me, myself and I.

Fumo Update #14

Had a chain of good food in one afternoon. Thanks to my Singaporean colleague, Lin.

IMG_5690 IMG_5691He just got back from his Tibet trip and got us Yak’s meat as shown in the pictures above. Don’t be deceived. It was really good.

IMG_5692 IMG_5693

And for lunch, he brought me to this small restaurant miles away from the office for really good wantons and steamed buns. Those wantons really reminded me of those ‘bien nvk’ I love back in Sibu. Damn, I really miss Malaysian food now. Gotta put this into consideration whether or not I am staying in Shanghai..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cheng Lit’s Farewell@Zapata’s


It was great to know another Malaysia AIESEC Intern existing in Shanghai. However, she was only here for less than 2 months and she had to head back to Malaysia. What’s awesome about this girl is that she’s from Penang, a food haven! It reminded me of those trips I had to Penang. Plus, we have a few mutual friends. Small world. Though we didn’t hang out a lot here but we always had a good time together. I am glad to know her.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Terry’s Treat

It was one of those rare Friday nights when all of us got lashed together. Bonus, it was Terry’s treat with him booked a KTV room. Free food, vodka and music. Everything was perfect!

IMG_5672It was around midnight when we chased out of our KTV room. Terry had left earlier before then. They didn’t want to end the night just that and wanted to head to a club. However, Eidy could not join us longer and headed back home.


And as for me? I was making a bet. Since there were five of us, I would head home if the cab driver was not willing to take us in in one cab.

IMG_5674Surprisingly the cabie was willing to drive all of us to our destination. It was inevitable that I should join them and I didn’t regret it! We had a great dance and to Yves who managed to get us free drinks from random Chinese. He’s awesome! A real party-goer lol!

IMG_5675Unfortunately, thanks to World EXPO 2010, all clubs were to shut down by 2am. It didn’t kill our party spirit. We decided to get more boozes and crash Szu’s. I didn’t know about the others but in my case, I was so drunk that I fell asleep on a couch in the living room until the next morning.

It wasn’t a good sleep but, it was indeed a great night.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Eidy’s Farewell@L.Vannamei

One of our colleagues left the company last week. Yay to that! I am happy not because I hate her but because she had made the right choice to leave the place. She had been working in the company for two years and it’s time for her to continue learning and growing in the next phase.

To celebrate her resignation, she treated us to a dinner and the food was really good.

IMG_5653 Chicken curry that comes with rice..

IMG_5656..some weird eggplants..


..and chicken balls, perhaps?

IMG_5662 Then we had shrimps..

IMG_5663 and frogs?


A pizza..

IMG_5659 ..and a cigar-lookalike-spring rolls.


Apart we had great food for the evening, we had a nice glass of Sangria. And we had already made a plan to drink more at Barbarossa since it was the ladies’ night that night. It was a good night I should say though I only had a glass or two or mixed drinks before I headed home.

If you had realised, Shanghai pampers ladies too much that we have ladies night everyday! Awesome, right?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shanghai Taikang Road

It was last Tuesday when I decided to get into a tourist mode and the destination for the day was Taikang Road. Note that I did not take any train ride on that day. Bus rides and loads of walking were done.

IMG_5602 IMG_5603 IMG_5604 IMG_5605After all the hard work of catching buses and walking, finding my way to Taikang Road, finally I reached my destination.


This place should not be missed when visiting Shanghai. It is my all-time top favourite place as it delivers genuine charm and vibrancy. The main activity here is shopping and you will be surprised to discover creative finds you could find here. I was so broke that I did not buy anything. Saving it for a foot massage at the end of the day.

IMG_5618 IMG_5609 IMG_5610 IMG_5611 IMG_5612 IMG_5634Taikang Road has three main lanes that criss-crossed by irregular alleyways which makes exploration slightly messed up but fun. My main focus was Taikang Road Art Centre. It is the best lane for those who loves photography.

IMG_5622 IMG_5623 IMG_5624 IMG_5627 IMG_5628It was around 5-ish when I was craving for food and a foot massage. I was recommended by both my babes to 红萍果会所 for a really cheap but awesome foot massage.

IMG_5636Not only would you have this big room to yourself, they provide unlimited drinks and food. I literally had my dinner there! After the massage, you could choose either to take a shower or bubble bath. Who wouldn’t choose bubble bath?! However, the place is quite dodgy if you asked me. To take my bath, I had to walk quite a distance and was brought to this all-mirrored wall room with a bed and a bathroom. Dodgy, eh?

IMG_5637 IMG_5638

However, it was a wonderful day and believe it or not, I almost forgo all these! I would be a fool if I did because I did enjoy spending time with myself. It was awesome and I am planning to do this again this Saturday but doing different activity.

Stay tuned!

Love Song

Love Song

Just when you thought I have given up..

It has already been ten days since the unexpected response from him. Why did I use "him" or "he" instead of "you"? Well, I believe he would not visit my crib any longer as I don't mean anything to him anymore. However, I would not change my blog nor would I remove "Boyfriend" label from it as he will always be my love even if I fall in love with somebody else. It may sound familiar to you if you had visited his crib.

Reflecting, it was amazing how great an empire we had built together which started from a simple mail that he replied. Moving on, he never failed to be there for me; from a simple pool game to an unexpected event that involved a car accident and to a simple yet sweet things he had done so much for me.

I was a fool. Really a fool. Come to think about it, those were the stupidest and lamest excuses. I could not remember how I had come to such decision. What was I thinking? It took me long enough to finally settle down and have time for myself, to think through what I had been doing for the first 6 months in Shanghai and damn, it was regretful to have done it. It wasn't too late when I decided to get him back but I screwed everything up, again. I had done uncountable reckless things that both hurt and pissed him off.

I guess it's time for him to let go of himself. However, as you can see, though I manage to handle that tamparan really well, far better when I had a post-breakup regret at least for me, I have not.

There's one last thing I have yet to do which is explained in the image above..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Day with Cinnamon and Szu

Two Saturdays ago was a Labour Day and it was a public holiday. Since it was also the day when World EXPO 2010 was officially launched, we had public holidays for Monday and Tuesday, only in Shanghai. Awesome, ya? However, I chose not to go for EXPO in that period. It’s hella packed and if you know me well enough, you know I hate to be in a crowded place except for special cases. Plus, not all the pavilions are opened so, I am planning to go somewhere in July-August.

Instead, I went for a tour with Szu and her sister, Cinnamon, that Monday. We leisurely walked around Yu Bazaar. And since we had not taken our brunch, we decided to have this overrated Nanxiang Steamed Bun. I had it when Adrian came visiting me in Shanghai. It was not that as awesome as claimed. As expected, it was a long queue.


Also, the place was really crowded even though bigger and more awesome event was launched for two days. Surprise, surprise.

IMG_5519 IMG_5520 IMG_5521 And that’s not the end of it. There were more.

IMG_5526 IMG_5524 IMG_5525

Just imagine having Malaysia’s population in Singapore. That is Shanghai.

We left the busy area and came to this alley, which is the real Shanghai look; with people walking around in pajamas, hanging their clothes in public, you name it.

IMG_5529 IMG_5530 IMG_5532

It took us so long to find this cheap ferry ride, 50 jiao compared to 20 kuai. Though the ride was short, I managed to witness a breathtaking view. It reminded of CityCat/CatCity rides back in Brisbane.

IMG_5541That’s Nanpu Bridge that connected Pudong and Puxi. You could spot China Pavilion here.

IMG_5542 That’s Pudong with three magnificent towers that made Shanghai proud.

IMG_5572 The sunset was shit but still, better to have shit than nothing.


Latest news: It is said that Shanghai is building another tall building, to compete with that world’s tallest building in UAE, perhaps? Wonder when Pudong is going to sink.

Later that night, we headed to Zapata’s for free drinks. It was a great but at the same time, horrible night for me if you could convey the post here. Anyway, I’m doing pretty good now. I will make my last four months in Shanghai as amazing as when I first landed here and nothing is going to stop me! Stay tuned *winks*