Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brisbane: Day 13

Again, the boyfriend brought me to Cafe Di Luna for breakfast (or perhaps, brunch?). We ain’t sharing this time unlike the other day.


I ordered hot chocolate — my favourite and I will definitely going to miss it *sob*

And of course, the big breakfast. Damn big portion, no kidding! Aforementioned, we ain’t sharing this time. It was all to myself omg!



IMG_0406 After

Surprised? I was surprised as well. I managed to finish it (!!!). I bet my friends are surprised as well lol! The boyfriend was not terrified. In fact, he was delightful, giving me a ‘Welcome to the club’ look –_- I believe I have been growing (and will continuously grow) horizontally over here and it was the second week I was being in Brissie omg!


We agreed to have steamboat for dinner that night. Therefore, after our brunch, we went for grocery shopping. So, what’s for steamboat?


Carrots and crabsticks


Sliced beef—this reminded me of Shabu-Shabu’s sliced pork in Puchong

IMG_0410Cauliflower—my all time favourite vegetables

IMG_0411Honey ham


What do you call this? (Needle) mushrooms? What happened during steamboat was, I ate these like they were noodles gosh!

IMG_0414How about this? Sweet cabbages (‘cause they are sweet)? I suck in telling the names of the vegetables lol 


We prepared eggs but we never got to destroy them—super duper full by the time we noticed the eggs which were left at the side.

These may looked little (because that was what I thought in the first place) and I was relieved that I did not prepare more *phew*

IMG_0416 His

IMG_0417 And mine xD


Did you realise that we were using rice cooker for steamboat in the 4th picture? We were steamboat-ing for around half and hour (and we had not eaten a single thing [as the rice cooker is slow]) when the boyfriend told me that they have a steamboat pot at home –_-


Derek, MJ Chai said...

Well, the food pictures really makes me hungry especially your big breakfast. Not to forget about the steamboat, it makes me wana go for steamboat tonite too. Haha! You were also talking about the shabu shabu steamboat in Puchong. Mmm- Mmm! Delicious* Really cannot tahan dy. LOL

Beatrice said...

noticed that you didnt have the mushrooms.. those mushrooms are the best!!!

Fumoffu said...

Derek: I really miss Shabu Shabu Steamboat in Puchong T_T Their hot dogs are nice. Not to forget their sauce. And also that pork slice which many people fight to order it lol!

Beatrice: I don't like the mushrooms. For me, they are tasteless -_- said...

using a rice cooker is normal wat..just be patient.. haha..
wah day 13 all food and makan makan only? nice.. =D

Fumoffu said...

Yalor! Must go on diet when back to M'sia lol!

Beatrice said...

haha!! those mushrooms if you cook it with onions and egg is nice. you can try it im sure you will like it too.
You can ask Doug. He knows that i don't eat mushrooms but thats the only mushrooms that i will eat.

Fumoffu said...

LOL! Really? Not sure how it looks like (so I can find it here) but I will try it if I got the chance :)

Beatrice said...

hmmm.. if not u come here i cook for u?? hahah!!