Monday, August 3, 2009

UTS Graduation Ceremony 2009

This post is seriously backdated. Been pretty hooked up on other posts lol wtf! July 12th 2009 is the day that I had been waiting for for three years. As mentioned here, I have officially graduated!

Dom 501

There are a few people that I wish to thank for having this day come into my life.

Dom 492

First of all, my mother. She’s the one who brought me to this world :) Her motherly love is incomparable and unbeatable. She’s the one who worked very hard during my childhood when my family almost went bankrupt. Though I was under her 24/7-care until I was twelve, it was more than enough.

Dom 503Secondly, my grandma. Ever since my parents started working outstation, my siblings and I were under her care. I was only 12 years old back then. I had been living with her until I finished my SPM and leaving home to KL to pursue my studies. She is one of the major contributors for shaping who I am today. I won’t deny that her scolding, nagging and pestering irritated and annoyed me but, without those, I wonder what I will become.

Dom 568

Next, my brothers. That’s my older brother who is studying in West Malaysia with me except the fact that he’s studying in a different university. As for my baby brother, he was having his exam therefore, he could not make it. My siblings and I are very very very close. We grow up and learn together. Whenever one of us was facing difficulties, we will always put all our effort to help each other. In the time when our parents were working outstation, we had always helped and supported each other :)

Dom 557

And my father. He was the main financial provider for my 4-year studies. Before he did it, he was very concern about me. I remember when I had a break-up with my ex-boyfriend few years back, he called and asked of me if I’m doing good. I really miss that him :(

Dom 617

Dom 594

Then my friends. We had been through on assignments and exams together since throughout our Degree year. This three-year study was the hardest but the most enjoyable and memorable times we shared :)

Dom 621

Especially to these close friends of mine. We had been through together since Foundation year and finally we graduated together!

Dom 631

Finally I did something that I had really wanted! Not only alone but with my friends as well :D

Dom 652

See how happy my Grandma is? She’s able to witness her very first grandchild and granddaughter’s graduation ceremony! Of course, she’s happy! And so my parents :) I am very proud of myself too!

Dom 543

One of my favourite shots from his newly-bought fish-eye lens.

Photos credit to my brother.


aLviN said...

congrat! Can officially work now! omg.. i'm still waiting desperately for this moment!

kenwooi said...

congrats! =D

mine is in november!

Fumoffu said...

alvin&ken: Thanks :D

alvin: Work is good. Got money. But work is bad too. No holidays! T_T

ken: No worries. November will be here sooner than you thought :D Time flies very fast, you see :)

清逸 said...

congratz!!!! I wonder how is mine will be XD

kenwooi said...

haha.. but hoping to secure a job soon! =P

p/s: i've migrated to wordpress. do relink/refollow me coz the feed link has changed.. the previous BLogger feed link is no longer working! thanks! =)

Fumoffu said...

Cy: No worries. Yours' gonna be just fine :)

ken: Yeap, I've noticed you migrated. Blogger traitor T_T

Anonymous said...

hey angel.. ur mum is really pretty.. she has the sharp figure..

Fumoffu said...

Haha. You can tell just like that? lol! I thank you on her behalf :D

kenwooi said...

blogger traitor?? hahaha.. sorry la fumoooo.. =P

Fumoffu said...

okay larr.. I forgive you =P

Anonymous said...

yeah. she looks pretty in the photo.. maybe cos of the yellow lighting? lol but she is indeed pretty...