Monday, October 22, 2012

Lovely Sunday!

It has been a long time since I had a lovely Sunday with the boyfriend, with just the two of us. We were supposed to wake up really early in the morning to jog at Botanical Garden. However, since the boyfriend did not get a chance to sleep for all the day for many weeks, I decided not to wake him up when the alarm rang.

When we were finally up by noon time, we went to I Mum Mum Restaurant. A friend of mine had shared with me that their pan mee is really good. Therefore, I decided to hunt for this restaurant. Since none of us had ever been to that restaurant, it was not that easy to locate its location. It was quite hidden in the midst of the flats though but, once you managed to locate it, you knew it was not that difficult at all.

photo 1

I ordered Pan Mee Soup since it had been my favourite all along, especially the hand-shredded ‘teared’ dough. The soup is really flavourful and believe it or not, for a person who usually waste her food, she finished everything, not even a drop of soup in her bowl. However, the portion is very small which costs RM3.00 only; bigger portion will be RM3.50.

photo 2

The boyfriend ordered Dry Pan Mee and it is similarly good to my Pan Mee Soup with mine better. It costs RM3.00 which comes with small portion. An advice for those who want to try their pan mee, it is best to order bigger portion. With two glasses of iced Chrysanthemum, the meal only costs us RM8.20 which is superb.

Do take note that I Mum Mum Restaurant opens from 7am to 3pm and they closed every alternate Monday.

photo 3

photo 4

After our meal, we decided to head over to Queensbay Mall. We wanted to watch a movie but GSC is not showing Ted so, we turned back to head over to 1st Avenue. Since the next showing was 4.10pm, we had a lot of time to kill. We strolled inside the mall and checked out the event run inside the mall, Model Search.

When we were taking a short break at Old Town White Coffee, we realised that we were going to be late for our movie. The boyfriend was saying ‘We are usually late for movies when we come from home. Can’t believe that we are also late when we are already inside the mall.’ Honestly...


It was a truly good comedy movie with lots of laughter filled the air. Though a few scenes were bring cut out, for example the screenshot above, all the rude words were not being censored. This movie revolves a lonely boy named John who received a large teddy bear for Christmas named Ted. John made a wish against a falling star that his cuddly friend became alive. Funny and touching movie, trust me.


After movie, we headed to Gurney Plaza to join some friends for dinner at Bar-B-Q Plaza before we called it a day. It was somewhat an enjoyable meal and we had a great talk and laugh together. I will be away from Penang for a week so I really enjoyed yesterday and I wished for more to come when I get back.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Facts Behind The Perfume Industry

Why do perfumes from the FM Group can be so inexpensive? How are we able to do it?

    • Are they fake?
    • Are they an illegal copy of the designer brand?
    • Is the quality inferior?

The answer to all the questions above is simply NO!


Do you know the origin of the perfumes from the designer brands such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci and the celebrities such as Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez?

Take a look at their professions: the designer houses are tailors and the celebrities are singers, sports stars, models, actresses, etc. They are not perfume specialists.

However, the public still pays exorbitant prices for perfumes or anything else with their names on it.


The origin of the actual perfumes is in Munich, Germany, where the factory of DROM Fragrances is located. With a market share of over 80% they are the largest perfume developers and producers in the world.

DROM Fragrances designs and produces the perfumes which you can find under the names of designer brands. They develop about 100 different fragrances each day!

How does this work? Let’s take an example:

Chanel is planning to present a new fragrance on the market. They go to DROM and take a look at the new fragrances that have just been produced. They sample a few and decide that the perfume in Vat Number 2079 will be their new fragrance.

They then order 100,000 litres of the fragrance essence from DROM Fragrances. The essence is then delivered to Chanel where they add water and alcohol. Finally, they decide to name their new fragrance Coco Mademoiselle.

Actually sourcing the perfume from DROM is the least expensive part. It is the design of the new bottle and packaging as well as advertising and glossy magazines, and of course engaging a beautiful model or actress on TV to endorse it that spent enormous amount money.

All the money spent is recuperated by adding costs to each bottle of perfume they sell.


FM, too, visits DROM Fragrances and purchases the fragrance essence from Vat Number 2079. The question now is, is this even legal?

The answer is simply YES!

DROM Fragrances owns the fragrance as they created and produced it. Therefore, they can sell it to whoever they like.

Chanel owns the brand name Chanel, the name of Coco Mademoiselle, the distinctive logo, the specially designed bottle and packaging. What they do not own is the actual perfume.

FM Perfumes, on the other hand, designs their own bottle and packaging and gives their new fragrance number; FM18.

Therefore, both Coco Mademoiselle and FM18 are from the same Vat at DROM Fragrances.


What are the differences?

1. FM does not use the brand names Chanel, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Paris Hilton, etc. as to do so will breach copyright.

2. FM gives their fragrances numbers instead of names.

3. Chanel, Gucci, etc. sell their perfumes as EDT or EDP. FM adds less water and alcohol so, FM’s perfumes are parfum, which is stronger and longer lasting.

4. FM does not spend a lot of money in designing exclusive bottles and packaging.

5. FM does not spend a lot of money on expensive marketing campaigns where celebrities show up to present perfumes. They do business through individual distributors who have their own business operating from home.


So, where can you get these FM perfumes?

I am currently one of the independent distributors for FM Group and feel free to visit my Facebook Page: