Thursday, July 31, 2008


I broke down because of it..again.

A lot of things happened today..

Some people do take things for granted..

If anything happens, person-in-charge for this whole thing would be put to the blame..ME.

That's why, nobody understand how I feel. Nobody understand how heavy that responsibility is.

'They will take care of themselves'

That phrase is nothing a fact but just an objective opinion. We should not take things for granted.

Anyone of you want to take over my place for just ONE DAMN day?

I dare you.

You will see that more people will take things for granted from you, including your comrades.

That, people, is the ugliness of the truth of life!

Evil me?

What happen to me? I have becoming more and more evil. I wonder how.

Is it because of the friends that I mix with?


It is already in my gene?

Face the ugliness of the truth?

Hmmm... I prefer the first answer: It is because of the friends that I mix with :D

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I went to buy a new mouse today before I went to work.


I was so excited since my old one is spoilt.


yeng mou?

However, the problem is..


..its tail is not what I want. :(



Blame the shop owners? Of course cannot!


It is displayed behind the box that it is not USB mouse T.T

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am damn panicking now. Once I woke up, I have been non-stop sending emails to my teammates.

Why? Because Motivational Camp is just around the corner.

I am really scared. Do you know why? Not because of myself. Not because of those teammates who are going. Also, not because of those Externals or Directors going.

It is because the Children are going! I have a very BIG responsibility regarding their safety and comfort during their stay!

Man, I hope it is going to be a great one.

Monday, July 28, 2008

What a day --

RM12.90 instead of RM5.90 for breakfast

'I'm drunk but I'm not blind'

'Very yong sui one larr..'

'Cheng Ho'

'He/she really talks like an Indonesian but actually he/she is an Indonesian'

'90% of you look alike'

'..self-interest, profit maximization..'

-- really, what a day! sigh.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cats Whiskers

May and I went shopping at Cats Whiskers yesterday evening.

Like May, my initial damage -- a top

Aggregate damage -- 1 trousers, 3 tops, 1 bag and 1 belt

That's pretty sad. I am already broke but I made myself even poorer. Damn. Approximately RM150 gone.


It is pretty rare to see myself having shopping mood. It is sort of a good thing. But why in bad timing?


Friday, July 25, 2008

Buffet at Palace of the Golden Horses

Yeah, you did not read it wrongly. I had buffet at Palace of the Golden Horses, tagged as Asia's Most Extraordinary Hotel last night. It was my second time to be there; this time with the beau, Jhoong, May, Chung and Kit.

On the way to May's place, there was a massive jam.


The beau, of course, driving while the others?


Sleeping; and


Camwhoring :D

'I know the way to the place. I remember this small road and bla bla bla.. but it was 3 years ago. The entrance got this carriage and a few horses statue. The toilet is interesting as well. Male toilet's sign is a moustache and lips for female's.' -- which is totally out of the question of 'Do you know how to go to the place'

The food:


First round


Second round


It's name sounds worse but definitely tastes better than




Own made iced-kacang


Bread and something pudding


Fresh mussel and smoke salmon




Second last dessert

Because my last dessert was a few (three to five) scoops or Chocolate ice-cream :D

Note: I was feeling very sick (due to being too full) when I got back home and vomited a few scoops of Chocolate ice-cream.

After enjoying the food, only I took some pictures of the dining area.


One of the many poles



Dining area


One of the pillars' carving


One of the buffet areas


Note: behind that glass was one of the buffet areas


Palace of the GOLDEN Horses

We came across to this place below after we left the buffet area.


As the picture shown above, the place is amazing. They have live band and there were sofas and tables for the guests. Shisha is provided as well. You can really enjoy the environment there. It is dark, actually (unlike in the picture). Did you see the big statue in the midst of those pillars? It turns! Ain't it amazing?

What are we waiting for? None other than camwhoring!


Pretty cool, eh? My idea ;)




May may not look happy in the group picture but she looks happy in this picture :D



Because most of us have to wake up earlier in the next day, we had no choice but to leave the place. If not, we would have taken more great and nice pictures. However, I managed to take quick captures of these few places.



And the best part?


This! I love it, man.

I believe we will be going there again, right IC?


Thursday, July 24, 2008


'You will regret if you missed this surprise' 'This surprise will only come again in the next two or three years'


'We are going to Sunway Pyramid'

Both situations are tempting. So, what's my decision?

I followed my principle of 'first come, first serve' basis.

Therefore, I went for the surprise.

I believe your next question would be 'So, what's the surprise?'

And I would answer that question by showing you a picture below..


Nah, in the end we saw our surprise.

Esmond was back from Singapore. And he is leaving on Friday (!!!)

Monday, July 21, 2008

How about Sunday?

Sunday was another great day. I had a great sleep at night that I woke up at eleven in the morning. I took a glance on my phone and wow, there were a number of messages that I had to reply wtf. Spoil my mood. Geez!

I had to attend story telling competition, one of the project's activities. Our host for the day was Rabbit and our judges were Issac and Cecilia. :)


The venue


The crowd


Our judges, Cecilia and Issac


Our host for the day, Rabbit


AIESECers plus Issac's brother


One of Directors, Mr Cheah


And yeah, we have the winner for the day, Darshiniee!

Everything was great and the children were having fun especially during the game session. You should watch this. *winks*

*video will be uploaded soon*

After Nina pronounced the winners, we left to K.T.Z. for some desserts before we proceeded to Murni for dinner. I had Roti Hawaii for dinner.



And I never knew that this drink, Ribena plus longan plus Lemon plus Sprite?, is called 'I love you'. O.o

After dinner, we went to One Utama for a movie, The Dark Knight. The two-and-a-half-hour-movie is nice! A must to watch. *winks*


And oh, we had an international matching going on in our local chapter! No, as a matter of fact, it is MATCHED!

For me to know, for you to find out.


Thanks, baby for dropping by a short while all the way from Cheras. After the long and tiring day, the hugs are what I need the most.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Saturday

Yesterday had been one of the most busy so far plus I did not sleep for a day. Okay. Let's go back on Thursday. On Thursday night, it was sort of Home Alone. What I did in my room was watching movies that I had downloaded last year. Wow. That's pretty longgg. Anyway, I watched a couple of movies and before I realised, it was already six in the morning. And so, I went to sleep. It was already Friday, around six in the evening by the time I wake up. I have to wake up six in the morning the next day as Mann Dee will pick me up around seven to go to the Home. Therefore, that Friday night, I decided not to sleep.


Saturday morning: Cooking Day at the Home


Each intern would have to cook two dishes. While waiting for food, the Children were given tasks to draw the food that the interns were preparing.


The food for the day: Yang Zhou Fried Rice, Mapou Tofu (by Rabbit), Nian Gao, Sweet Potato with Honey (by Amber), Apple Pie, Pancake (by Nina), Spring Roll and Dumpling (by Eric).

And when the Children were away for their lunch, this was what we do..


It was around 1PM when it was the moment we had been waiting for.










And the food was not that bad after all. :)


Saturday afternoon: My nap :D


Was sleeping in the boyfriend's car when he tried to wake up as he saw many policemen gathering at one area in Taman Len Seng.


Later, was told by a cousin of his that there were gunshots went on. The news is up here


Saturday night: The boyfriend's mother's birthday dinner

We had a great steamboat

DSCN0910 wine; not one but two bottles




..birthday cake


..and of course, a family picture :D


The boyfriend, his dad and his brother really can drink.






Saturday late night: The boyfriend's friend's farewell gathering

After dinner, the boyfriend brought me along to attend a farewell gathering of a friend of his before he sent me home.

It was a tiring, yet a great day.