Friday, July 18, 2014

The Short Story

She had been through a lot. And she thought she knows how to make a wise decision. Unfortunately, she was wrong.


There was this man and this woman. They both met under an unexpected situation. They ended up being close friends. One thing led to another. A lot of things had happened between them and they made it through together, thick and thin. However, there was one problem. The man did not know if he wanted to bring the friendship to another level whereas the woman was willing to take the chance. She was just waiting for him. Since the man was indecisive, he left the woman hanging.

Waiting is painful. Letting go is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering. And that was what happened to her.

She did not know what to do. Should she wait or let go? She was lost. She was going insane. This dragged on for many months. She was pushed away many times but did not falter and willing to give chances.

Until the woman finally exploded!

If God did not give you what you wanted, it is not because you are not worth it. It is because you deserve even better. A lot of suffering came from going after those that do not belong to us.

Since he does not belong to her, why would she allow him to keep hurting her?


There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist or to accept the responsibility for changing them. She decided to accept the latter choice.

She made the decision to put whatever there was between them to a stop. Yes, she made the first move. They both made it clear that they will remain friends. Of course it was not easy for her.

However, she knew that once she knew which is the right path, how long it takes to get there does not quite matter. We are tougher than we think. One day, when you look back, you will realise that you have walked a path you have never thought you would.

As the time passed, she was doing really well. She was able to move on even though she constantly met him and they constantly went out together. She was able to do it because she took control of her heart and mind instead of vice versa. “We are just friends. Nothing more. Nothing less.” kept ringing inside her head.

It went on for another few more months until another man showed up.


Knowing he will lose the attention that was once his, he decided to get it back. It did not turn up well because the woman had already moved on while the man regretted the chance he did not take, relationship he was afraid to have and the decisions he waited too long to make.

One ugly event led to another.

Remembering  all the little things they had gone through together, the woman took the chance to salvage the friendship. However, the sad thing about betrayal is that it never comes from an enemy. She received the blame, hurtful words and insults in return for her kindness.

That’s it! The woman had enough from dealing with senseless matters.


There are two reasons why people want to change; either they have learned too much or they have suffered enough. Which was her reason? Freaking both!

She understood that everything she is going through is either a present or a lesson. In this case, it was the lesson she had learned. We fall so, we can learn how to pick ourselves up. She is going to surround herself with people who know her worth. She does not need too many people in her life. Just a few real ones who appreciate.

Appreciate those who appreciate you.  Help those who need you. Let go of selfish scumbags.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 3: Singapore

What did I do on my last day in Singapore after my older brother left?

We did not do much basically.


We checked out from the hotel we stayed the night before to a hostel that I had booked. This hostel is a capsule-inspired hostel. I thought sleeping inside the upper capsule is fun but, I was completely wrong about it! Why? First, my mom is not young anymore. She cannot climb up and down the capsule. Second, both of us frequent toilet. Therefore, we had to climb up and down in the middle of the night. That sucks.

Lesson learned: get the lower capsule!


After we had settled down, we decided to go hunt for food. We met my baby brother’s friends and went to one of his frequent restaurants. It serves cheap food.


After lunch, we went to walk around Bugis Mall, if I am not mistaken. There, my mom and I bought the same waist bag. Thanks to this trip in Singapore, I realised that a waist bag is more convenient. I was carrying a sling bag during the trip and it hurt my shoulder to the max!

Another lesson learned: use backpack or waist bag when you are traveling!


That night we decided to have our dinner at Saizeriya again. It is one of the cheapest restaurants with good food.


After dinner, we bade my baby brother farewell. Since it was still early, my mom and I walked around the mall. We went to Daiso Japan. Not much difference from the ones we have in Malaysia. The only different I guess is the colour. It is black and blue in Singapore though. Ours is pink and white if I am not mistaken.

Honestly, it was a fruitful trip. I did not get to meet any of my friends though I ran into Chee Seng. I guess I will go back to Singapore again probably somewhere next year.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 2: Singapore


As I was saying, I was supposed to travel Singapore alone but it ended up a family vacation. Singapore became our rendezvous and we went to Universal Studio Singapore together!


Not much fun and thrilling rides. Mostly are shows. The best show would be Transformers Ride. It is not the real ride like roller coaster. Also, somehow the show above seemed really familiar to me. I think I watched it somewhere before. Could it be when I was in Brisbane?


Probably went there once is enough since nothing much over there. Unlike Sunway Lagoon, I will go more than twice in my life! However, a friend told me that I should check out USS during Halloween. Probably I should put that into consideration, maybe next year.


I have to admit, it was a really hot and sweaty day for me. The most walks I had in my life so far after Shanghai stint. When I reached back to the hostel, that was what I did to relax my poor legs.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Queen Of My Heart

This will be my second attempt to make a Chinese post. Why? Specially for my mom so she will understand.

2013-10-25 11.17.34


不简单啊,因为,当她和她的周围朋友说了,妈咪生了她 4.22KG,朋友们都很惊讶说妈咪是不是开刀生了她,有没有生命危险


很感激上主保佑妈咪,让妈咪平安的生下这‘big baby’,

2013-10-10 10.42.37

2013 是在她的生命里度过最难关的一年,


说 “会过去的”












Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 1: Singapore

It was finally the day that I had been waiting for! My very first trip of my own! I had been looking forward to it since last year since I had planned for it, well, last year! Can you imagine how hungry I was for this trip?

It was supposed to be a loner’s trip where I would be meeting up with my brother and friends there. However, it then slowly turned up to be a family vacation! My older brother said he would be joining us to Universal Studios Singapore. A week before the trip, my mom suddenly called me up and told me that she wanted to join us. Therefore, Singapore became the rendezvous.


I landed Singapore earlier than my mom. When she was finally there, we kick-started our journey to get to our hotel. When we got into a MRT, leaving the airport, guess who I bumped into? One of my hometown best friends! She was there with her colleagues and would only be there for the weekend. Plus, she was there for Universal Studios Singapore as well. Pretty small world, huh?


My mom and I stayed in Grand C Hotel on our first night. I did not think it has a good location but guess what? It does. The MRT station is just opposite the hotel and there is a new shopping mall just opposite the hotel where the MRT station is below the shopping mall.


After my younger brother finished his work, he came to see us. It was really great to finally see him. The last time we met each other was during our older brother’s engagement which was October last year. He did not go home for Chinese New Year.


That night we had dinner at Saizeriya. I was delighted that Singapore has Saizeriya! I miss it so much as I had frequented the place when I was in Shanghai. It offers cheap and nice food.






I really had a great time with them. I had not laughed so hard and so much for ages! Oh, we found something interesting in our hotel room. The air-conditioner is manual!


Like, freaking a manual! If it is too cold, you close the lid. If it is too hot, you open the lid. Ain’t that manual? Watch the video below and have a great laugh!

Manual air-conditioner