Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Movie Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

T2 (01)

It was just last night that I went to watch it with the boyfriend at AMC. His very first movie to watch in a cinema ever since he came over to Brisbane lol The system here is very similar to what our AirAsia had — free seating. Some people were quite disappointed on this movie due to having high hopes. Unlike them, I think the second is as awesome as the first. But not the storyline.

T2 (02)

It started off with some cool fighting scenes between robots and it never ended there. Meaning, there are cool scenes throughout the movie! A movie worth paying to watch in the cinema (unless you have a big-and-wide TV or monitor screen at home).

T2 (05)

New characters are added into the show — Sam’s college roommate

T2 (04)

and another hot chick — making the story more interesting, eh? But the old ones still remain the same.

T2 (06) “What if we leave and he is wrong”

Some unnecessary parts which made the movie longer or draggy, perhaps?

T2 (07)“I’m right under his penis” 

And digging out the history of the robots? Or the reason behind the commotion on Earth?

T2 (08)

And with new Autobots who never appeared in the first movie. I guess they are in the cartoons, huh? I only remember the cartoon-type Optimus Prime.

T2 (09)

Of course, it’s Bay we’re talking about. Therefore, with never failed, an amazing bombing and shooting scenes that will blow you off. Another reason for you to pay to watch in the cinema (unless again you have a good sound system at home).

T2 (10)I thought this movie will ended with Decepticons winning this fight due to the name of this movie but nah, most people love good ending. Anyway, for me, it is a movie worth paying to watch in the cinema. It’s an Action movie we are talking about here. Need bigger screen and good sound system.

“I rise, you fall”

Personal rating: 3.5/5

p.s.: Having to watch movie in Australia is awesome! No disturbing subtitles!

p.s.s.: But I hate their popcorns! Instead bring sweet since they are made from corns, they are salty wtf! I missed GSC’s popcorns!


Anonymous said...

What a review is this? Spoilers from the beginning to the end. What about those who haven't watched the movie?


Fumoffu said...

Thanks for making an effort to leave a comment here. And point note taken.

Fumoffu said...

Hello Anonymous,
I've edited my post. Hope spoilers no longer existed here. Guess I got to know the right way of the term 'movie review'. Will improve further. And again, thanks for commenting. said...

You should put "WARNING SPOILERS INCLUDED" in the beginning.. then anonymous can't tembak you edy..

actually you have the right to reveal spoilers.. just that you take the initiative to announce it in the beginning! =) said...

i think the movie is overrated.. just awesome.. not awesomely awesome.. haha.. ;)

Fumoffu said...

Thanks, Ken! Will take note on that :)

Well, regarding the movie, I don't like the storyline but I enjoyed the Actions and sound lol! And yeah, like you'd said, it is just awesome. Not awesomely awesome. Haha!