Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sunshine Coast: Day 18 (Part 2)

It was around five in the evening when we left Australia Zoo to our next destination—Glass House Mountains.



On the way up to Glass House Mountains lookout

IMG_1079 Thought we would be reaching already so quickly took this superb sight :)

It took us around 20 minutes to reach Glass House Mountains Lookout. And the pictures below were the magnificent view from the lookout..


Mt Beerwah, Mt Coonowrin and Coochin Hills

 IMG_1104 Mt Ngungun, Cooee, Mt Tibrogargan and Mt Tibberoowuccum

IMG_1106  Trachyte Range and Mt Beerburrum

IMG_1108 Tunbubudula—The Twins and Mt Miketeebumulgrai

These mountains were once lava plugs within volcanic cones. The volcanic cones and surrounding Landsborough sandstone were eroded by wind and water over 25 million years to reveal the lava plugs which we can see today :)

P280609_17.02 Why are they called the Glass House Mountains? The mountains were named by a Lieutenant. It is believe that the Lieutenant thought that the peaks resembled the glass furnaces in his hometown in England.

It was around eight by the time we reached Brisbane. We decided to have our dinner at Nando’s in the city and guess what? The wind was super strong and it was darn cold! I could’ve died on the streets if I were to not wearing a sweater.

IMG_1118 My apple juice


My quarter chicken set :D

I was quite disappointed with both the services and food portion provided. Sigh. Howeverrrr, the trip was really awesome! I enjoyed myself a lot, with my boyfie as well as with my friend :D

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