Sunday, May 30, 2010

After Three Months..

There are a lot of things I have to consider and plan lately, especially when I am leaving Shanghai in three months time.

First thing first, I have to settle my Visa. Unless I could extend my Visa again, either for one or two or three months, I would have to leave the country in the middle of June.

It’s true that the thought of staying in Shanghai after this internship was in my mind but that was when I was still in Shanghai for less than 3 months. After staying here for almost a year, Shanghai is definitely not a place for me now, especially when I am lack of working experience.

With no more than 3 years of working experience, it’s likely you have to struggle to live and survive in Shanghai.

So what’s my plan after three months?

Man, this is going back to when I had to choose either to do an internship abroad or to do a Masters in Australia or to get a job and start building my career like my college mates did.

I have the intention to do another life changing experience and I was suggested Turkey. Also, I am looking into pursuing a Master in Sydney like my mate, Chris. Last but not least, to settle down in Kuala Lumpur.

I have a feeling that I would most likely doing the latter plan: settling down in KL. Therefore, I started job hunting right here in Shanghai. Also, I started asking and looking around for rooms. Since my older brother is currently renting a place in Connaught, I might have to crash at his before I could get a place for myself. However, since my younger brother would pursue his Degree in West Malaysia as well, it’s time to get a property.

This, we have to talk to our father which is going to be ugly. If you know my dad or heard some stories from me about him, you know how he is..


goingkookies said...

ooh.. haven't heard about ur dad.. hope all will turn out well.. =)

what did u study or what area do u plan to pursue?

Fumoffu said...

That's a good question lol! Since Master is unlike a Degree.. I want to take a course different from my Degree. Probably Business Management or International Business.