Monday, June 30, 2008

A True Story to Share with Everyone

I feel like I am a Superstar today. Once I got down my flight, I rushed for a meeting. Now I know how those Superstars feel when they were rushing for their concerts, press conferences, etc. -- tired, dizzy and hungry.


I know I had not been updating my blog for around 5 days. I was back in my hometown. Terrible things happened back at home. I feel so blessed that everyone was worried about me.

Like everyone else, family is the highest priority in my life. However, I am afraid that I am going to lose it. I wonder, how could one, who is going to be a grandfather soon, would go and have fun outside behind one's back. Yes, one can have fun but please, do not go out with one person but come back with two persons. Think twice. The opportunity cost for the 1-year-old-relationship is the 23-year-old-relationship.

Do not leave for the one you love for the one you like because the one you like will leave you for the one he/she loves.

You cannot have both at the same time as well because nobody would want to share one person with many. Tell me, would you want to share your undergarment with somebody else?

Below are the true statements that were said by the bitch to someone I love and cherish the most, my mum:

'You said I am prostitute. He comes and have fun with me. When he goes back, he had fun with you. You are also a prostitute.'

'He asked me chose that top you are wearing. I have the same top as yours. Mine is Orange and yours is Black. I chose Black for you because I think it suites you.'

'You leave his side, I also leave his side. You come back, I will come back too.'

'If he ever find another woman outside, I understand as it means that I am not good enough.'

'Do not quarrel with my husband anymore. If you quarrel with him again, I will come back to Malaysia. Once I come back, I will not leave his side anymore.'

Mum is not a spontaneous person and her reactions are slow. That was why she was being bullied to the hell.

I am not ashamed to share them here because I believe, such thing does happen in the society but we never know.

We, as their children, could not do much about it. This matter should be solved by themselves. No matter what the consequences are, both of them are still out parents. We cannot hate either one of them.

Those as the parents' parents (grandfathers and grandmothers), they cannot do much as well but puhlease, not this..

'Why do you want a divorce, huh? Is it because you have a man outside?'

Well, I can't say one is right and one is wrong. Both of them are to put to the blame because both of them are responsible of their relationship.

I really hope things will turn out to be on the bright side, rather on the dark one..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Girls' Outings

So far, after finals, I had been to TWO girls' outings. Quite an achievement, honestly, since the last girls' outing.

The first outing was last Friday with Jackie, Yoon Hui and 'Ching Lee' (not sure with the spelling Tongue). We went SHOPPING at Sungei Wang! I bought two tops and one short. Cost me RM50.70! Well, quite worth the money though. Then we went to Pavilion. It was my first time to be there during daylight. The last time I went was late at night and most of the shops were already closed.

The second outing was only few days ago; Monday. I had promised SiMun to go for a karaoke since last year. I only got to fulfill my promise that day. Tongue I was surprised that SiMun could get May to go for a karaoke with us. It is so not like her!

May and I camwhoring in the toilet. SiMun was very shy to join us.

And we managed to pull her to join us.

We met up with Helisa and Ella at Neway. At the very beginning, everyone was very semangat to sing songs. We even got up from our seats to dance; Flying Without Wings, You Drive Me Crazy and two more songs that I could not remember. Until the very end of karaoke, most of us almost given up but a girl who did not sing much at the very beginning suddenly became so semangat singing those high-pitch songs while the rest of us have already started camwhoring with the just-only-found-out-nice-lollipop-and-Z-lightings Raised Eyebrow. That girl was none other than Ella.

One of the crazy dances: SiMun and I. This is insane! Laughing


The funniest part was Ella ended our karaoke session with the song 'We Are The Champions' which was really suitable for her. She was the only one who sang till the very end! Surprise


I was chatting with her when she typed these..

So happy some more =_=

Interested to see the picture mentioned by her? Big Grin

So lesbo!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Cruel Punishment for An 8-year-old Boy

I received a lot of forwarded mails from most of my friends. As usual, I would delete those mails based on the titles. However, I came across to this disheartening forwarded mail.


In Iran, an 8-year-old kid was caught stealing a bread in the market. In the name of Islam, according to the Iranians, the boy would be punished.

And the punishment was BABAROUS!

For a kid who is only 8 years old.

He stole a bread only.

And he was put to this sentence.






It was so cruel that my eyes were filled with tears as I continue to read on.

Please, for Goodness sake, he was just stealing a bread!

Plus, he is only 8 years old!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Squeaking My Way Back Home

Yeah, you got it; I AM NOT GOING WILD 'LIVE' BLOGGING Love Struck

I know, I know. I know it was such a waste but what can I do? I have a number of personal reasons for not being able to go. I know those number of reasons cannot beat the one reason of I want to go.

Well, at least I did something good last night as I replied Robb, telling him that I am unable to go and that he can pass the invitation to the lucky one. Angel

Monday, June 16, 2008

Wine is Good!

Good to drink.

Good to hold.

Good to keep as a collection.

Good as a gift to people.

Good for spirit.

Good for your health: blood circulation.

Big Grin

HOLD ON! Do not click on the white 'X' in the red box on the top-right of your computers yet.

A recent discovery: Good for studies!


Yeah, no kidding. I do not know if most of you know about it or not but seriously, this was experimented. The boyfriend drank a few glasses of wine (celebrating Father's Day with the family) and took a short nap -- say 30 minutes.

He went to study (finals is around the corner -- which is next week) and miracle-ly, a person who was once know-nothing-at-all about Cash Flow has become a person who is now expert in Cash Flow!

He could remember every single thing that he studied very well!

I am really gonna need this trick! My next paper would be Company Law!

Anyway, what are you waiting for? Go tell your mama or papa that you want BOTTLES and BOTTLES of WINE stored at home! For the sake of your results, tell them! And I am going to tell mine, as well. Big Grin

Some of our wines

Get a room to store them! Winking


My eyes were opened wide when I saw it was already 8.48AM!


What about it? Yawn















My final exam paper for today was 9.00AM!! OMG!


I cannot afford to fail EVEN one paper or else I am screwed!

Note: Fortunately, I am not screwed. Thanks to my boyfriend who purposely drove me to the exam hall and also, thanks to Suat May for text-ing me my seat number which saved me a lot of time.

I want to graduate this year!

Why would you want to step into the man-eat-man world so fast?

No, I don't want to. However, if I get to graduate this year, next year, I am able to undergo my longggg-awaiting internship abroad through AIESEC International Exchange Program! I can work in whichever country that I want to so long the employer would want to hire me. Batting Eyelashes

Alright, back to the topic. I know most of you do not really know me. It is easy to know me. Once you talk to me, you would get to know a lot of things about me because firstly, I am blur. Secondly, I am easily conned. I am gullible. Ask my friends. Worried They know me best! Big Grin Thirdly, my infamous habit for being hard to get up from my bed. I love to sleep too much that I tend to oversleep a lot which explains why I skipped a lot of my lectures and tutorial classes. Tongue

Sigh. Just like what happened today. I set my alarm 7.30AM before I turn in. Yeah, my alarm did ring but I re-set my alarm to 7.45AM and went back to sleep. And yeah, it did ring again. HOWEVERRR, the lazy me slacked and it turned out this way!

It was just only my second paper. I still have 2 more papers to go, Wednesday and Thursday respectively, in the morning some more!

I hope I will not OVERSLEEP again.

PLEASEEEE NO!!Not worthy

I do not want to screw up!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Should I Go?

Let's say (note: I just said Let's say), I was invited to Wild 'Live' Blogging by Nuffnang through here, should I go?

You see, the thing is I joined Nuffnang like only two months or so and I know nobody there. Everyone seems to know most of the people at JW Marriott for Made of Honour.

In a pig's eye, I am going to be as..

..'wild' as them.

Instead, might being as..

..lonely as this penguin Crying

Friday, June 13, 2008

Special freaking post for you, dumbass!

Please do not take freaking advantage on those freaking people around you.

They are freaking human, just like you and me. They are not freaking robots!

They have their own freaking personal time and break, just like you and me.

And do learn from your freaking mistakes.

And when you made your freaking promises to be supportive and whatever freaking rubbish that you can come up with, keep your damn freaking promises well.

Actions speak louder than words, you freaking dumbass!

Else, freaking buzz off and keep your damn freaking mouth shut!

And go get a freaking life, you freaking freak!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Was text-ing with my son a while ago

Son: ..later got people kidnap me..

Me: Oh? Trust me. Nobody will kidnap you.

Son: Dun trust. I got rich kid face. You no money they say later they chop my body parts and sell of to thai.

Me: Oh? Then i'll tell them, so long I got profit from tat i won't report police. XD

Son: Ok. I wan go and die ady. Die also won't let you profit. If you dun see my tmr, maybe next day in the newspaper bah.

Me: Remember to drop a note to the reporters to publicise Tomorrow. Hahaha! XD

*no reply from him anymore*

Fyi, Tomorrow is a Corporate Social Responsibility project that we are currently running.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Paper

'Most of you did wrong in the last question'

..was what she told me.

'Did I do wrong?'


Lunch with Sook Theng, Issac and Vincent.

Went to Press2Print with Issac and Vincent.

Collected money from Mann Dee and Eu Ginn.

Went to take my shower before the water supply in SS15 runs out.


I went to check my notes.

'Yes, I DID!'


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Premonition That Comes True

I expected that it will definitely happen but I never thought that it would come at the time like this; when I am so busy over my finals as well as my project.

Yes, I admit I hated him before but that was when I was very young, knowing nothing at all.

I considered myself a young adult now and that No, I neither hate him nor I detest him. I love him and it is impossible to break us apart.

I could not blame him solely for this to happen. It is two persons' responsibility. I know and I have always known that he loves me very much. The problem is that he does not know how to show his love towards us.

I could feel my heart broke into pieces the moment I saw that message this morning. I think the sender thought that they have told me already.

The truth is, they told me nothing at all. For them, I am still a little girl who is not mature and strong enough to face this. In addition, they knew that I am having my Final Examination and that I am carrying a very heavy responsibility.


I hope there would be a turnaround for such incident.

Seriously and sincerely, I need a break.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Finally, second stage is over.

How was the meeting?

It was great but I was quite nervous at the very beginning.

Hey, you are talking to high position people in the corporation. In addition, your meeting room is just next to the Chairman's room! I was really nervous but I was fortunate that they were nice to us. Mainly because we are doing CSR projects and they are very proud that we, a bunch of students who are still studying, not only studying but also trying to help the society.

I learnt a lot of things from the PA of Chairman & CEO of Berjaya Corporation Berhad. What are those? Secrets between Michelle and I. Big Grin

Anyway, we might able to get a place and meals, sponsored by Berjaya Hills, for our Motivational Camp. If that is the case, then we have to allocate a sum of money for transportation.

Sigh. A lot of things that need to be done and tomorrow is day for me to go over the Home to meet Mr. Baskin. Whew


Next year, he will be going to further his studies in Australia and I will be going for International Exchange Program. He will be leaving with his brother a few days after Chinese New Year. It is already obvious that I may not be able to be with him until the day he leaves to Australia. And there is a high possibility that I am unable to send him off at the airport. He may be coming back in the middle of the year during his semester break but I will not be in Malaysia in that time. Quite sad.

However, we are not giving up and we are going to work this out, right?

Saturday, June 7, 2008


It is Saturday today.

Three more days to my first Final Exam paper.

Among those three days, only Sunday is the only day that I can fully utilise to do my revision.

I will have to go Berjaya Times Square at 2.00PM on Monday as I had made an appointment with the management at 4.00PM.

I made an appointment with Mr. Baskin at 1.00PM on Tuesday.

Of course it is tiring and stressful to juggle between work and studies especially when it is your Final Exam period.

However, I know, with my current investment, I am earning my future earnings.

Plus, I am praised by the Senior Manager of Berjaya Times Square. Guess what? She asked for my personal details during one of our conversations. Big Grin

Slowly, I could feel my self-confidence is being built up throughout this project. I am starting to believe myself that I am eligible and suitable to be in the Corporate World.

In my opinion, through my experience, taking up a project learns more and faster than taking up a leadership role. Winking

Friday, June 6, 2008


Juggling between work and studies are not easy, especially when Final Exam is just next week and there are number of meetings and appointments awaiting me.

Saturday evening (tomorrow) will be meeting up with an Advertising Company's Director.
Next Monday, I have an appointment with Berjaya Corporations Bhd's Chairman's PA and a number of Senior Managers.
Next Tuesday, I have to go over to the Home to meet up with the Director.
First Final Exam paper on Wednesday morning.
Project meeting next Thursday.

OMG! My schedule is so so PACKED!

I am currently leading a team of 9 to run a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project under AIESEC in Taylor's University College. The name of the Project is TOMORROW.

This is the Project's blog:

Our project is very different from the normal donation drive for charity.

We will be sending in International students to run this project. We have tutorial classes, story telling competitions, Cooking Day, Mini Global Village, and Motivational Camp for the children.

If anyone of your parents are interested to donate (more than RM100, less than RM500) their money to run this project, please e-mail me at

Your contribution will give a big impact on these children.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Driving Force to Pass My Finance Subjects

is 'Not wanting to see her anymore'

If you made a survey and asked 10 students who were under her whether they like her or not, 10 would say NO.

Also, if you asked those 10 students if they understand what's she's teaching during both lectures and tutorials, 10 would say NO.

Our textbooks are our only saviors!

Advice from one of my seniors:

'Do not fully dependent on her tips for exams because mostly, you would not find them in the exam papers!'

'Be nice to her even though you detest her or else you are blacklisted' and the possibility of you passing your Finance subjects will be nil! OMG!

One of the past incidents:

This student failed one of his Finance subjects. He believed that he would pass his paper and so he went to consult her. Her reply was: Yes, you did pass your paper. However, I think you do not understand the concept so I failed you.


The worst thing is I am currently taking 2 Finance subjects and both also under her!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting fat or Slimming down during EXAM period?

Note: This post has nothing to do on how you would get fat or how you could slim down during the exam period. However, please refer to this Healthy Diet post if you are looking for one.

As quoted from Yee Yen, "..u r a hard core blogger.."

I 'was'.

Not for now.

I am currently having a Study Break. No. It is not equal to Semester Break. I wish larr..

When it is Study Break, it means that Semester Final Examination is just around the corner!

Caption: Fortunately, I do not drive but I drink! Big Grin

As far as I know, most students hate Exams regardless class tests, mid-terms, and whatever test the Universities could think of. Nobody would want to sit in front of their learning materials (goodbye computers) and study for the whole day (goodbye beds!)everyday!


In my case, I do not mind studying the whole day everyday though I would slack and all. Hey! My darling laptop and my comfortable bed is very tempting, alright?

What I hate most about Exams is that I will get FAT!

I tend to eat a lot during Exam period!

I would just buy snacks from the grocery stores (I could not resist it) and while I am studying, I would just grab the snacks and munch non-stop.


I believe most people would tend to slim down during Exam periods due to stress and lack of sleep.

But why is this not happening to me?

To make things worse, this semester, my exam timetable sucks. I have one paper (no, not a good news yet) next week with three papers on the second week and it is killing me!

Why oh why? Why would a person want to create the word 'Exam'? Crying

Monday, June 2, 2008

Where is the English Standard? This is Freaking Embarrassing!


I hope no foreigners would get to read it!


Let me point out why this notice is embarrassing:

"One ticket one man.." -- What the heck?!

"The cabin limit sits 32 peoples." -- Weird sentence! And I have never seen 'people' with an as'S'. And what's with the cabin?! It is not a Ferris Wheel, for goodness sake!

"The person under 8 years old must be accompanying with the adult to play." -- This sounds so WRONG! OMG!

"Standing. Smoking, carrying with breakable, eely article such as (spectacles, camera, mobile, phone). When the machine working is prohibited." -- If I am not smart enough, I wouldn't know what they are trying to tell us. Sigh. And can anyone tell me, what is 'eely' article?

"While the equipment stopped and the safety bar be opened by operator, the passenger can leave the seat after" -- Seriously, where is the English standard?! Also, first, cabin. Then machine. Now equipment. What's next?

"The pregnant woman, heart disease man, acrophobia, high blood pressure man and drunkard aren't permitted to play" -- Honestly, I hope NO foreigners get to read this notice... Praying

This is not the only one Notice at the fair. There are more!

I had uploaded another Notice below but I am not going to comment on it anymore else I contemplate getting out of here! Yikes!

Caption: I know the photo sucks. LOL

I know my English ain't good as well but this is TOO OVER!

I believe most of you agree with me. Winking