Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AIESEC Alumni Hat Party@Bankers Club

It was about two weeks ago when I attended AIESEC Alumni Hat Party at Bankers Club. To be frank, I do not know most of the people there. Out of hundred, probably, I only know less than 10 people. Very saddening, no?


Still, I had fun that night to be able to meet those I had not seen for years! The venue was great and man, I love the food. Not to forget the alcoholic beverage they provided us too; beers, whisky and vodka. It seems we are not paying RM180 for naught.


Sculling is a very common game in AIESEC. Since we are all grown-ups, we have beers for sculling. However, you can have Coke if you do not drink. Me? Waddaya think? Beer no doubt!


The photographers for the event. They did an awesome job! Lovin’ their pictures. The dude on the left is still studying while the one on the right is waiting for the one on the left to finish his studies so they could come out and establish a partnership to run a studio together! Awesome, no?


The alumnus (plus Kw) from Taylor’s. We met two juniors that night too. In fact, most of the people who came for the dinner were juniors. Alumni? It was more or less like Generation-Y-meeting-Generation-X dinner.


Believe it or not, we have people who are being AIESEC alumnus for more than 20 years! There were number of people who are around 10 years old alumni. The picture above are the us, who are AIESEC alumnus for less than 5 years.


Gonna end this post with the group picture for the night. Not sure if I would be going for the next one. I would, perhaps but, I am more looking forward to this AIESEC Alumni Conference or something. This year’s (or was it last year’s) conference looked fun!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food Review: Kampua and Bian Nvk Found in Concrete Jungle

Up to date, I had been to two places that sell Sarawak Noodles, more specifically, Sibu’s famous Foochow noodles, known as kampua.

Note: Kampua is very different from kolok mee. Kampua is like one of the must-try dish in Sibu whereas kolok mee is more popular in Kuching.


First was found at Restoran Pertama in Pandan Jaya. It is a hawker stall with the name ‘Sarawak Noodles’ written. You can get to choose either small or big portion. It costs RM3.80 and RM4.50 respectively. For me, small portion is more than enough and note, I could not finish it.

In my opinion, the taste or maybe the sauce, is too strong for me. Probably because I ordered kampua tou you lak which literally means, spicy kampua with soy sauce. Still, the taste is there.

I had brought my brother and some other people from Sibu to this place to try out the kampua here. Good rates were given and believe it or not, my brother goes back to that place like 3 times in less than 2 months.

The owner has been living in Kuala Lumpur for approximately 10 years. However, he just started his business 2 years ago.

Apart from kampua, they sell Sarawak laksa too which was allegedly quite spicy compared to what you get in SMK Methodist’s canteen or Aloha.

Click here if you want to know how to get there.



Just last weekend, I went to Restoran Strawberry located in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. You will see a hawker stall

Not only they serve kampua, they have bian nvk as shown above, my favourite dish too! That is not all, they have cao cai hung ngan or cao cai noodles.

I had tried kampua there and I prefer this compared to the one in Pandan Jaya. The taste is mild. We, Sarawakians, prefer mild-taste food. However, it is not worth the price. It cost you RM4.00 for that portion shown in the picture above.

As for bian nuvk, I had two plates that day. However, it is not as good as the one I can get at the food court located above the wet market which is facing SMK Tung Hua in Sibu. The layer is very thick and there is not much meat. Still, the taste is authentic. The price is RM3.00 with 9 pieces of bian nvk.

Click here if you want to know how to get there.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I landed Malaysia during the wee hour, less than 5 hours of sleep and off I went to work. I could have gotten some sleep after work but I chose to go out instead. I guess the trip beat me so, I needed some air. I decided to join the cousins for some photography at Putrajaya. These boys are very dedicated with their work.


With their bazookas clicking away with complicated settings and adjustment, I, on the other hand, equipped myself with only a simple digital camera.

However, it did a great job, not losing to their bazookas.


Still, the best shot is this bridge, thanks to Adrian’s tripod. Therefore, in a nutshell, it’s time to invest a tripod!



Friday, October 15, 2010

Business Trip@Bangkok

Finally it’s here! It was supposed to be a business trip to 3 different countries in less than 2 weeks. What are they? Thailand, Indonesia and best of all, Australia! However, due to certain circumstances, we only went to Thailand last week and then, Indonesia and Australia later in the year or early of next year.

Though we were only going to Bangkok, I was really excited. One, I get to meet my clients. Two, I have never been to Bangkok! 

I was in charge to book the flight tickets for my senior and I. Unfortunately, due to my typical blur nature, I booked morning flight instead of the afternoon flight. I had to wake up early in the morning, damnit! However, I am glad that I made that mistake because as we landed Bangkok earlier, I managed to explore around a bit the places around the hotel we were staying.

I was more than happy when I found out we were staying in the hotel that our client booked for us. It was indeed a nice place and yes, fortunately we had a nice place to sleep in. I would cry if we did not. I didn’t know business trips are that exhausting! You had to wake up early in the morning, took hours of car ride and followed by long hours of meetings. Maybe it’s just Bangkok?

I had fine dining almost each meal everyday. The food was great and I had drinks too but, being out until late at night everyday was no joke! Fortunately there is a bath tub in my room and I used it well. Still, it was a waste that I did not use the hotel’s sauna.

Also, this trip brought me to a whole new level. I talked to people who are in really high positions in their respective organisations. Chairmen, directors, you name it! They have at least 10 years of experience in this field and to compare to a freshman like me, I still have a long way to go.

So, what’s next? Jakarta. I have a feeling that I am expected to go by my own. I wonder if I can really do it. We shall see.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


It was last weekend when I went to KLCC after collecting my Nikerunning race pack at Avenue K. I was walking towards KLCC park when I bumped into a Singaporean friend of mine. I was supposed to have an afternoon tea with her and some other interns at KLCC but I could not make it due to a birthday buffet lunch with my colleagues at Grand Millenium. I thought they had left.


It was a fun afternoon hanging out with them. We sat at Dome, drinking coffee and such and then decided to walk around KLCC park a bit. The last time I came here was 3 years ago when Lawrence and Tina came visiting us. And then, coming back to a place where we used to come together does not make me happy dappy though. I was reminiscing as we were walking around the place.


This is us, and Fatim a French girl who took this photo. She is now back in France. However, she was not happy about the fact that she’s leaving so soon. Plus, she dislikes her frogland too. It was a pity that I could not have a night out with her on her last night in Kuala Lumpur. I just got back from Bangkok that night and seriously, knackered.


Back to KLCC park, there was an event going on. Unfortunately, my Singaporean friend lost her phone when we were watching this lame magician show. Someone must have stolen it from her pocket when she lost her alertness. It must be some kind of scam between magician and someone else. Therefore, people, be very careful, alright?

Monday, October 11, 2010

GAC Dinner@Moghul Mahal

It was two weeks ago when I first joined GAC dinner. I was very well aware that I knew no one there but still, I was determined to go so, probably I can meet cool people.


To my surprise, tt was completely different from what I had experienced back in Shanghai. That’s when I realised that being an intern is completely different compared to being a local. It’s so sad that I did not feel so hype and stuff anymore.


Still, I managed to get close to a few interns. Plus, a friend that I made through Facebook was there too. She came from Singapore and is very excited to build her network here. After dinner, we decided to chill a little bit at Changkat Bukit Bintang. I was still in the midst of recovering from food poisoning so, I did not take any alcohol. Angie not drinking at a bar, surprise, eh?


This is the girl aforementioned. She is really cool and outgoing. I hope we will hang out more often since we are both staying in Kuala Lumpur.


These are the people that joined us at the bar. The ones in the middle are AIESEC Taylor’s University College’s new generation. At the dinner, they were confused when I told them I was from AIESEC TUC. What can I say? I am an alumnus now! Nobody in the LC knows me anymore. However, I believe I left my legend behind, I think.

The Night@No Black Tie

It was three weeks ago when I finally, had another drinking night with friends. Damn, and again, my blog is way behind my life. It should really keep up with me though. We were supposed to go for a dance at Zouk Club but we changed our minds last minute as there were not many people who are coming along with us. We decided to go to a Jazz bar instead, No Black Tie, which is known to be one of the best Jazz bars in Kuala Lumpur.


Most of the people know that I am not really a fan of Jazz but I love chilling in bars with friends!


So long the people I love are there with me, I do not really care about the genre of music being played. Similarly to the other night at Alive Bar, the music sucks but what matters the most is the company! No doubt I really had a great time that night.


And of course, likewise, I had a great night at No Black Tie. Finally I was able to meet up and hang around with these amazing girls. Also, on the same night, I made three new friends and they are really nice.

Not to forget, someone really important who came along with me, Tanny who’s my housemate. Do not be fooled by her appearance. This girl is lovely. I am really blessed to have such a caring and understanding housemate. Definitely, everyone is busy with their career and work but, I am really looking forward to our next one at Alive Bar which, we have yet to plan.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happening Friday

It was three Fridays ago when my a few of my family members stopped over in Kuala Lumpur International Airport before heading off to Shanghai. It was very nice to see, especially my grandparents, again. I took a day off that day and spent my whole afternoon accompanying them, in the airport. It was a funny experience, to roam around the airport, not being able to go anywhere else. We were waiting for my brother to come and join us for dinner after his work. Being there reminded me loads, especially when I first left to Shanghai. The gang wanted to give me a surprise; they did not want to let me know that they were sending me off at the airport. It was funny when I sent them the ‘last’ text messages and was walking towards the immigration check. Chi Wei called and asked me to come out from there and wait for them at McDonald’s, lol


My brother drove me home after we sent them off. I had an hour to get prepared before going out again. Where was I heading to? Believe it or not, I were to go up to Genting Highland with my friend that night just for a ‘day’ trip. Actually, not, because our main reason to go up there is the casino. Not really sure if anyone was winning, even for a bit. We walked around the resorts before heading back down for dim sum as breakfast. It was around 7 by the time I reached home and guess what? I had to work at 9.

You can imagine how dreadful the morning was for me. Still, it was fun!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Broga Hill

It was Raya break and I decided to do something different. I was looking at my friend’s photo albums and that was how I found out about Broga Hill. He even went there twice so, I thought this place must be really great. After I made a research on it, I decided to give it a go. I started to ask around, in search of some hiking partners and of course, I am not mobilised, not in a year’s time, so I need that too. Found out my brother had been really into going up this hill for so long, I decided to drop him a text, hoping for a good news. After all the planning and stuff, we were good to go!


Honestly, you really need enough sleep and some food before the hike. Damn, I almost fainted when I reached the first peak. I even gave up and wanted to stay at the first peak! Fortunately after the first peak, it is easier for you to reach the other 3 peaks.


Since it was a Raya break, you can expect that there will be a lot of people up there and never did I imagine it was so packed that the fourth peak was overloaded. We had to stay at the third peak. However, it was good enough to enjoy the breathtaking views.


I had been telling my friends that one of the main reasons for me to go up the hill is to search for my goal of life and damn, I forgot all about it when I was on top of the hill. Goodbye, my goal of life.


Anyhow, I am proud to have done something different in Malaysia during the year I decided to come back for good from China. Else, it would have been disappointing.


Thanks to me, to plan this out but thanks to my brother to support the plan.


Of course, thanks to everyone to make it happen!


In order to celebrate our success, we decided to have bah kut teh and then a karaoke session the next day. Awesome, no? Imagine us, having to walk down the hill while thinking of delicious bah kut teh in the pot. How excruciating that was? We were really starving, alright?


Such a breathtaking view.


And we will definitely come back to reach the fourth peak!