Sunday, June 3, 2018

November 5th, 2017

..was the day we got married in Sibu.

It was a beautiful weekend as I was able to experience the teamwork my family has. My family played a very big role on this big day. Without them, that weekend would not go as planned.


I was not nervous until the night before the  big day. I was not able to sleep well and before I knew it, my alarm rang.


We made a simple bride pick-up day whereby there’s no game. Just letters exchange before the meet as well as exchanging our wedding rings in front of everyone.


We had family portraits before we went to the hotel for the next session – wedding reception.


We had wedding luncheon instead because the dinner slot was booked. However, we were really glad this happened because all of us were free and relaxed after the lunch – especially my grandparents.


That afternoon was my very time to deliver an impromptu speech in Mandarin. My grandmother, especially, put the most efforts on my big day. She was also the one who worried about me the most. Hence, I strongly believe that she must have felt relieved that I finally got married.  I thanked her for all she had done for me and my brothers.

I cried while I was delivering my speech.

And I made her cried too.


Another important group of people in my life attended my big day too. Though the group was not completed that afternoon, I felt appreciated and loved.


Oh, did I mention about the decoration? It was lovely! I really love it! Unfortunately, I was too busy getting married that I was not able to spend more time to admire the masterpiece. Many thanks to Idees.


My in-laws came all the way from Penang too. It must have been a really tiring journey but fortunately, they were being taken care of really well by my family.


Really, without my family, I did not think I was able to manage that weekend.

No, this is not the end. Stay tuned for the next post on our wedding reception in Penang. However, let me finish updating year two o’ one seven posts.

Damn, I’m such a big procrastinator.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

October 2017

..was a month with many celebrations!

2017-10-01 16.48.41

The marriage of Adrian’s and Amelia’s – and had a catch-up with some long lost friends.

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Ipoh re-visit with the cucuks.

2017-10-14 12.22.51

A short meet-up with one of my besties from Sibu and her family.

2017-10-18 12.35.33

A birthday surprise for May.

2017-10-18 20.31.04

My first Deepavali celebration with the husband and his family.

2017-10-19 17.58.49

A crazy meet-up with my ex-colleagues.

2017-10-29 06.10.53

And ended with a graduation celebration all the way in Johor!

September 2017

My blog had been very outdated so, please bear with my procrastination.

So back in September 2017, I made a very short trip to Penang.

2017-09-01 19.42.09

One, to have a gathering of makan-makan session with my favourite people in Penang.

2017-09-02 18.47.08

Two, to attend the engagement of Jagdeep & Vila in Alor Setar.

2017-09-11 20.57.06

It was a fun month as I had arranged an offsite for the team and glad that everyone enjoyed the karaoke session.

2017-09-22 16.38.30

Not only that, I managed to have a small catch-up with one of my favourite people in Klang Valley.

2017-09-29 22.28.45

And a small farewell drinking session..

2017-09-30 18.05.52

..and ended the month with him coming down to Kuala Lumpur to attend a wedding luncheon with me.