Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Educative Sanitary Pad

Books and magazines are educative. Newspapers and Discovery Channel are educative. But guess what? Even sanitary pad is educative!

Libra—one of the sanitary pad brands in Brisbane—made a breakthrough for being an educative sanitary pad brand. I was amazed with their  products’ packaging creativity lol! Very educative.

Just take a look at below:


This is the pad. Interesting,huh?

IMG_0635It’s all over the packaging except for the inner side where the pad is placed.


A closer look so you can read what’s written on it. Very educative, huh?

There are more and some may be repetitive. And guess what? I didn’t throw them after use lol! I kept them, read them, threw them after. 

I wonder if we have Libra in Malaysia as well. That will be interesting xD


清逸 said...

Welcome back !!^^
haha, definite have libra... I am one of them XD
hmm, i think those info are meant to shape us to be more informative.. especially young girls XD

Fumoffu said...

Hahaha. From what you are telling me, it seems that they are looking down on girls. Grrr...