Sunday, December 9, 2018

July 2018

I had some work assignments in Kuching for a few days during the month and on the day I finally came back was the day the husband left for India for work. He would be there for 10 days. Since I landed in KLIA, I decided to wait for the husband, even if it was just for us to meet for an hour.

2018-07-05 17.04.28

Mom came to KL to pay us a visit too. I am glad we were able to hang out for a bit and that she was able to see her granddaughter too.

2018-07-15 23.29.46

We attended our niece’s one-year old celebration. It is the daughter of our cousin that is one day older than me. Time flies really fast that his daughter is already one year old. I was really glad to be part of the celebration.

2018-07-21 22.58.06

July was also the month which we had registered our marriage one year ago. To celebrate the day, the husband had it all planned out – to have dinner at Tamarind Restaurants. They serve Indochinese cuisine.

2018-07-29 12.11.31

You pay a fixed price and you can order everything on the menu for 3 hours. Oh, the dishes are not ready made though so you have to wait as well.  Hence, just go ahead to order everything on the menu. The portion is small so, you don’t have to worry that you cannot finish the food because if you don’t, you would be wasting time to wait when you ordered the next few rounds. It was a good experience, at least for once in a lifetime so, do go try it out.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

June 2018

It was Jag & Vila’s big day during the month. I could not imagine how stressed mom would have been to have two wedding dinners with just 3 months apart. On the bright side, she does not have to worry about such thing in future anymore.

Jag & Vila had their wedding ritual done at a temple followed by wedding dinner in a dewan. The night was full of dancing, drinking and singing.

2018-06-09 21.57.59

In that same month was also the month for us to celebrate our grandfather’s birthday. It was his 76th birthday and all of us were back in Sibu to celebrate this big day. I am glad that the vow I made is still going strong.

2018-06-23 20.32.51

2018-06-24 14.15.59

The only difference for this year was that we had our mini family member, joined us for the celebration. Deanne represents the 5th generation in the family. Everyone back in Sibu was super excited to see her. Sadly she cried most of the time at home. Probably due to new environment and people. Of course, when she was in a good mood, she smiled a lot and that brought joy in the house.

Friday, December 7, 2018

May 2018

I made a very big decision to cut my hair short. Like finally since we had finished all the wedding dinners. Not only did I cut my hair short, I had my hair permed as well. I had then all done at Jeff Lee. No regret though it was too short for me.

2018-05-08 15.40.43

That same month, we celebrated our third year being together ever since we first got together. We wanted to go to Grub by ahong & friends but it was fully booked. Hence, we went to Tropicana Mall which was nearby and had our dinner celebration at Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf. It was a simple and nice dinner.

2018-05-19 19.05.38

Later in the month was when we celebrated Deanne’s full moon. We did not have an elaborative celebration – we had KFC and Domino’s at home. Just us.

2018-05-20 22.36.30

We went back to Penang end of the month to attend our mutual friends’ wedding dinner. This pair is like us, mixed cultural wedding.

2018-05-26 19.13.29

Honestly, year 2018 is a wedding marathon for us. Excluding our own wedding dinner, this was only the second wedding dinner for the year. Three more to go which I will share in my future posts.