Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Have You Ever


Have you ever been with a guy who controlled and checked on you all the time but ended up cheated on you, asked for your forgiveness and to give him a second chance?

Have you ever been with a guy who does not take you as his girlfriend and told you to give him more time but told the public that you two are the items?

Have you ever been with a guy who says he likes you a lot but still loses his temper on you, shouted at you?

Ditch them.

Yes, leave.

A guy who feels so insecure is not a man at all. If he has no confidence in himself, it is not your responsibility to make him feel secured. Plus, if he constantly controls and checks on you, he is a person who cannot be trusted. Yes, you may think these are sweet, that he is just being protective of you, afraid to lose you – puh-lease, wake up! This is not a fantasy. A man should know how to be responsible for themselves. IF you are being together with a man, you should not have any burden at all – to make him feel secured, to make him feel confident about himself. Those are not your responsibility – I repeat – not your responsibility – at all.

A guy who cannot decide whether he wants to be with you is definitely not a man at all. A man should be decisive. He must know how to make a decision. What sort of “more time” does he need? C’mon, ladies, do you honestly want to be with a man who cannot make a decision? Okay, maybe it is fine that he needs time to think about it because a relationship is a long term thing but, if he is showing and telling the public that the two of you are the items, leave! That is definitely a guy who clearly does not want to be with you but does not want to lose your attention full stop

Now, I do come across with a few girl friends of mine who told me that if a guy scolded or shouted at you, it means he really loves you. Does he? A man is a person who knows how to control himself and does not lose his cool when he knew scolding and shouting is not going to fix anything. If he really loves you, he will not hurt you, including verbally.

Yes, I had been with guys classified above. I had been a fool and learned my lesson the hard way.

I know my post is not going to change your mind because I had been there. There were family and friends who told me of such toxic relationship and I chose to ignore. Until the unfortunate events happened.

So why am I sharing this when I knew none of you will listen to me?

Just so you can come back to my post again to laugh about it and move on if any of the above happened to you.

Or, since miracles do happen, probably you can come back and tell me that I was just being unlucky.


Friday, May 5, 2017

January 29th, 2017

..was the day he proposed to me.

I was playing with the cat in the living room when my older brother told me that Gurmeet was looking for me, asked me to go up to the room.

I ignored him.

Later, my younger brother came into the living room and took the cat away. He also told me that Gurmeet was looking for me, asked me to go up to the room. I got up reluctantly but decided to give him a call until I saw his phone on the table in the living room.

Frustrated, I stopped at the bottom of the staircase and shouted, “What do you want?”

“I lost my angpow money. Help me to look for it.” was his reply.

I walked up to the room. Reluctantly.

I took out all the thrown angpow in the rubbish bin and searched one by one, in case I really threw them away with the money inside.

No, no sight of the money.

Frustrated, I told him to forgo that few hundreds since he has more angpow money.

Repeatedly, he told me to search properly. I took out all the thrown angpows and shoved them to him to prove that there was no money inside.

This went on for a few minutes until he pointed out there was a box inside the rubbish bin.

I held it and looked at it, thinking when did I ever throw this away.

His turn to be frustrated and took out the ring from his pocket and knelt on one knee.

*his speech*

*his tears*

There was a moment of silence.

Yes, I am do want to be stuck with you for the rest of my life.

2017-01-30 16.26.48_thumb[5]

Apparently, all my family members knew about his plan.

Except me.

Good done, well job!


PS: But I knew he bought the ring thanks to his brother…

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Japan: Transportation Tips

I was asked by a few people in regards to transportation in Japan. To be honest, a research about it is a must before unless you are friggin’ rich and do not bother about the cost.

My fiance and I took cab in Japan ONCE.  It was less than 3km and cost us about 700 yen. Well, we had just arrived Kyoto Station from a long journey and our hotel is really close to Kyoto Station. However, we were really tired. Plus, it was drizzling.

Let’s move on to the public transportation in Japan. To be honest, you will find a lot of passes in Japan especially for tourists. You can easily get them at the airport.

2016-10-06 12.27.45

We opted for Kintetsu Rail Pass Wide because we will be traveling from Osaka, Kyoto and Ise Shima. It provides five consecutive days of unlimited use of local, rapid and express trains with up to three rides on limited express trains on Kintetsu Railways. Additionally, it includes airport access with return whereby these trips can be made outside the 5-day period. Also, we can use this pass for unlimited bus rides in Ise. Though it cost us 5,860 yen each, it was really worth the purchase. For our trip, below are the suggestions to use the three rides on limited express trains:

  1. Osaka-Namba to Kyoto

  2. Kyoto to Ujiyamada (Ise)

  3. Ujiyamada (Ise) to Osaka-Namba

For your information, there are a few types of trains in Japan but we took two types during our journey – local and limited express trains. Local trains will stop at every stop. Limited express trains have less stops compared to local trains as they only stop at the biggest or most often used stations. Hence, you will reach your destination faster. Another plus point is you will have a numbered seat. The conditions are you need to book earlier and to pay ad additional fee on top of your normal ticket.

However, effective October 2016, this pass is no longer sold so, oh well.

2016-10-06 12.27.50

In Kyoto, we bought City Bus one-day pass which cost us 500 yen per person, unlimited rides on the same day. This pass is very useful and honestly, you are able to go to most places with buses in Kyoto. This tip was given by a friend of mine. Unless you are rich to pay 230 yen per trip. This pass can be purchased at Kyoto Station.

2016-10-06 12.27.59

Another pass we bought was Koyasan World Heritage Ticket which cost us 2,860 yen per person. Buy this only if you are going to Mount Koyasan. This ticket includes round trip to Koyasan by Nankai train (local train) and cable car and unlimited usage of Nankai buses in Koyasan for two consecutive days. If you want to ride limited express train, you will have to pay 780 yen.

2016-10-06 12.27.39

Last but not least – Osaka. We bought Osaka Amazing 2-day Pass when we were at Kansai Airpor which cost us 3,000 yen each. It provides unlimited use of subways and city buses within Osaka City for two consecutive days. Additionally, there are free admission to some tourist attractions (eg. Osaka Castle) which helped to save our expenditure.

My sharing may not be able to help you fully since we may have different plans or Japan may have come up with new passes so, please be sure to do a research before flying off to Japan ya!