Monday, October 4, 2010

Happening Friday

It was three Fridays ago when my a few of my family members stopped over in Kuala Lumpur International Airport before heading off to Shanghai. It was very nice to see, especially my grandparents, again. I took a day off that day and spent my whole afternoon accompanying them, in the airport. It was a funny experience, to roam around the airport, not being able to go anywhere else. We were waiting for my brother to come and join us for dinner after his work. Being there reminded me loads, especially when I first left to Shanghai. The gang wanted to give me a surprise; they did not want to let me know that they were sending me off at the airport. It was funny when I sent them the ‘last’ text messages and was walking towards the immigration check. Chi Wei called and asked me to come out from there and wait for them at McDonald’s, lol


My brother drove me home after we sent them off. I had an hour to get prepared before going out again. Where was I heading to? Believe it or not, I were to go up to Genting Highland with my friend that night just for a ‘day’ trip. Actually, not, because our main reason to go up there is the casino. Not really sure if anyone was winning, even for a bit. We walked around the resorts before heading back down for dim sum as breakfast. It was around 7 by the time I reached home and guess what? I had to work at 9.

You can imagine how dreadful the morning was for me. Still, it was fun!

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