Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Ex-Housemate

On Monday night, I was shocked that my ex-housemate came to visit us! She was going to leave to Perth the next morning flight at 9.00 am.

We were chit-chatting and all of a sudden, we wanted to take photos.

This plush toy really matched his shirt well.

A group picture with all of the 'residents' of No. 63 (btw, I suggested this green-shirt-guy's pose)

I ter-snapped this picture when I was trying to adjust my camera. He looked like he was changing his pants. XD


Mr Goh thought I am an Indonesian just because I spoke Malay to my friends.

I accidentally set my alarm to 9.00 pm and I was late for my lecture.

Supposingly I did not get a reward from Ms Lisa for the test but because I offered her my mom's handmade cakes, she let me tried out her cookies plus a REWARD which is a mandarin orange!

I got a shock in my life and now I am depressed.

No Title

It has been so long since I talked about my university's life. Well, not to say it started out terrible or sucky. Still nice as I got to meet and hang out with my friends. Got to chill at home with my roommates and housemates.

Oh my gosh! How about studies? Sighhh... My brain got all rusty after all those nearly 3-month-holiday! And you know or not? Our academic calendar quite sucky. We started off lectures and tutorial classes for two weeks and then we had one week Chinese New Year break. Potong stim kan? Break the mood of studying. Break the mood of holiday-ing too! I had to miss three precious lectures and two beloved tutorial classes. One of it was my mother's class! I did print out the notes and brought them back hometown with me but you know what? I did not touch them! Anyway, it turned out fine, well, for now, I suppose. Speacial thanks to May.

Overall, how are the lectures? Boleh tahanlah though some lectures are full of craps and some lectures are filled with boredom because, at least I got to learn something from them. How about friends? Though not much like Foundation year, it was still okay. Almost got into a conflict but not wanting to create a misunderstanding, we are fine already and I am very glad of it.

Yayy.. I am moving out in April. To where? Next door! XD To be honest, I am very glad to be able to have my own room. I have my own room ever since I was in Standard 4 and urm, I did have difficulty to share a room with other people in the first place. Not to say that I do not want to share a room with people anymore, Chris. Just that, I finally can have my own privacy and that I would not disturb others' privacy too.

Anyway, guys, I am moving at the end of March *hint hint* Manpower *hint hint*

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Poor Adrian

I was trying to read Adrian's blog this morning in E-Access and I got this no matter how I tried..

Adrian ah! Your blogspot kena blocked by Taylor's Business School ah!


I caught in the rain yesterday and now I am really sick. =.=

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Subang! I'm Back!

Was playing with my laptop when I looked up and saw this..

Was wondering what was going on over there and so I went nearer..

Figured it out that there will be high status human beings leaving Sibu. Should be some Dato' Dato' or some Datin Datin or YB YB. Did not take a nice picture, scared that those policemen will think that I was trying to spy and kill the VIPs.

However, I took a courage and went to get a nicer shot. *there* Thought that I will be boarding together with some high status human being. Mana tahu? Those high status human beings came to Sibu and to Kuching with me. As a result, my flight got delayed. Cis! Thanks to them.

Leaving Sibu

Reached Kuching. 2.15pm flight to KLIA was retimed to 3.00pm. Yeahh.. Got delayed again. =.=" Spent my time at The Coffee Bean. 3.00pm already but we are not even boarded in the aircraft. Left Kuching International Airport (KIA) around 3.40pm.

Leaving Kuching

I was being nice today. I did not want to eat the Choc so I gave it to the guy who sat beside me. XD

Reached KLIA and went to get a taxi. Was conned RM 8. 60!

On the way back and let me introduce you my driver...


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pictures of Randomness

So contradicting (Note: Taken in AirAsia's aircraft)

My dad's beloved even more than my mom

Brian *who* can ride a bike


My dad's new phone! It is just so SMALL!

My parents and my brothers

Mother and daughter

My mother's parents and siblings

Husbands and wives (fyi, the guy in the middle on the second row was once married)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Cool vs Cute

What is cool?

What is cute?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Do Not Try This At Home

My brothers were playing "paper rock scissors" and the winner would get the opportunity to slap the loser's hand.

There were a lot of screaming and yelling going on in the hall.

As the result..

The hands that were been slapped

The hands that slapped

Scary, huh?

Happy Chinese New Year

Today is the day!

The day that I have been waiting for!

To receive ang-paos. To eat mandarin oranges. In essence, to visit all your relatives!

Here I would like to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing you a blessed and properous Pig Year!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Gift

I received my very first and only Valentine's gift for the year. I did not expect that my friend would do that. It was so sweet of him but he made me feel guilty because I did not get anything for him. On Valentine's night, he told me that he wanted to give me something but I was not at home. I thought it will be a keychain that he wanted to pass to me few months ago. Mana tau? It was a Valentine's gift PLUS the keychain.

Arigatou gozaimasu!

The packaging

The chocolate XD

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sarawak! I'm Cominggg!

Woke up at 5.00 am. Not happy 'cos I did not get enough sleep. Washed up, got changed and packed my remaining stuff. Waiting for Limousine in the living room. Nothing to do so, camwhoring! XD

I was taking my flight to Kuching and I bumped into my friend in KLIA! He was taking the same flight as mine. When we almost reached Kuching International Airport, there was this guy who was sitting nearby. A few times our eyes met. Hmmm.. You must be wondering if the guy is cute and oh my gosh, he is! I know it was a bit rude to look away just like that so, in the end, I managed to flash a smile to him and guess what? He was surprised and a bit shy! However, he did give me a quick and short smile back.


Last night, I went out with my girlfriends. The four of us. Lesbians, huh? Nahh.. We went to a cafe and you know or not? The place was full of couples! Gosh! We went to the wrong cafe! Well, we did not leave the place after that because we had stepped into the cafe and it will be very embarrassing to do so. The staff did not serve us well. They were being biased just because we do not have guys with us! All the couples had candles on their tables but not us! The couples were given free cakes but not us!

We went to a newly open mall. The twins wanted to buy ingredients to bake cakes for Chinese New Year. DiGi were doing promotion near the escalators. I was looking down at the DJ when we went up to the first floor. The DJ saw us and you know or not? He was talking to us using the mic! "The four pretty girls who are going up, are you using DiGi? If yes, you can get a free gift here." What's next? We walked as fast as we can!

I wonder how you guys celebrate the day yesterday. Did you have fun?