Monday, March 10, 2014

An Open But Forever Unread Letter

Hello there, long lost best friend.

It has been a long time and I am sure you are aware of that too. I would like to say that it was your decision alone to keep each other out of our lives but, we both know that it was for the best. Else we would just continue to be hurt.

It is not my heart that I am worried about, but yours. Breaking my own heart would be my own choice and whatever consequences shall be born by myself but, I cannot once again and again and again be responsible for breaking yours.

It is really difficult to imagine that we were once strangers then friends then close friends then inseparable best friends and then finally, back to strangers again. We both knew each other inside out. We were there for each other during the best of times and through the most difficult of times. You never failed to give me your wise words and I never failed to support your every decision made.

I will certainly not forget you because forgetting you would be like forgetting myself which is impossible. However, maybe you are right. We are better off as far apart as possible.

I remember you once wished me the best in my life and that was how we cut our ties. I realised I had never wished you before.

Saw you jumped into another relationship which, fortunately, is the last relationship you will ever have. Happily married with a beautiful wife and now a blessed father with an adorable child. So all I can do is wish you the best – a great, bright and loving future. 

I am happy you found a friend as great as me, but a much better partner. One who does not drag you through the mud. I wish you all the best and although you will never read this, although we will never speak to each other again, and although you are out of my life forever, I wish you nothing short of happiness.  

Your long lost best friend.


Sunday, March 9, 2014


What does it mean when one said ‘I will marry you once I am stabilized’?

Is it when you become a boss?

Or is it when you have one million in your savings?

Or is it when you own a bungalow?

I wonder..


Monday, February 24, 2014


Time does not wait for us.

Therefore, we shall not waste our time to chase over things that do not belong to us in the first place.

My problem now is I do not even know what I am waiting neither do I know what I am chasing after.

Does time really will tell me eventually?



Friday, January 10, 2014

Year 2013 Review

Loads had happened in year twenty thirteen. As always, each year started with Chinese New Year. Of course I went back hometown to celebrate this big festival with my loved ones, my family, a bunch of people whom cannot be replaced – where blood is thicker than water.


However, the happiness did not last for long. I had a break-up and things were really rough. Everything fell apart and it was like the longest nightmare I had in my life. Nevertheless, nightmare will still be over. It was when I had moved out and moved to a new place.


Life got a bit better when she came to Penang with my relatives for holiday. I really had a great fun with them. We even went to Langkawi together. Still, happy moment will not last forever but I really appreciated every single moment I spent together with them.


Months passed and I celebrated many friends’ birthdays this year. Strangers became friends. Friends remain friends. Thanks to these friends, I managed to go through the storm.




Not only birthdays, I attended many wedding celebrations last year as well. One of the wedding luncheon I attended was a friend I knew in AIESEC. Thanks to this luncheon, I got to meet my some of my long lost friends. It was a great reunion.


Not long after, my grandmother came to Penang with her church friends. It was great to be able to spend time with her even though it was just a day. They were here for St. Anne’s Festival though.


Good things just never stopped. A friend of ours announced that she is getting married. We were all happy for the newly wed couple and most of us attended her wedding dinner in Penang.


I started August with attending a celebration invited by a friend of mine. This was when I first met MEF Toastmasters Club. They were celebrating the club’s 10th anniversary. I had a good time but I did not get to remember all of their names.


During Raya, I went down to Kuala Lumpur to spend my holidays with my brother and friends. I managed to meet a bunch of friends whom I had not met for a very long time. Also, I had a great time with my brother and the others at Sunway Lagoon. The best ride I ever had was Vuvuzela! If you had the chance to go Sunway Lagoon, do take this ride!



In the early of September, I finally took the step to attend a Toastmasters Club’s meeting and I am glad that I did. I was awed that night and guess what? I decided to join the club after the meeting. Toastmasters is different from what I thought and let me tell you, most of the end of my twenty thirteen was spent on Toastmasters.


Not only I joined a Toastmasters Club’s meeting that month, I even attended an Evaluation Workshop which was very insightful for me. I even gave my first speech on that day with three evaluators evaluated me.


Not only I attended a Toastmasters Club’s meeting as well as a workshop, I even went for their gathering. It was really fun though and that night I managed to make ten new friends. At least I started to know who they are.


And guess what? Not only those, I even participated their event, Fun Hunt. That was when I got to know them even better and also to know Penang even more.


In October, because of one word, friendship, I flew to Kuala Lumpur for my friend’s wedding. She had requested me to be her Maid of Honor.


And in that very same week was my brother’s engagement. I flew back hometown to witness this beautiful moment in our family.

2013-10-09 11.10.44

After I joined MEF Toastmasters Club, I never stopped being busy. The first event that I helped out was Halloween Party. I never felt so happy before – managed to squeeze some creative juice from my brain.


I thought this year my birthday will be somewhat lonely but it was not! I had a lot of fun and happy celebrations with my friends. I had the best birthday celebration I have every had in Penang!


In the early of December, another friend of mine got married. I became of the sisters and thanks to her, I really had fun.


Also, in the same month, MEF Toastmasters Club had a special meeting and I was the emcee. It was a challenge for me because that night there were a lot of VVIP attended the meeting. Fortunately I did a good job.

1520636_650884194968226_1333152339_n (1)

When we were talking about month of December, everyone would think about Christmas Day and guess what? I received a special present from this special person who has become really important in my life.


Another great thing happened on Christmas Day this year. My best friend in Penang got married! I am really happy for her and even happier that she found a man who loves her more than she loves him.


One of the best contributions I made in MEF Toastmasters Club was to organise a Christmas Party. It was not easy but it was not difficult when you managed to work well with your team. Therefore, I really learned a lot through this as well.


How I ended twenty thirteen? Thanks to a bunch of crazy friends of mine, we had a ‘Party All Night Long’ on New Year Eve night. We booked a room and all of us squeezed into the same room with pizzas, snacks, balloons, liquors and guess what? Numerous drinking games.


Looking back my twenty thirteen, it did started badly but fortunately, bad things did not stay for long. Good things did come after and definitely, twenty fourteen is going to be a blast!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Bomb!

This year’s Christmas was truly entertaining.

I had an amazing and lovely Christmas Eve. Booked a suite all to myself and enjoyed spa. I must be out of my mind but hey, I loved it!

Later, I had a crazy and out-of-control Christmas Countdown. It was a last minute plan.

Then, I attended a wedding luncheon on Christmas Day itself and had a little fun for the rest of the day until...

...I received that piece of news.


It is okay.

The shock is now over.

And everything seems so clear to me now.