Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gold Coast: Day 23

That night, we headed to Gold Coast to have our dinner. The dinner was sort of a farewell dinner for me. The boyfriend’s brother made a buffet booking at Palace Versace—a 5-star hotel. Therefore, I was told that we have to wear formal for that dinner.


The lobby of Palace Versace

IMG_1449 The buffet

IMG_1463 IMG_1464

The main station

IMG_1451 My first round—I love the prawns and mussels


My second round—the pork (second from the left) is really delicious. Very fattening as well lol!


Fourth round is oysters only. Their oysters are seriously great!

IMG_1455 The final round before I proceeded to dessert station

IMG_1456 IMG_1457 IMG_1458 The dessert station—I tried most of them and they are really good :)

IMG_1459 My Hot Chocolate

IMG_1466Our Still Italian Mineral Water. We had to pay for this. Tell you what, this mineral water is really delicious. Mineral water that is delicious? Yes, it’s delicious! I’m serious! They boyfriend ordered the second bottle not knowing he had to pay for it lol!

IMG_1461 The lavatory—very nice, huh?

After our heavy dinner, we spent almost an hour to take photography and below is my favourite shot of us :)


Nice, kan?

No doubt, it was a wonderful night. Well, every day I had in Brisbane was wonderful and I did appreciate the moment we had for that three weeks. That night, at the thought of leaving his side (physically), I could not sleep well. Like duhhh.. But what to do? There’s nothing I can do about it.

Since I would be taking an 8am flight the next morning, I had to wake up around 4.30AM and guess what time we turned in?

12 midnight –_-


goingkookies said...

oh poor girl.. HUGS!! the part where u mentioned u had to part.. even the thought of parting is saddening!!

btw, how much did u guys have to pay per pax for the buffet and WHERE is this place???

was the food as good as it looks?? hehe.. if so, must ask the bf to bring me there!! =p

goingkookies said...

oooh btw, u look sweet in ur pinky dress!! why hide behind bf la?? hehe

Fumoffu said...

How much per pax? Urmm.. I never asked his brother :S

The place is located somewhere near Water World. Use GPS then and you will find the way there. And yeap, the food is really fresh, especially the seafood. Serang the seafood. Don't take sushi. Sushi there is disgusting lol! Also serang the dessert station :D

Hide behind bf = make me look thinner, no? Hahahaha. Photography strategy xD

Beatrice said...

really clever hide behing bf..
hehe i always do that too.

Fumoffu said...

Hahahaha. It is necessary for girls to hide behind their boyfriends when taking pictures XD

Wai Chung said...

It is approximately AUD 100 for a person after tax if i am not mistaken. However, i think it is worth the amount =)