Sunday, August 26, 2007

What You Should Do If You Are Stopped by Malaysian Policemen

'Policeman who is not wearing his uniform does not have the authority to stop anyone,' lawyer and human rights activist Sivarasa Rasiah said.

'However, if you are stopped by a uniformed policeman, then you are required to stop but you need not get out of the car because you are not expected to do so,' Santiago said.

'The other rule to follow is to provide your identity card only when you are told to do so. Even then, you should get his ID first to confirm if he is a cop. There is no harm in calling the relevant police station to verify he is supposed to be on duty that day,' Sivarasa said.

Both lawyers said that motorists should never follow an officer to the police station unless one is under arrest. 'If you are not sure, and your instincts tell you that something is wrong, then drive off to the nearest police station and lodge a report,' Sivarasa said.

Procedures to follow in the event you are stopped by uniformed police Officers while driving:

1. Stop the car and wind down your window.

2. If the police officers ask for your documents, request to see their IDs first.

3. If you are satisfied about their identity, ask them if you are being summoned, and for what offence.
4. Produce your identity card and driver's license and wait to collect
your summon ticket.

In the event that the police officers ask you to follow them to the police station:

1. Ask if you are under arrest and for what offence.

2. If you are not under arrest, you have the right to leave.

In the event you are flagged down by persons you believe could be plain clothes police:

1. Do not stop because plain clothes police officers do not have the authority to stop you.

2. Drive to the nearest police station and lodge a report. (The same procedure applies to pedestrians)

In the event the police come to your house:

1. Do not let them in before checking their IDs.

2. If you are not satisfied, phone the nearest police station and confirm if they had been sent to your house.

3. You are under no obligation to allow them into the house if they don't have a search warrant.

4. Do not go with them if you are not under arrest.

In the event persons who claimed to be plain clothes police come to your house:

1. Do not let him in because they do not have the authority to do so.
2. Lodge a report at the nearest police station.

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition

Last night, Chung, Siew Jhoong, May, Ke Vin and I went to Putrajaya to watch the fireworks competition. It was Team Italy's turn to put off the fireworks that night.

After our dinner, the girls went to buy snacks while the guys went to get a car. We picked my brother up at Cyberjaya. It was really jammed (more than 30 minutes)! Team Italy had already put off the fireworks (we were already late for around 5 minutes) when we left my brother's apartment. I did not take any nice shots but I took a video which was really sweat! Oh ya! I had learnt Adrian's idea. I put my phone on Chung's head because it was really tiring to hold the phone all the time. Until the end of the show, the fireworks were really awesome! I am very looking forward to Team Japan's turn. It will be this Thursday (30th August).

Later, my brother took us around the place and we took a lot of pictures.


There was a Car Show in Cyberjaya

The tour

Before we left the place, we had our snacks(at Seri Wawasan Bridge) and drinks (at mamak). It was around 3.15am by the time we reached Subang.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

His 19th Birthday

All the plans were a success!

I am truly grateful to all my friends who helped me to celebrate his birthday on Thursday during AIESEC meeting.

Million thanks to May and Siew Jhoong (especially to May) for everything.

Million thanks to the AIESECers for the birthday song.

Special thanks to the Dutch Ambassadors, Robin and Guido.

Special thanks to my brother who came over to Subang Jaya after midnight. He wished Chung a Happy Birthday.

On the day of his birthday itself, I insisted to bring him to Allegro Cafe for a small, private, romantic birthday celebration. I was very confident back then that he would love the atmosphere and the food over there though it is very pricey.

Special thanks to my father who wished him a Happy Birthday. Btw, it was a great surprise for me to hear my father having a short but nice conversation with him.

It was really a worthwhile efforts. I am very delighted that he loves everything that I did for him.

Last and foremost again, Happy 19th Birthday, dear...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007

Putrajaya International Convention Centre will be the venue for the 1st Malaysia International Fireworks Competition.

The magnificient view across the lake overlooked by the grand Seri Gemilang bridge will be the main focus for two weeks, from 18th August 2007 till 2nd September 2007. Nations from Australia, Japan, Italy and Malaysia will be competing for the Merdeka trophy.

Schedule for Pyro Musical Competition and Display:
Team Malaysia - 18th August (Opening Ceremony)
Team Global - 19th August
Team Australia - 22nd August
Team Global - 24th August
Team Italy - 25th August
Team Japan - 30th August (Merdeka Eve)
Team Global - 31st August (Merdeka Day)
Team Global - 1st September
Global/Pyrofest Canada - 2nd September (Grand finale)

They are selling tickets! However, the funny thing is, the fireworks will be shot up into the sky. How on earth are they going to cover it? Everyone will be able to see the fireworks from afar so, why tickets? Are they going to close the whole Putrajaya in those two weeks? I wonder...

Anyway, I believe a lot of people are interested in this competition. Wanna go together? I can try to organise this trip and go together.

So, what say you?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Last night, Chung and I invited May and Siew Jhoong over my place and cooked for dinner together. Chung and I went to buy short beans while the other couple went to buy drinks.

It was around 7.00pm when we started cooking for dinner ie. washed and cut the vegetables, boil soup, beat the eggs, fried chicken wings, etc.

The one who fried chicken wings

Now, now. Behold, the egg beaters!


It took us one and a half hour before we could have our dinner. Though it took quite of our time but the efforts were worth it. We could save a lot!

We had a drinking session after that. I was beginning to feel dizzy and I think I did it again. I could feel that I was very brave and would express anyhow I wanted to. Sound crazy, huh?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Yesterday was my brother's 22nd birthday. Instead of not celebrating his birthday, I went over his place on Sunday night to give him a surprise. It was so sweet of Chung to drive me there even though he was having a slight fever. We tembak our way to my brother's apartment and yeah, we managed to reach the right apartment.

We were so lucky that the security system broke down that we could use the lift and went to the second floor. Again, we were lucky that one of my brother's housemates came out from the house. I went to bang my brother's door hard like mad. He was surprised to see us and was very touched.

We left Cyberjaya around midnight and asked Siew Jhoong out for a mamak session at JS. I am really happy that I was able to celebrate his birthday this time.

Thanks, Chung..

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Getting Up On the Inside

We all face challenges in life. We all have things that come against us. We may get knocked down on the outside, but the key to living in victory is to learn how to get up on the inside. Below is an article that I'd read from one of my emails. I, myself, is a very pessimistic person so, I would love to share this article with my blog readers.

Many people give up far too easily when things don’t go their way or they face some kind of adversity. Instead of persevering, they get all bent out of shape. Before long, they’re down and discouraged. That’s understandable especially when we’ve struggled with a problem or a weakness for a long time; it’s not unusual to come to a place where we acquiesce. We simply accept it and say, “Well, I’ve always had this sick­ness. I guess I’ll never get well.” “My marriage has been dry and dull for years; why should I expect anything to change now?” “I’ve banged my head on my company’s glass ceiling one too many times. Appar­ently, this is as high as I can go.

But if you want to live your best life now, you have to be more de­termined than that. The fifth step to living at your full potential is finding strength through adversity. Our attitude should be: I may have been knocked down a few times in life, but I am not going to stay down; I am determined I’m going to live in victory. I’m determined I’m going to have a good marriage. I’m determined I’m going to work my way out of these problems.

You may have received a bad report from the doctor. Maybe you lost your largest client at work. Perhaps you just found out that your child is in trouble. You may be facing some other serious setback, and you feel as though life has caved in on top of you, knocking you off your feet and pushing you down.

But the good news is, you don’t have to stay down. Even if you can’t get up on the outside, get up on the inside! In other words, have that victor’s attitude and mentality. Stay in an attitude of faith. Don’t allow yourself to lapse into negative thinking, complaining, or blaming God. Set your face like a flint and say, “God, I may not understand this, but I know You are still in control. And You said all things would work to­gether for my good. You said You would take this evil and turn it around and use it to my advantage. So Father, I thank You that You are going to bring me through this!” No matter what you face in life, if you know how to get tip on the inside, adversities cannot keep you down.

Sometimes that’s what we have to do in life. Our circumstances may force us to sit down for a while, but we must not stay down. Even when we are sitting down on the outside, we must see ourselves as standing on the inside!

The Scripture says, “When you’ve done everything you know how to do, just keep on standing firm.” You may be in a situation today where you have done your best. You’ve prayed. You’ve believed. You’ve placed your faith firmly on the truth of God’s Word. But it just doesn’t look like anything is happening. Now you’re tempted to say, “What’s the use? It’s never going to change.”

Don't give up! Keep standing. Keep praying; keep believing; keep hoping in faith. “Don’t cast away your confidence, one translation of the Bible says, “for payday is coming.” I like that! Payday is coming! Friend, God will reward you if you will keep standing up on the inside. You may be in the hospital, or lying flat on your back at home. But even if you cannot stand up physically nothing can keep you from standing up on the inside. That sickness may have you down physically, but you don’t have to be down spiritually or emotionally. You can keep on getting up in your heart, mind, and will.

Maybe you work around people who are always putting you down, mistreating you, and trying to make you feel badly about yourself. Let that trash talk go in one ear and out the other. They may try to knock you down on the outside, but they can’t knock you down on the inside. Don’t let those people steal your joy. Don’t let that problem or adver­sity causes you to become discouraged or depressed. Just keep standing up on the inside.

No matter what you are going through or how difficult it may seem, you can stay standing up on the inside. It will take courage; it will def­initely take determination, but you can do it if you decide to do so. You must act on your will, not simply your emotions.

You may be sitting around waiting for God to change your circum­stances. Then you’re going to be happy, then you’re going to have a good attitude, then you’re going to give God praise. But God is waiting on you to get up on the inside. When you do your part, He’ll begin to change things and work supernaturally in your life.

Are you going through a dark time in your life? Perhaps somebody deceived you, took advantage of you, or mistreated you, and now you are tempted to sit around mourning over what you have lost, thinking about how unfair it was, and how your life will never be the same. You need to change your attitude. You have to get up on the inside. Develop that victor’s mentality and watch what God will do.

Friend, your circumstances are subject to change suddenly, too, es­pecially when you start standing up on the inside. When you face ad­versity, don’t be a crybaby. Don’t be a complainer. Don’t wallow in self-pity, Instead, have the attitude of a victor.

You may be weary and tired, worn down, and ready to give up. You may be saying, “I’m never going to break this addiction. I’ve had it for so long. I wouldn’t even know how to function without it.” Or, “My income is so low, and my debts are so high; I don’t see how my finan­cial situation will ever get better.” Or, “I’ve been praying for years, but it doesn’t look as though my children want to serve God.” “I’ve had about as much as I can take.”

Don't allow yourself to wave the white flag of surrender. You must get out of that defeated mentality and start thinking and believing positively. Your attitude should be: I’m coming out of this thing! I may have been sick for a long time, but I know this sickness didn’t come to stay. It came to pass. I may have struggled with this addiction for years, but I know my day of deliverance is coming. My children may not be doing right, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

God wants you to be a winner, not a whiner. There is no reason for you to be perpetually living “under the circumstances,” always down, always discouraged. No matter how many times you get knocked down, keep getting back up. God sees your resolve. He sees your de­termination. And when you do every thing you can do, that’s when God will step in and do what you can’t do.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Tour in Kuala Lumpur

Two days ago (Saturday) was a really tiring day for us. Alright, maybe only for me. You must be asking who are the 'us' I mentioned beforehand. Well, this is us!

From left to right: Jasper, Sook Theng, Me, May, Daryl, Lawrence, Tina, Chung and Ke Vin.

Our objective of the day was to bring our friends, Lawrence and Tina, who are from Hong Kong to tour around in KL. We met up at Kwai Sun 2, SS15. Before we proceed to Batu Caves, we had a campus tour in TBS with Lawrence and Tina.

Here we are! Our very first destination; Batu Caves. The flight of stairs almost killed me. It had been a long time for me to sweat since the last time I played badminton with my brother during the last semester break. If I am not mistaken, there were 370 stairs.

From below

From above

Finally, the top!

It took us 4 minutes to reach to the top! Amazing!

The inside

Stairs again =.="

The end

Before we left the place, I wanted to take a picture with the place and this was what happened. =.="

Yeah, everyone joined me. Poor Ke Vin.

Finally, I got one for myself. XD

We parked our cars at Pandan Jaya and took train to the city. Our next destination was Petaling Street. However, though most of us are from KL, we face slight difficulty to find our way to Petaling Street. XD After we met up with Ka Wei, we had our lunch at a very famous restaurant that sell beef noodles which was quite near to Petaling Street.

Next, we wanted to go to KL Tower. Initially we wanted to take a bus. Unfortunately, we could not find one and we took cabs instead.

We saw this 'Nature Walk' something like that so, we thought of giving it a shot before we went up the tower.

One of my favourites

Not this monkey


Up the tower, we see, we land, we conquer...

We left to Star Hill and the first place we went once we reached was no other than toilet itself. We met up with Siew Jhoong there. It was an impressive place, not to say about the whole place. XD We can neither shop nor eat so, we left the place to Sungei Wang and had our dinner at Kim Gary. We met up Nicholas there. It was a really tiring journey. My legs were like breaking apart!

We took cabs to KLCC, our so-called last destination. Why was it so-called? You will know it sooner or later as you proceed reading to the end of this post. The view was magnificient. I never knew that there was a park outside KLCC.

My idea XD Nice?

Proud to be Malaysians?

I've got new family members.
Boyfriend: Of course Chung
So-called parents: Siew Jhoong and May
So-called grandparents: Lawrence and Tina
So-called brother: Nicholas
So-called uncle and aunt: Daryl and Sook Theng
So-called neighbours: Ke Vin and Jasper

Our LAST destination was JS mamak. Laughters filled the air. I really had a great day that day and I believe same goes to everyone else. It was around 1am when everyone bade each other goodbyes.

p/s: There are more group pictures yet to be taken from Lawrence. Stay tune!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

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4 Jobs I have had in my life
- Daughter
- Granddaughter
- Student
- Girlfriend

Places I have lived in
- Sibu
- Sarikei
- Kanowit
- Bintulu
- Kuching
- Subang Jaya

4 countries I have been on vacation
- Malaysia
- Singapore
- Thailand (Phuket Island)
- Japan (pending...)

4 of my favourite food
- Sushi
- Nasi Lemak
- Kuey Tiaw Tomato
- Kompia

4 places I would rather be right now
- Home
- His place
- Japan
- Korea

4 friends I am going to tag
- Adrian
- May
- Yee Yen
- Diana

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Oh gosh! This will be a short entry and it is less than 5 minutes to midnight. I do not want 1st of August to go off just like that yet.

'What's the big idea?' you must be wondering. Well, today marks the 3 months that wc and I have been together. Happy 3-month, dear. It was so foolish of me to have forgotten this date last night. We did not celebrate but hey, guess what? We cooked for dinner together for the first time! It was so much fun! I was really delighted that he came home earlier than I thought.

But then, sadly to say that I am not being able to see him for the whole day tomorrow... =(