Monday, October 11, 2010

The Night@No Black Tie

It was three weeks ago when I finally, had another drinking night with friends. Damn, and again, my blog is way behind my life. It should really keep up with me though. We were supposed to go for a dance at Zouk Club but we changed our minds last minute as there were not many people who are coming along with us. We decided to go to a Jazz bar instead, No Black Tie, which is known to be one of the best Jazz bars in Kuala Lumpur.


Most of the people know that I am not really a fan of Jazz but I love chilling in bars with friends!


So long the people I love are there with me, I do not really care about the genre of music being played. Similarly to the other night at Alive Bar, the music sucks but what matters the most is the company! No doubt I really had a great time that night.


And of course, likewise, I had a great night at No Black Tie. Finally I was able to meet up and hang around with these amazing girls. Also, on the same night, I made three new friends and they are really nice.

Not to forget, someone really important who came along with me, Tanny who’s my housemate. Do not be fooled by her appearance. This girl is lovely. I am really blessed to have such a caring and understanding housemate. Definitely, everyone is busy with their career and work but, I am really looking forward to our next one at Alive Bar which, we have yet to plan.

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