Tuesday, June 28, 2016

One Term

When I was elected to be the Club President of MEF Toastmasters Club, I doubted my own capability to lead the club. I was worried that I would not do a good job and that I might disappoint those who trusted me. However, when I started to look around, I was not alone. I had 6 friends who would be leading the club along with me.

2015-05-21 23.04.55

The term started well where we organised a group activity – laser tag. Though it was just a few of us who went, it was fun. We met two Japanese some more and invited them to join us.

2015-08-22 16.50.39

In that same term, I was still part of Division H Council Members. I was in charge to organise Division H Joint Installation Dinner and guess what? I only had a few weeks to prepare. It was not easy but I was glad to have a capable team to work along with and the dinner was a success.

2015-09-26 23.42.14

When I started the term, I had a few goals that I would want to achieve. First was the team building for the club. Though I was hoping for a 2-days-1-night thing, half day was good as well. Honestly, I was really proud that my members did a great job in making this team building a success.

2015-10-20 12.16.48

Second would be an education workshop. We managed to get non Toastmasters to join the workshop and recruited one member that day. Personally, I learned a lot in this workshop.

2015-10-25 18.15.11

For the club, some of us went all the way to Teluk Intan to attend the second Club Officers Training. We managed to bond with other clubs’ officers – exchanging ideas and experiences.

2015-12-05 19.49.49

MEF ended year 2015 with celebrating Christmas at one of the members’ place. We had food, games and the moment everyone was waiting for, gifts exchange. We had a lot of returned members to join us that night.

2015-12-20 01.21.03

MEF then kick-start year 2016 with a big explosion. Thanks to one of the members, 4 club representatives joined a public table topics contest in SPICE. Guess what? Our club swept off all the grand cash prizes. All of them!

2016-01-10 20.03.41

Of course what came after was the club contest. In order to convince the other members to participate the contest, the leaders must participate as well – and that was what I did. I joined the Table Topics Contest and was delighted to win second place. Unfortunately, I was not able to represent the club in the Area Level as I had a company training at that time, boo!

2016-01-22 12.18.27

A few of us then represented the club to participate Division H Team Building. We were split into different groups which was a good thing. Unfortunately, I had reflux that night and had to end the night early and did not participate the second day. I went home to rest.

2016-02-27 18.53.03

We even organised a makan-makan and it went on to makan-makan 2.0 and so on. Trust me, when it comes to food, we will definitely have members to join us. We just love to eat so much.

2016-04-16 10.31.09

For the very first time, all of us under-dressed for the meeting. The meeting theme was Hawaiian Beach Party and all of us dressed up like we were at the beach. Well, not all but, most of us.

2016-04-21 23.24.24

MEF never missed to organise a karaoke session for the members and this year was no exception. Though a few of us turned up, we had a great time as each of us had plenty of chances to sing.

2016-05-15 00.07.19

Of course, every term has to come to an end and that the new leaders are born. I am proud to present the new leaders that will lead MEF Toastmasters Club for the next one term.

2016-05-19 21.55.09

And every term that comes to an end should be celebrated with everyone. We had a term end celebration at one of our members’ place. Similarly, we had food, games and oh, awards presentation by yours truly. I just wanted to show my gratitude and appreciation to all those who contributed and supported the club.

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And yeah, MEF EXCO 2015/2016 is bidding farewell but of course, we are not going anywhere. Especially myself.


2016-05-19 21.58.14

I am taking another step in Toastmasters in the next one term…

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Boracay: Day 4

It was another free and easy day for us in Boracay. We decided to walk to Station 1 in the morning after our breakfast to have a nicer shots at Willy’s Rock.


The view never failed to amaze us. You would want to wake up every morning to see this. The girls spent a lot of time taking pictures here and there. Well, it was our last day on this island so, we did not want to waste it. The guy, well, he was nowhere to be seen. However, we were sure he was somewhere enjoying himself too.


We had our lunch at Yellow Cab before we dispersed – Chee Teng and I went back to our room while the others stayed back by the beach. My stomach was not feeling well at that time so, I had to rest on the bed. It sucks when you are having gastric problem.

2016-03-03 12.15.05

Since it would be our last dinner in Boracay, we decided to have a glamour dinner by the beach. We went to a few restaurants until we finally settled down with one that has a good live band. The band members were very engaging. Very engaging until I was invited to sing on stage with them. What a way to end my trip in Boracay.

2016-03-03 20.21.22

Before we went back to our room, we walked around the shops for the last time – to look for souvenirs and postcards. The ladies went to hunt for a massage. I wanted a foot massage badly and had an hour of it. I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated.

2016-03-03 21.42.54

Back in the room, I was hoping to have a bonding night before all of us turned in. However, we were all so tired that we decided to sleep straight..

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Boracay: Day 3

Our third day in Boracay was free and easy.

We started our day by checking out the shops and also got ourselves a SIM card so we would be connected to the internet world. We really could not live our lives without internet, dang!

We had our lunch at Cyma, a Greek restaurant. It is one of the top must-try restaurants in Boracay. Initially we wanted to have our dinner there the night before but it was full house. Therefore, we made a reservation for lunch. I was really looking forward to what we would be having there. It’s Greek cuisine, alright? I have never had it.

2016-03-02 12.12.44

No, I don’t remember the name of this dish. I can only recall it is an appetizer and it is cheese on the pan.

2016-03-02 12.12.49

Some Greek salad.

2016-03-02 12.13.11

Some Greek wrap.

2016-03-02 12.14.40

Mine main dish – Pastisado (Greek Osso Bucco): Beef shank braised in Greek tomato sauce served over spaghetti.

2016-03-02 12.40.20

Our dessert – fried mango with an ice-cream on top.

We went to explore Station 1 of White Beach, after our lunch. The weather was great – super sunny and warm. No, I didn’t enjoy the sun but, I love the view.

2016-03-02 12.43.41

You can find a lot of luxurious resorts in Station 1. One of Boracay’s famous landmarks is also there, Willy’s Rock. The beach is wider and the place is quiet compared to Station 2 – where we were staying.

2016-03-02 15.40.31

We hung out in Station 1 the whole afternoon until evening where we had to walked back to kickstart our evening sailing. We felt cheated as well because we sailed out to the sea for less than 10 minutes and we were back to the shore.


That night, we had our dinner at D’ Talipapa. It is a famous wet market in Boracay where you could buy fresh and live seafood from the stall vendors and then proceed to the restaurants nearby to have your seafood prepared in the style of your choice. However, this was also the most stressful dinner we had in Boracay. You had to bargain to get a fair price and trust me, it was not easy. We were conned once and the vendors were not happy when we found out and returned to them. I understand that they have to earn money for living but to deceive people in a disgusting manner was just unacceptable. To be honest, that’s when I started to dislike the locals there. I even told off to those who held and grabbed my arms. Super rough and rude.

2016-03-02 20.14.52

2016-03-02 20.14.54

2016-03-02 20.15.24

2016-03-02 20.23.55

2016-03-02 20.27.16

Fortunately the food was worth the troubles. However, that was the only and last dinner we had at D’ Talipapa regardless how much we love calamari.

No, no nightlife for me. I knocked out and fell asleep after my shower..