Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Nightlife Experience in Shanghai!

I ventured into Shanghai’s nightlife for the first time last Friday!

The rooftop
Well, we started off chilling a bit at LAN, a bar, where I got to know a number of trainees in Shanghai. Drank a glass of Shangria and I started to feel tipsy lol!

“Arakel! I feel so dizzy..” and it was so funny! lol!

Sid and Prem

I was not aware what time we left the bar to a club nearby—our first stop. In fact, we went to three different clubs in one night lol! The music was awesome but the dance floor is small. If only it’s as big as Euphoria’s.

That night, Daniel was very protective of me and Rakki. Glad that I have such a thoughtful guy as my housemate and as my friend.

We grabbed a bite at a restaurant nearby before bid everyone goodbye. It was around 5.30AM by the time we reached home (!!!).

So we went to sleep right after that?


Arakel suggested watching a movie at the living room together gether before we turned in. And everyone fell asleep when the movie was played less than 15 minutes lol!

The night was awesome and I am really happy to end my first week in Shanghai this way :)


kenwooi said...

haha.. it's so fun to stay up so late over at another country huh? i remembered the nights in inti.. so different.. yeah i know its still in malaysia but it was definitely a different feeling being at another place.. new friends and all.. very fun =)

Fumoffu said...

Yeahhh and I love meeting new people who are just like me, leaving our own countries and venture in another place lol!