Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life in Kuching

I know I have not been updating my blog – Penang, farewell gathering with the AIESECers, farewell with the TKCs as well as my dad’s 42nd birthday.

Well, it ain’t my fault, you see. I could not upload my pictures and without pictures, the post will not be interesting.

Lately, I have been busy handling the house works. My mom had a terrible accident and the story behind it was killing me. No, I am not going to blog about it further.

So far, life with my siblings and recently disable mother was great. Laughter filled the air almost all the time, until my younger brother left to Kuala Lumpur today. He will be spending 5 days in KL with his friends, whom he will meet up at the airport today. Initially, he wanted to join them to Thailand but due to him receiving many objections from the family members, he could not join them.

That’s sad, right?

One night, I voiced up to my father to have a family vacation. The last time we had it was like 3 to 4 years ago. Sigh. I believe family vacation can help to cure our family disease and maybe, solve our family problem especially husband-wife and father-children relationships. Sigh.

Oh, I resume matching for the past one week as I managed to find suitable forms. Awaiting for replies at the moment. I am very looking forward to the good news Big Grin

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Terrible experience

I was almost being not able to go back Sarawak today.

I thought I had successfully purchased a seat for today’s 1600 flight. However, it turned out to be the biggest mistake that I had made.

The mistake: I mistook Reservation number as E-ticket number. Unlike AirAsia, MAS’s e-ticket’s number is numerical while its reservation number is alphabetical.

Sigh. I freaked out and fortunately, I had the boyfriend by my side. Also, fortunately my dad was willing to purchase 2050 flight [but it was blardy expensive.

The boyfriend suggested that I should check-in first. My luggage was so heavy that it went 9kg overweight and I had to pay MYR135 T_T

Since we had around 5 hours to kill, the boyfriend drove me back to Subang Jaya and have a drink at H20 Drink Station before we went for dinner. I was surprised that he suggested us to have dinner at Sunway Pyramid – The Manhattan Fish Market.



As we were walking towards the restaurant, suddenly he pulled me to this jewelry stall – to buy rings :D

However, the stall sells their rings pretty expensive that I brought him to a stall I coincidentally passed through the other day when I went shopping alone.

Our rings – me love <3

Apparently, I should be thankful that I made a mistake when I purchased my flight ticket the other day because there is a high possibility that I will not be able to come and spend some time with him before him flying off to Aus in Feb – which means today might be the last day for us to spend time together in that time. I know. I am devastated as well.

Tears streamed down my cheeks when I was on board.


I miss you heaps :(

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Eve at Penang Island: Day 2

That morning, we had to wake up at 7AM. It has been a long time since the last time I woke up that early during my trips lol Our first stop would be, Bukit Bendera.

The entrance


We love unity. Since the train (which we supposed to board on to) was quite full and we did not want to separate ourselves, we decided to board the next ride and put the blame on an innocent blue-shirt-staff when we were questioned by a fierce white-shirt-staff.

Waited for around 15 – 30 minutes

and finally we were on board!

The driver

I wonder who stay in that beautiful house

The train was moving so slow that we were so happy when finally, we reached the top.

Ain’t the view nice? I love it.


As we walked up the hill, we took pictures non-stop as well


and the friends

We continued walking and we saw that old train. If you can see those wordings on the white plates, it says ‘First Class’ and ‘Second Class’. I wonder what’s those for.

The canopy walkway was still closed


and we ended up taking group photo before we headed back.

Bukit Bendera’s POS Malaysia and some candid shots:

The pictures below were taken when we were waiting for the next ride to descend the hill.

Two Angels from Heaven.

I realised that it is always the two of them.

Previously, I had been to Penang Island for two times and each time, this place was not missed.


Yeah, it is Kek Lok Si. It is like if you never come to Kek Lok Si, you are never been in Penang.

Still under construction.
I wonder how it turns out to be when it is done.

Since it is going to be an Ox year in 2009, Happy Moooo Year :)

The laziest cat that I have ever seen. It would not budge no matter how you tried.

Yeap, from the pictures above, you can already tell that we had Penang’s well-known Assam Laksa.

And before we went back to our hotel to rest, we stopped by the Snake Temple (apparently, for a toilet visit) and had Penang’s well-known Char Kuey Tiaw alongside with this delicious Ais Kacang :D


To be continued..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year Eve At Penang Island: Day 1

Having to take 9AM bus to Penang, we had to wake up early to take a public to Puduraya Bus Station. Everyone, well, most of them, were to gather at the boyfriend’s place and walked to the nearest bus stop together.

It was around 7.45AM when the bus came. Due to massive traffic jams, we decided to stop at Taman Maluri and took LRT to Plaza Rakyat, which was definitely faster than taking the bus.

Seeing we had less than half an hour for our breakfast, the boyfriend and I went to the nearest stall to buy breads and drinks while his friends were off to somewhere else for their breakfasts.

while waiting for bus to move

happy to be on board

the bus’ deco :D

It was around 9AM when we could get on the bus and off we go to our 4-hour-drive-destination, Penang Island.

After 4-hour-drive, finally the bus was crossing Penang Bridge :D We were almost there and we could not wait. Once we reached Sungai Nibong Bus Station, we decided to drop by its cafeteria (or mamak) to have our lunch and, at the same time, watching a Malay series or movie, Ciung Warnara. They (especially the boyfriend –_-) were laughing at this series/movie all the time. However, honestly, it is a very nice series/movie :)

We took 3 taxis to our hotel, Leisure Cove Resort. Each taxi cost us RM30. Affordable price if you divided RM90 to 10 people. Oh, by the way, there were ten (TEN) of us. Quite a big number, eh?

Finally we are here!

Us, at the lobby

While some of them were processing to check-in, the rest of us were trying to kill time by..

taking picture with the nearest Christmas tree

studying Penang Island’s map

and of course, not to forget: camwhoring!

After some time, we had our rooms! Well, we had two units for ourselves. They have a master bedroom and one twin sharing room and fully equipped with kitchen, dining room and living room and these only cost us RM53 per person for 3D2N!


dining table

the big mirror at the dining area

the living room

view #1

view #2

and view #3 from the living room’s balcony

our cozy room :D

the view from our room’s windows

The boyfriend and three of his friends left the rooms to rent cars. However, after quite some time, one of them called and asked us to go to the hotel’s rooftop. Believe me, the view from the rooftop was magnificent!

long baby pool

connecting to the adult pool

connecting to a Jacuzzi

but sadly, the Jacuzzi water was not even warm

a snap with the pool

view from the rooftop

me love the horizon <3

the wind is very strong

Note: spot the difference

Soon after the guys managed to rent two cars, they decided to go for a swim. Trust me, water + wind = icy cold!

That night, we had our dinner at Penang’s well-known Gurney Drive. There are variety of food selling there. The boyfriend and I had..

asam laksa

fried kuey tiaw
[sorry no picture because the food is not delicious at all lol]

fried oyster (this is really nice)

and satay for dinner

I so wanted to have G.P. Soon’s rojak and Ah Pom. Unfortunately, the night was too young for G.P. Soon to start his business but it was a tough one for Ah Pom [I would have to wait for half an hour]. Therefore, I was a bit moody as I did not get to eat what I wanted, so much, to eat =(

Later late at night, I had no idea how the guys ended up of having an idea to reward themselves Chivas


with a few choices of soft drinks. While the guys were out to buy supper, I dozed off in ma room and slept until the next morning.