Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Time at The Little Pet Shop, Kuching

I am currently back in the real world – Penang, working.

However, before that, I was back in Kuching for two months. I was working at The Little Pet Shop. It was really a fun and happy working environment. Apart from being knackered after a long day, there was not much pressure or stress at all. Also, every dog that came into the shop gave you a fresh and new incident.


Everything was peaceful until the ex-employee started working at a new pet shop which is located opposite from The Little Pet Shop. It was when I started to work at The Little Pet Shop that I learned a lot of things that had happened here.

We are alright if they worked fairly and being competitive. However, to use dirty tricks and all was what I hate the most!


Dirty tricks are unethical, duplicitous, slanderous or illegal tactics employed to destroy or diminish the effectiveness of political or business opponents.

Fortunately, we have some customers who believe us and told us what they had been told. The worst thing I had ever heard was they accused my mom to have tortured the customers’ dogs when she had depression in the past. They accused her that she had hurt the dogs that came to the shop. Seriously, we could sue them for defamation! And this is not the only statement they told the customers. There were more! And guess what they said when my mom confronted one of them? That woman said she was only doing what God had told her to!

Serious shit? That woman put all the blame to God! I am a Catholic and I will never do that!


I can tell you that my mom’s patience and love for dogs are incomparable! I was amazed with how patience she is to handle difficult dogs. Plus, with just only her alone, she has FIVE dogs at home! Can you imagine the works and all you have to do with having so many dogs at home?

For those customers who believed what those bitches had said and stopped coming to The Little Pet Shop, you are all shallow. All those time you came to our shop, you had already seen and witnessed how caring and loving my mom had handled your difficult and spoilt dogs and yet, still believed what they had said.


Believe it or not, those bitches will have their karma! I believe God is fair and true!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

November - December ‘12

The last blog post that I had was back in November 30th and now it is a new year already, wow!

What had I been doing in the past one month?

Actually I was back in Penang but since my mom needed help desperately, they asked for my return to Kuching for another month. Apart helping out at the store, I worked on their Facebook page.

December was a busy and challenging month for The Little Pet Shop. Long story short, we managed to pull it through.


Therefore, to find our more about The Little Pet Shop, do visit our Facebook fan page, alright?

Oh, by the way, I had received a job offer in Penang and currently started working back in Penang, hurray! More story later..