Saturday, December 30, 2006


Yeap! From the title, you already can tell that I went shopping just now, right after dinner.

In the beginning, we were scouting clothes for mom to bring to Japan next month. My mom was in the fitting room the whole time and guess who was the one scouting clothes for her? Nope, not me. My dad!

It was then I saw a very nice skirt and I thought of trying it. Once I was in the fitting room, my dad started to scout for skirts and tops for me, and almost all of them are nice! They are my taste. Like father, like daughter, huh?

Anyway, thanks to him that I had to stay in the fitting room the whole time. I do not have the likes to wear a long-or-even-quarter-sleeves-tops and my dad found a very nice quater-sleeves-tops which matched with a skirt very well!

Thanks to unknown that it was not at the counter and I did not check too! I missed out that set of outfit. The skirt was very nice too, you know? So sad! Hope that I can go back there and look for them.

These skirts and tops are chosen by my dad

This is the only skirt I chose

And we got free gifts: 3 wallets, 2 black & 1 white

I just found out that my phone can edit the photo that I took. Cool..

Frames and cliparts (the butterflies)

Raining So, No Driving

Supposingly, I got to drive outside the institute area yesterday.

I had to wake up early yesterday and guess what? I did not get a chance to drive the stupid car!

That fella just busyyyyyy teaching the other students, and me? I was just sittinnngggggg in the waiting room, waiting for my blardy turn.

Waited for around blardy 3 hours and that's it. The fella fetched me home.

What the heck was that? I realised that that fella got no responsibility and still dare to ask me to pay RM 200! Crap!

Found this pathetic little crab in a drain when I went to the toilet. I got no idea if it is still alive or dead. I wonder how it got there. No beaches were found around the institute area.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Delayed "Santa Claus"

Santa Claus just came back from his work in China. It is the time for the Ha's children to receive their presents. Due to the weather on Christmas Eve, his sleigh broke down on his way to Kuching so, he postponed to give the children presents last night!

The children and their mother went to the airport to pick Santa Claus up. Since his sleigh broke down, he had to take a plane. Of course nobody recognised him because he was not wearing his uniform.

Kuching International Airport

Happy children waiting for Santa Claus

Santa Claus was very hungry so he gave them a treat before he went to the children's home. He shared his adventure in China to the children and their mother. The stories were captivating.

Santa Claus got this from China. Made in Japan..

Fyi, at the side there written "Cigarette smoking is not good for health" (Then, why sell?)

The children helped to carry Santa Claus' luggages and bags. They were indeed heavy.

Now, the moment they had been waiting for. The mother got her necessaries ie. sweater, scarf, boots, etc. for her trip to Japan in January. The brothers each got a pair of shoes and a set of sports' outfit (basketball).

How about the girl? Keke.. Santa Claus got her a CUTE pajamas! Well, she got a new pair of sneakers too. Not only that, the mother could not wear the boots so, the boots are hers (to be confirmed)!

It sure had been a wonderful night!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Legally First Driving Lesson

My instructor still owed me 3-hour practical lesson which I thought it is something like how should we check the car's engine or change the car's tyres. Well, that's what my friend told me. She undergo that kind of lesson.

Guess what? It turned out that I am going to DRIVE the car and learning neither how to CHECK the car's engine nor CHANGE the car's tyres. For the very first time, I felt super excited! I was very excited to drive a manual transmission car.

It was fun. The instructor did not look tense. He said I did not look nervous so he was not worried about me. I guess it was because he knew that I learnt driving from my uncle few weeks ago. I had a hard time to fully utilised the clutch. It ain't easy. However, to my surprise, I was not panicked and was very calm.

I hope to do better tomorrow. Well, he owed me another hour since we were late for my lesson today. Pity him. He was scolded badly by his super boss. The boss is a She. Pity me too! I have to wake up early in the morning!

I curi-curi took this picture when my instructor was away. However, the one who is instructing me is not this fella. This is my instructor's boss. Keke..

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Why Do People Keep Dogs?

They feel insecure so they need a free guard to watch over their houses.

They are lonely so they need some 'friends' back at home.

They feel demotivated so having a dog at home can boost their motivation.

Having a dog can hon their responsibility.

Dogs are great listeners. Just talk to them when you are down. They are always there for you.

Dogs can really keep secrets. Tell them the secrets within your hearts to make yourself feel better.

Dogs are loyal and they will never betray you so they are your best friends.

However, some inhuman people take advantage of its loyalty and release their anger on their dogs.

So please, please treat your pet dogs well. They are the world's most loving and loyal creatures.

And yeap! This is my doggie.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Just came back from the church. Attended midnight mass. I had so much fun singing Christmas carols.

No present again this year.. Do Santa Claus really exist?

Well, who really cares now? (except me, I really want to see a real Santa Claus). Plus, this is interesting. Got it when I was browsing for Santa Claus' pictures.

Anyway, got to turn in now because I have to attend 10.00 am mass the next morning..

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Bells

I watched The Polar Express just now and it was very meaningful, for me.

I love this phrase the most.

"The bell represents the spirit of Christmas within us, and that the real spirit of Christmas lies within our hearts."

Jay Chou

Usually, when the floor was made of glass, we are always forbidden to enter that territory. However, this is something different..

It sounds more like "Come on! I dare you! Try to step on it!"

p/s: Fyi, I did step on it

This morning I saw someone! Who? Jay Chou! Where? In Everrise! Happy? Happy! Did I take the picture of him? Oh, yeah! Wanna see? Here it is!



Jim Carrey

I was showering when cheese baked rice popped in my head. I could not remember where I got to eat that nice and delicious cheesy baked rice. Well, in the end I remembered but how? How did I remember? This was the process..

1. I was humming the song sang by Ace in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. Do you know how the song go? Let me tell you then. It was the song sang by Ace when he drove this bigfoot to a mansion/big house. It went "Chi li chi li bang bang chi li chi li bang.." something like that.

2. Then I believe all of you know who that Ace is, right? Yeap! The name's Jim Carrey. When I was reading his name, that's when I ter-read Kim Gary.

Hmm, Ace Ventura had an adventure in the jungle and I had an adventure in Pet Centres! I will let the pictures do the talkings..

It was eating

The best pose!

My brother caught a duck from..!

p/s: Happy Birthday, Teck Jung

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Keluar Jalan?

Woke up early in the morning just to attend the 3-hour-blardy-talk this morning. The instructor picked me up at 7.20 am. Too early!

When I reached the class, they aired Mr Bean to entertain us. The shows reminded me on how I used to love to watch Mr Bean in the past.

The lesson started at 9.57 am. The only lesson that was captivating was the focus on Bahagian II and Bahagian III ie. 7 to-do list before you drive, naik the mini bukit, side parking, three-point turning and keluar jalan! XD Oh! The instructor showed us our practical routes..

As you can see, there are 4 roundabouts and 1 traffic light (between Roundabout 1 and 2). We have 3 Routes; Laluan A, B and C. We were told that Laluan C is the easiest and fastest route. Why? In Laluan C, we will be taking Roundabout 1 and 2 ONLY! As for Laluan B, we will have to take Roundabout 1, 2 and 3. Last but not least, the Laluan A, known as the longest route, we will be taking Roundabout 1, 2, 3 and 4. If we are lucky enough on the day of driving test, we will get Laluan C or B, otherwise Laluan A.

I hope I will get either Laluan B or C and not A..

AND another thing. Chill ran down my spine and I almost 'died with geliness' (learnt from May) when there's this particular guy kept looking at me like he wanted to talk to me. He was sitting two chairs away from me on my left and we were on the same row. Argh! Those eyes made me sick! Yikes!! I hate the way he kept looking at me especially during lunch time in a room. He was eating opposite me and yucks! I quickly finished my bread and left the room. I hope today will be the first and the LAST time to see him.

Oh! I sms-ed my brother and guess what he replied?

"Faster come back after everything done.."

He made it sound like I drove to the institute and I could immediately go back home after the talk ended.