Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mom@Zhabei Park

Being informed by my friend that there is a nice park around, we explored the park after breakfast. On the way, she spotted something that my baby brother would love one thing about Shanghai..

IMG_3150..people wearing pajama on the streets.

IMG_3151What Chinese love to do in the parks is to blast the music and dance.

IMG_3154 IMG_3155Zhabei Park is not very impressive but impressive enough for the people living around here.

That afternoon, I brought my mom to Qi Pu (Cheap) Road. There you can get cheap clothing, shoes, everything! But don’t expect too much in regards to the quality of your purchase.

IMG_3160She had always wanted to try the food sold on the streets but was concerned on food hygiene. Eventually, she just could not resist it and there, we had grilled chicken liver. It was really good.

IMG_3161The damage of the day – two pairs of boots and around ten pairs of tights.

That night, I organised a gathering – to mark the second last day of break. My mom was supposed to come along but she was just too tired to do anything other than staying in bed, watching series.


The turn up was not that bad and it was not that good either. Just nice. Will do more.


Oh, I had another dart game and I was in the second place as shown in the picture above.


kenwooi said...

pajamas outside?
haha.. lol damage of the day.. haha.. =)

Fumoffu said...

yeah, most people do that here. it's very common hah! but i am not going to adapt this culture xD
well, winter is coming so, another reason to go shopping :P

Maxloon120 said...

The chicken liver looks delicious :)

Fumoffu said...

Hehe.. Yeap :D