Saturday, July 18, 2009

Brisbane: Day 19

Since we just came back from Sunshine Coast the previous night,  we decided to take a rest on this day. I used the leftover bread and made my own French toast.

IMG_1122 Smell nice and taste nice. Me like! :)


Also, the boyfie’s brother came back from New Caledonia that day. Therefore, we had our dinner at Newway. It may be a Karaoke but it is a restaurant as well. The Karaoke rooms and the restaurant are separated.


After dinner, the boyfie brought me to have our dessert at Gold Rock. We were contemplating either to take away or dine in :D


In the end, we decided to dine in and my, it was delicious! Ice-cream are always delicious for me :D

p.s: It was around 12 degree Celsius that night lol


Beatrice said...

haha!! Cold Rock!!!

There's one store just near my house!!

Do you believe that one of the owner of Cold Rock is only 20 years old?

Anyway.. I always go there few years back but now i think the ice creme is too creamy so i dont like it. But im into Gelati now.. Should go to Sofia if you can and order the Gelati there. I am sure you will love it!

Fumoffu said...

Haha. I'm now in Malaysia ler.. Unless there's Sofia here LOL!