Thursday, May 13, 2010

Love Song

Love Song

Just when you thought I have given up..

It has already been ten days since the unexpected response from him. Why did I use "him" or "he" instead of "you"? Well, I believe he would not visit my crib any longer as I don't mean anything to him anymore. However, I would not change my blog nor would I remove "Boyfriend" label from it as he will always be my love even if I fall in love with somebody else. It may sound familiar to you if you had visited his crib.

Reflecting, it was amazing how great an empire we had built together which started from a simple mail that he replied. Moving on, he never failed to be there for me; from a simple pool game to an unexpected event that involved a car accident and to a simple yet sweet things he had done so much for me.

I was a fool. Really a fool. Come to think about it, those were the stupidest and lamest excuses. I could not remember how I had come to such decision. What was I thinking? It took me long enough to finally settle down and have time for myself, to think through what I had been doing for the first 6 months in Shanghai and damn, it was regretful to have done it. It wasn't too late when I decided to get him back but I screwed everything up, again. I had done uncountable reckless things that both hurt and pissed him off.

I guess it's time for him to let go of himself. However, as you can see, though I manage to handle that tamparan really well, far better when I had a post-breakup regret at least for me, I have not.

There's one last thing I have yet to do which is explained in the image above..


kenwooi said...

not sure about the caption.. but the wallpaper is really nice =)

Fumoffu said...

Well, "he" might understand. Else, it's alright. We will soon find out in a few months' time =)