Thursday, October 14, 2010


It was last weekend when I went to KLCC after collecting my Nikerunning race pack at Avenue K. I was walking towards KLCC park when I bumped into a Singaporean friend of mine. I was supposed to have an afternoon tea with her and some other interns at KLCC but I could not make it due to a birthday buffet lunch with my colleagues at Grand Millenium. I thought they had left.


It was a fun afternoon hanging out with them. We sat at Dome, drinking coffee and such and then decided to walk around KLCC park a bit. The last time I came here was 3 years ago when Lawrence and Tina came visiting us. And then, coming back to a place where we used to come together does not make me happy dappy though. I was reminiscing as we were walking around the place.


This is us, and Fatim a French girl who took this photo. She is now back in France. However, she was not happy about the fact that she’s leaving so soon. Plus, she dislikes her frogland too. It was a pity that I could not have a night out with her on her last night in Kuala Lumpur. I just got back from Bangkok that night and seriously, knackered.


Back to KLCC park, there was an event going on. Unfortunately, my Singaporean friend lost her phone when we were watching this lame magician show. Someone must have stolen it from her pocket when she lost her alertness. It must be some kind of scam between magician and someone else. Therefore, people, be very careful, alright?

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