Monday, November 16, 2009

My 22nd Birthday!

I am going to skip all my backdated posts for my long birthday post. Yes, this is going to be a long post as I celebrated my birthday in Shanghai for a blardy week!


IMG_3584 Chilled at Zapata’s. Not many turned up but I had a good catching up session with Stefano and Ruth. Plus, it was great to meet Calvin and Tom again. The last time we met was a month ago, if I am not mistaken lol! And oh, I remembered I had not taken a picture with them when I got into a cab –__-


And guess what? I ended the night by receiving a fake 20RMB not from a cab driver. It was the cab driver who drove me to Zapata’s. Was educated on how to differentiate between the fake note to the genuine note by the cab driver who sent me home.


IMG_3604Free flow of drinks for ladies at I Love Shanghai which is a stone throw away from my place. Decided to have my birthday countdown there with my girl mates. Checking on cute guys, talking to some random people to wish me ‘Happy Birthday’ and guess what? Ying had the most crazy and random idea – to crash into our guy mate’s room!


All excited in the lift lol! It was fun and hilarious – figuring out the code into the building, walked in the dark, crashed into the room for a minute and left. A great way to start my birthday day.



Had Malaysian cuisine for dinner that night and it was awesome! I had bah kut teh and mee goreng! I wanted to try Penang laksa but it is only available on Friday and Saturday. Will definitely go back there again.

IMG_3622Not only did I have free dinner, I received presents too! I was surprised though ‘cos I never expected myself receiving birthday presents this year! Rising Star soap (indicates me to shower more lol!) from Kees, cap (Winter is just around the corner) from Meg, plush toy (decorate the mirror in my room) from Amy and a table lamp (there’s no table lamp on my desk in my room) from my beloved housemates.


Break for..

Friday Party!


Had my birthday party at one of my favourite bars in Shanghai, LAN. Experienced strip and lap dances from each and every person who turned up, regardless male or female. It was hilarious but fun lol! The turn up was good though some, Rubens abd Serge, were just 3 blocks away from reaching the place when we left to the next destination. Will be great if they could make it earlier and joined us.


We went to Muse at Park 97 and G Plus later. I got really drunk. A few called me but nobody knew what I was talking about that my friends had to take my phone from me. I threw up twice. Both when I got out of the cab. Car sick, I guess. And, I embarrassed myself at G Plus. What did I do? I fell on the floor somewhere near the club entrance. There! Drunk Angelina for you!

IMG_3669Fortunately, I have great friends around me. They forced me home when it’s only 1am and we chilled in my room for the next 4 hours. Had a good ‘I have never..’ game and seriously, for those who were there that night in my room, in regards to you-know-what, I am grateful that I met you guys in Shanghai.


IMG_3677The day for me to meet up with those people that I missed on Friday night. Had Brazilian buffet for dinner with Sonia and Rubens. They are leaving Shanghai in a month time so, I made a promise with them that I will go out with them every week until they left lol!


Later, I met up with JR who was not able to locate me on Friday night due to me changing locations in less than 30 minutes lol! Met up with James and his two other friends before we left to Windows Scoreboard together. Chilled and left to Richy for dance. Trust me, I did not drink any drip on alcohol. Been a sober, I could not dance so I left the club earlier. Well, is 2.50am early? lol!


Chilled at Zapata’s, countdown at I Love Shanghai, Malaysian food at Food Fusion, birthday celebration at Windows Scoreboard, birthday party at LAN, dance at Muse at Park 97, ‘dropped’ by G Plus, threw up twice, dinner at Brasil Steak House, drinks at Windows Scoreboard, and dance at Richy! So yeah, that’s my birthday week.

I generally had a great week and this week is going to be another good week as well :)


c0co said...

so happy!!! wish u belated happy birthday too!!^-^~*

IMCurtain said...

Happy birthday girl!

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kenwooi said...

wah you really know how to get yourself drunk girl.. =P

清逸 said...


have a extraordinary burfday XD

Fumoffu said...

coco: Thanks :)

kenwooi: Haha! Birthday party, what! Decided to get wasted :P

Michelle: Yeah, it was extraordinary lol!

goingkookies said...

wahhhh strip and lap dance!!!!

i also want!!

ppl in china really know how to party eh... i always tot u were a homey girl.. hehe.. =p

looks can be deceiving.. nyek nyek

Fumoffu said...

Yeahh.. Gonna enjoy as much as I want here in Shanghai before I go back to Malaysia for good :P