Tuesday, September 26, 2017

July 2017

..had been one of the most happening months for me.


2017-07-06 13.24.03

Well, first of all, AIA’s townhall. Though the sessions were so-so, we had great food.

The best of all?

It’s free!

2017-07-15 09.41.15

During the middle of the month, I witnessed a beautiful marriage of one of my girlfriends. Plus, it was a lovely gathering with friends.

2017-07-22 18.04.19

Later, I had a short weekend in Penang to spend time with him.

And also a great catch-ups with them.

2017-07-22 20.07.14

Then I ended the month with a registration of marriage.

And it was mine.

Plus my brother’s too.

2017-07-29 11.12.04

Which I had posted earlier.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

July 29th, 2017

..was the day we become husband and wife, officially!

2017-07-29 10.46.09

He did not go alone. Mom, nani, Deep and Vila went as well so, I was really happy and grateful. All the important people in my life were there to witness this moment.

2017-07-29 10.48.14

Not only that, my brother and his fiancé also had their ROM on the same day as us. Double happiness? Definitely.

2017-07-29 10.55.04

This day was mostly arranged both by my lovely grandmother and a loving uncle. Without them, we do not know how to make all these arrangements as we are not in Sibu. Really blessed.

It was just a small ceremony followed by a simple luncheon at our favourite restaurant.

So when’s the big day?

Stay tuned!

Monday, September 11, 2017

June 2017

..was another great month.

It started off with MACC’s Now That’s What I Call Jokes Vol 8 and the husband purposely made the trip to Kuala Lumpur to join my friends and I for the show. Therefore, another lovely weekend with him. We did made the effort to meet at least once a month ever since I left Penang.

2017-06-03 20.48.32

Later, my family came in the next weekend. Even my brother and his fiance came from Singapore to join us. We spent our weekend up in Genting Highlands. Though it was only a short trip, we had a great time together – explored the place, dinner at Din Tai Fung, GHPO expeditionS and bah kut teh the next day.

2017-06-21 10.52.05

Another reason that June was a great month because we had arranged a simple hen’s night for one of our babes – the second person in our group to get married. It was a surprise for her because she did not know we had the guys to join us as well. We had fun with loads of drinking and challenges for her. Of course not forgetting our best wishes for her and her marriage.

2017-06-25 02.14.56

How did I end the month?

The husband visited me again during the long holiday. I was really delighted that this time we were able to spend more time together.

2017-06-27 13.17.52

Of course the worst feeling was to bid each other farewell again.

Therefore, I am really looking forward to us staying and living together in Kuala Lumpur.