Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Valentine

I considered my five-day getaway in Penang as our Valentine’s and not the exact day itself. He did something special for me each and every single day.


He made his signature drink for me on my second night stay. He had been telling me about this drink and how much his sister loves it over the phone. And that he promised he would make one for me when I went over to see him.


Since he had finally furnished his kitchen, he was very excited to cook for me. He had been thinking of what dishes to prepare when I was still back in my hometown. That third night, he would not let me to give him a hand in the kitchen; not even helping him to beat the eggs or cut the garlics. Unfortunately he burnt his fingers when frying the prawns *hurts*


On the Valentine’s Day itself, the fourth night, he asked me out for a movie. He had always told me that he had never asked anyone out for a movie before, like looking at the screening time and purchasing the tickets, never before. Therefore, it was special to us.


I actually ordered Mille Crepe peach for us before I went over to Penang. It was then meant as a dessert on the night he cooked for dinner but everyone was so stuffed that we could not handle another around of dessert. Hence, we had it on the day I had to leave Penang.

To be frank, I am really satisfied that we spent a lot of time together during this trip of mine. Though we are far apart, a friend of mine told me this,

‘It is not the matter of how far apart you two are. It is the matter of how close your hearts are.’ – Louis, 2011

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