Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Boracay: Day 1

It was the trip that we had been looking forward to for more than a year! I still remember how we booked the flight tickets for this trip. It was a truly adrenaline rush moment.

2016-02-29 12.08.11

Unfortunately for us, the flight was delayed. We had so much time to kill that we took our own sweet time to sit and walk around the airport.

2016-02-29 16.05.51

Surprisingly, the flight to Kalibo was quite empty. There were a lot of empty seats around me and therefore, I managed to get the others to sit around me. It was a 4-hour flight so, the best thing to do to kill the time is sleep! To be honest, it was not a really pleasant journey.

By the time we arrived the airport, we had to take about 2 hours of bus ride to the jetty. Then another 5-10 minutes ride from the jetty to the island. Later, another 5-10 minutes ride to our hotel. It was already a nightfall by the time we landed the island. We missed the sunset.

2016-02-29 21.26.32

The first thing we did when we checked-in our hotel was to look out for the hotel’s wifi strength. We had a big family room but, the wifi signal was really weak. Therefore, we informed the receptionist about it and requested to change the room when we were back from our dinner. Seriously, we could not live without wifi.

2016-02-29 21.59.41

My first meal in Boracay was paella and it was good. Maybe it was genuinely good or maybe I was just hungry. However, the mango juice was awesome without a doubt!

Welcome to Boracay!