Sunday, December 3, 2017

August 2017

..had been a month full of birthday celebrations!

2017-08-06 19.40.43

First, my older brother’s birthday. Since he love Domino’s Pizza, we had ‘em for dinner!

2017-08-09 21.35.48

Then, we had Ah Bi’s birthday celebration. We went for karaoke before we cut the cake.

2017-08-19 23.53.08

Next was Yy’s birthday. The fiancé joined us too because he would be spending a few days with me before he went to Canada.

2017-08-25 10.58.04

Okay, this may not be a birthday celebration but, it was a victory celebration! Though he could not make it to the finals, he still managed to get a trophy back to Malaysia. So proud of him.

2017-09-01 11.45.03

Finally, we had a be-early birthday celebration for the fiancé! He was in KL for a day or two before heading back to Penang.

See..loads of birthday celebrations, right?

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

July 2017

..had been one of the most happening months for me.


2017-07-06 13.24.03

Well, first of all, AIA’s townhall. Though the sessions were so-so, we had great food.

The best of all?

It’s free!

2017-07-15 09.41.15

During the middle of the month, I witnessed a beautiful marriage of one of my girlfriends. Plus, it was a lovely gathering with friends.

2017-07-22 18.04.19

Later, I had a short weekend in Penang to spend time with him.

And also a great catch-ups with them.

2017-07-22 20.07.14

Then I ended the month with a registration of marriage.

And it was mine.

Plus my brother’s too.

2017-07-29 11.12.04

Which I had posted earlier.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

July 29th, 2017

..was the day we become husband and wife, officially!

2017-07-29 10.46.09

He did not go alone. Mom, nani, Deep and Vila went as well so, I was really happy and grateful. All the important people in my life were there to witness this moment.

2017-07-29 10.48.14

Not only that, my brother and his fiancé also had their ROM on the same day as us. Double happiness? Definitely.

2017-07-29 10.55.04

This day was mostly arranged both by my lovely grandmother and a loving uncle. Without them, we do not know how to make all these arrangements as we are not in Sibu. Really blessed.

It was just a small ceremony followed by a simple luncheon at our favourite restaurant.

So when’s the big day?

Stay tuned!