Friday, February 25, 2011

Relationship Resolutions


I was watching this short clip on how each couple, be it husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, could work on their relationship even though they have been together for years: making relationship resolutions. I have many friends who were already married as well as getting married. Therefore, I would love to dedicate this post to them, hoping they will have a happy and healthy relationship with their partners.

Making a resolution with your partner helps the relationship. Couples need intimacy to keep their relationship going. However, they need to make time for it but, there are so many threats to our time for example, technology. At the end of the day, when going to bed, they would say they are too tired to be intimate.

This is a big no-no.

Having a great sex life is not just about being in the bedroom as well as what happens out of the room. It is about looking at your overall relationship and making an overall resolution to be more intimate, to have more positive communication and to really improve and rejuvenate  your relationship.

There are a few keys to have a great relationship.


1. Positive interactions towards each other

The main difference between couples who succeed and couples who failed is that couples who succeed express more positive interactions per day towards each other. ‘Did you wash the dishes?’ ‘Did you pay the bills?’ Those are negative interactions. Every negative interaction you have with your partner needs five positive interactions to counteract. Now that is a hell lot of it.

Make more positive interactions with each other as a resolution. It does not have to be a one-year resolution. A week or two of it would eventually turns this into our daily lives’ habits. Having more positive interactions towards each other as part of our lives would then help our relationships thrive.


2. Choreplay

Women are working on two jobs; going to work and then coming home taking care of the household, taking care of the kids. The main thing they need to enjoy their relationship with their partners and to feel better about their partners is their partners giving a hand to them at home.

A lot of men would always wonder why they are not having as much sex as they like to be. One advice, go from foreplay to choreplay. Get into that kitchen and starts washing those dishes which will create more time for each other.

Balancing out the chores will eventually lessen the stress and then equals to more sex.


3. Turn off electronics

We are all addicted to technology especially couples. They are spending more time Facebook-ing with friends from the second grade than Facetime-ing with their partners. That’s the reason why at the end of the day, they have no time for each other. Take one third of the time you spent on emails, the time you spent on Facebook, the time you spent on texts, the time you spent on your favourite sites and different blogs, to spend it with your partners.

Technology really plays into the center of our brains and we instantly get used to it. If your Blackberry or iPhone beeps, you are giving that more attention than you give to the persons who you took the vow to share your life with.

Turn off electronics, turn off cell phones, turn off TV, get off Facebook and get intimate with your partner.

It is advised that all couples are to aim for at least once a week intimacy regardless intercourse or sexual intimacy. The minimum of once a week is enough time and keeps you connected and keeps you interested in sex and keeps your relationship rejuvenated. From the health perspective regardless male sexual health or female sexual health, studies show that couples that have sex more regularly are more healthy. They have healthier life, they do better at work, they have stronger immunity system and what not.

All reasons to make a resolution with your partner makes this year a sexy relationship. Therefore, I wish all my friends out there who were already married or getting married would give this a try to have a happier and healthier relationship.

Source: ABC News

If you are interested to watch the clip, click here. However, it is the same thing as what I had posted here. I literally re-watched it over and over again to get the messages right.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Valentine

I considered my five-day getaway in Penang as our Valentine’s and not the exact day itself. He did something special for me each and every single day.


He made his signature drink for me on my second night stay. He had been telling me about this drink and how much his sister loves it over the phone. And that he promised he would make one for me when I went over to see him.


Since he had finally furnished his kitchen, he was very excited to cook for me. He had been thinking of what dishes to prepare when I was still back in my hometown. That third night, he would not let me to give him a hand in the kitchen; not even helping him to beat the eggs or cut the garlics. Unfortunately he burnt his fingers when frying the prawns *hurts*


On the Valentine’s Day itself, the fourth night, he asked me out for a movie. He had always told me that he had never asked anyone out for a movie before, like looking at the screening time and purchasing the tickets, never before. Therefore, it was special to us.


I actually ordered Mille Crepe peach for us before I went over to Penang. It was then meant as a dessert on the night he cooked for dinner but everyone was so stuffed that we could not handle another around of dessert. Hence, we had it on the day I had to leave Penang.

To be frank, I am really satisfied that we spent a lot of time together during this trip of mine. Though we are far apart, a friend of mine told me this,

‘It is not the matter of how far apart you two are. It is the matter of how close your hearts are.’ – Louis, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring Festival 2011

This year’s Chinese New Year was a fruitful one though it was not as awesome as last year’s. However, there are a few things that I am always looking forward to during this big celebration each year.


First, family reunion dinner on the night of Chinese New Year Eve. It means a lot to every family.


Also, the reunion of my girlfriends. One of us came back from Melbourne this year to celebrate Chinese New Year in Malaysia. Therefore, us, gathered together this year was a memorable one but one was missing due to her duty roster. The picture above is definitely not complete.


The most unexpected gathering was this: Evil, Devil and Satan coming together. It has been seven years since we last met each other. We had a great catch up session and sort of promise to meet every year instead of every seven years.


Next was definitely my buddies. Spending time and days with them can never be boring. They can be really random and talk a lot shit followed with lots of laughter. I was really honored to be asked over for the gathering as shown in the picture above. Though some of us were missing, it was still a great night.

Now I am really looking forward to year twenty twelve but before that, let me first make this year the best out of it!

Friday, February 18, 2011

His 26th Birthday


It was a surprise that I worked together with his friends in Penang. The plan would not work if it was not for them.

He was utterly shocked when he saw me. He thought he was picking up someone else at the airport. In fact, we had a little argument that afternoon and I made no effort to sort things out as I thought it would make things easier for me to execute this surprise without him suspecting anything.

It definitely was a mixed feelings for him but I believe, he would never ever forget how those feelings were..

Business Trip@Jakarta

Again, I made a trip to Jakarta with my superior to visit our clients as well as our principal who came all the way from The Netherlands to Asia.

Initially, I were to go to Japan but things did not go as planned. However, I still had to make an arrangement on behalf of our principal to meet the Japanese. Damn sad, kan?


By the way, are you aware of KLM airline? Believe it or not, its price is very competitive with AirAsia. AirAsia’s flight tickets cost us MYR700. Of course, you have to pay extra for add-on.


However, with KLM, with only MYR700 plus for two, you have everything you needed ie. baggage allowance of 20kg, food and in-flight entertainment.


This time, I spent three days and two nights in Jakarta and believe me, I seriously do not fancy Jakarta. I could not wait to leave the place during my stay there. The place figuratively drove me crazy but guess what? I am committed to go back to Jakarta every now and then to visit our clients, fml.