Friday, October 31, 2008

Last week of my Degree

Banana chocolate muffin -- a surprise for Munnit :)

Lack of updates lately due to being occupied by assignments -- presentation on Wednesday and an assignment due this Friday (the last assignment of my degree year, yahoo!).

This week, I had attended almost all of my tutorials (except ICF which is on Friday). And most of them had been very meaningful:

IFM: I failed Test 2 -- expected 'cos I seriously did it very VERY badly

TL: Presentation, omg! Tortured with questions! >.<

CR: Typical CR class -_-

ICF: coming up :)

As for today (or yesterday), I went back to work. This time around, the ladyboss managed to hire two full-timers (which is a good thing for me :D).

But, still remember I told you that there is this ignorant guy who is working there as well? Well, feared of losing his job (I am just a part-timer, you see. And now the shop has another two full-timers), he did all he could but it was a tragedy and the ladyboss was really really unhappy.

Indeed, he was different today. He used to stand there and not doing much other than cleaning up and such. And guess what? I was not that worn out compared to my first day of work XD

Picture of the day: Colgate or Darley should have thought of this :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday, Si Mun!

This is a story about a girl who just turned twenty-one today.

Back in the years of '06/'07, she had been asking me out for karaoke session with her -- and yours truly, I managed to pay that debt back somewhere in year '08.

Not sure what's gotten into us. I know we did silly thing such as below..

..and did that actually made this (below again) happened?

Honestly, I do not know and I do not want to know as well :(

This goes on until one month ago when we were clubbing at Euphoria. I was a bit tipsy that I did not realise what she did to me T.T

caught red-handed

Nevertheless, I have always been one of her bullies. I remember saying "When Munnit is around, she becomes my scapegoat. And that, the best thing is, I am one of the bullies XD"

A post specially for you, girl.

Happy 21st Birthday

and remember, I am still twenteen :D

Oops! Is the font bigger than the birthday wish's? Sorry, I didn't realise that XD

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday, Jennie!

There are four persons' (not that I do not know about them) birthdays today -- different range of age and different range of relationships ie. girlfriend, friend, acquaintance, counselor? :D Some just turned into an adult, and some continue growing as an adult, older maybe?

And I celebrate one of the 27th October babies' birthday today -- Jennie :)

We were supposed to meet at Mid Valley at 12PM and guess what? I was late and the girls waited for me for around one hour. Feel guilty, of course lar. Slept around 6.30AM. What do you expect?

I was late so I had to meet up with them at Kim Gary. I was sort of lost and fortunately, I have an advanced technology device, mobile phone :D

Since it has been way too long the last we met, typical us, we talked a lot. When I said 'a lot', I mean it. We talked A LOT until I forgot to order my lunch =X

It was around 3PM when the last attendee, who apparently brought along his recently attached girlfriend, called.

May, think you know her? She stays in SP as well :D

The VIP for the day wanted to watch a movie with us and thus, we walked to the cinema, checking out what movies will be aired. Most of us agreed to watch HSM3 -- 4.20PM. Unfortunately, it was fully booked. The next showtime is 6.40PM. Before we made up our minds, we asked the staff to check showtime for other movie as well, namely The Coffin, Fury, My Best Friend's Girl, Tropic Thunder -- they are all 18PL

Nevertheless, you cannot expect much during public holiday. Either they are fully reserved or there are no good seats for us :( We stick with 6.40PM HSM3 in the end. Seeing we had more than 3 hours to kill, we strolled around, most of them requested by the VIP for the day -- Pets Wonderland, Watson, MPH, Sinma, IQBox, Teddy Tales (this requested by me) -- before we settle down at the food court.

It was then when we interrogated our dear friend who was recently attached. Poor him, wonder if he would go out with us, especially me, again :( There were conversations like

"You two got together on 31st August? I have friends who got together on 31st August as well but unfortunately, they split up"

"Woah! You two know each other less than 2 months and got together already? I have friends who got together even though they knew each other less than 3 weeks!"

"Couples should quarrel sometimes, you see"

Now, do you get the point why my dear friend would have to think twice before going out with us, especially me? :D

We were too into our conversation that I did not bother taking pictures. You see, when I was with my hometown friends, I rarely get the chance to take as many pictures as when I was together with my friends that I made here. Weird, huh? However, while the girls were in the toilet, I suggested to take picture in the toilet -- with big mirrors, omg!

Not a good shot. Have to learn more from May dy XD

And you would not believe what's next. We took pictures with the casts in HSM3 lol

Next shot: while we were lining up to buy popcorns and drinks

I believe all of us had a great day today especially the birthday girl. Hopefully we can meet up again some day :D

Happy 21st Birthday, babe *hugs*

and also, Happy Birthdays to Hank, Mac and Elvin :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Check twice before you eat!

"Twist it, Lick it, Dunk it, Eat it"


Do you want to do those again once you read this?

For hardcore Oreo lovers, if you love Oreo too much that you would not betray your favourite food, I suggest you to close this page. However, think twice before you click white 'x' in the red box on the top right of your screen.

This may be happened either in China or Taiwan or Hong Kong or Macau -- seriously, I am not sure. Nevertheless, who knows, it may happen here!? To us!

I just received this forwarded email from my friend. It may be a prank. However, best to be aware rather than being sorry.

A girl bought a packet of OREO biscuit (chocolate flavor) from 7-11. Before she could take a bite, something caught her attention.

Behold, that was what she saw. Damnit! I know it is super disgusting! She could not stop asking herself what those are; could it be OREO's new product? could they be sugar?

And so she checked on the packaging which reads 'chocolate flavor'. How could it be a new product?

Expired? Too soon [as claimed in the mail -- I have no idea when it happened]

And so she twisted it and [picture above] was what she saw. Damnit again! I know it is disgusting. It somehow looks like spoiled maggots' eggs?

Whether this incident is true is not our concern. What we should concern about is

"Be EXTRA EXTRA cautious BEFORE you take in Food"

Disclaimer: I shall not be liable for any defamation made in this post.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

World with assignments and finals

Finally! Not procrastinating can actually make you to do your works faster than you could ever imagine -- and time flies so fast which is a good thing :)

Hopefully I know what I was doing :(

Two more assignments and finals is just around the corner.

I had checked its timetable and it is great to see the arrangement; two Finance subjects for the first week (Mon & Fri) and two Accounting subjects for the week after (Mon & Wed).

Bad news is all the subjects are 9AM papers.

Whereas the good news is, no paper on my birthday :D else I am going to be sho sad :(

Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Pets!

The chef for the night :D

Done! :)

Yummy! xD

After dinner, it's time to feed our pets :D

[stupid stupid]

[big yellow xD]

[synonym of stupid stupid :D]

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kuey Teow Tomato!

One of my good friends had a presentation today! :D

It would be so funny to see him directed with a number of questions from Elvin, or at most that's what I hoped for...

..lucky fella -_-

I brought baby to Take A Break for our dinner, for him to try out some of the food that can only be found in S'wak (that's what I think) ie. Kuey Teow Tomato and Fried Soup Noodle

..and he likes Kuey Teow Tomato :)

Supper Love

Thanks for the supper, baby <3

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How's work?

3 words -- tired, disorganised and DIE!

Stood for more than 3 hours -- yeah, langsung tak duduk :(

One of the workers is SO ignorant! >: One of the reasons why it was disorganised ie. sent the food to the wrong table which made the original food's pemangsa waited for more than half an hour! O.O

Peak hours -- 11AM until 2PM ie. customers just non-stop coming in (!!!) and they also left without having their lunch (just drinks) as they waited for TOOOOOO long!

I was being evil that I advised some of the customers [mostly the ones that I know] to get another place to eat if they were in a rush XD -- well, made my life easier. If I only I can always do that during peak hours lol

And once I sat down, I felt SO good! 'Sit' is the best thing to do for the day :D

I started to think whether I should continue, not because the job is tiring, but because I do not want to lose my reputation ie. some customers know me and I may give them a bad impression as the services there sucks to the MAX!

Overall, I believe I did a good job. I did my best to cover up the mistakes that my ladyboss did [as most of the orders that she took never reached the customers]. Mine is PURRFECT!

In conclusion, fortunately, I was not to work for the whole -- I would die in an instant! :(

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Things had been going pretty smoothly today -- excluding IFM assignment. Let's not talk about that.

We managed to talk through and settled disputes between us. I guess both of us overreacted and for days, I contemplated this matter -- that explained why I sleep around 6AM lately. I apologized to him for not being in his shoes but that does not mean I had given in. He, too, should learn to accept different perspective. Also, he should learn to be true to himself and not sweeping under the rug -- resulting me misconstrued his intentions.

As for the next day, it is going to be my first day of work at Take A Break, a new restaurant in SS15 -- where I found one of my favourite dish in Sarawak, Kueh Tiaw fried with Tomato ketchup. You may not like the taste of the gravy -- like what happen to Chr -- but just try it! It is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get :)

The picture of the day: Smile :D

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cool Illusion! A Must Try!

Update -- Finally one assignment down and two more to go. And I'm starting my new job tomorrow. Hopefully, things will run smoothly. Hopefully.

I came across to this email forwarded by one of my acquaintances. I tried out all PC-illusions except this! It looks scary to me and initially, I did not dare to give it a try -- takut will see a ghost figure lar! what a coward -_- After a while, 'what the heck' and so I gave it a try. Trust me, this is without a doubt the coolest PC-Illusion!

[hopefully you can read the words above]

Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Working abroad" considers you a not obedient child?

What the hell is that?

What is wrong for having my OWN plan for my FUTURE? What is wrong for having a GOAL in my LIFE? And what the HELL is wrong for having my OWN JOB?!!!

And you relate this matter with the situation of you being staying OUTSIDE with the BITCH and claiming that MY mom spoiled me!?

What the fuck is that?

I fucking know that you fucking LOVE to control people and DO NOT like people to control you. I had been so tempted to tell you OFF "Since you love to control people, why not you just control your BABY GIRL outside and also that BITCH!"

I fucking know that you LOVE being with them as you can ENJOY controlling them and they ALWAYS listen to you! Baby girl mar, how can she be as rebellious as ME?! Wait till she grow up!! And that BITCH as well. She is your MISTRESS outside and of course, since she knows that MY mother is not being AS obedient AS you want MY mother to, she WANTS to be obedient like you WANT!

What the fuck?


Happy Birthday, May!


Yay, it's already 4.12AM and I just finished a game of Age of Empires II -- I know this sounds ridiculous but this is the only game that I can play now; still downloading other games.

Right, right; like I'd promised, I'll post about our birthday surprise for May.

Honestly, at the beginning, the plan was in a mess -_- Saying too early lar, wanna take a nap lar, etc. etc. And 'we go at 12 with a cake :D kao tim' plan seems to be more interesting and simple. However, due to reliable source and the question of 'what's next after that?', the plan could not work that easily. Anyway, all these disputes were solved after 'aiya her bday of coz we jau her la 7.30 meet oso can 1' was typed :D Also, we had troubles thinking of 'where for dinner' -- TGI Friday's or MichaelAngelo's or Ole Ole Bali or Zen Japanese or a Teochew restaurant or a Korean BBQ restaurant (which was chosen). Nevertheless, we changed our minds after we looked at its menu which in turn half of us said 'go Italian' which made the other half of us misheard it as 'Itallianese' and with a speed of light, I sent out a message to sJ lol. Ain't we amusing friends? :D

And of course, without sJ's help, this surprise would not work :D Fortunately, coincidentally that May wanted to buy a dress for her big day [today] (typical May :D) which bought us some time. Poor him -- May was mad at him for meeting his 'friends' at Itallianese lol. It was funny to know that she was angry at him -- which marked the success of our surprise for her!

And behold, our last surprise for her was birthday celebration custom hosted by Itallianese's crew and oh my, we had so much fun there :D

Last but not least, and again, Happy Birthday, woman XD


It's May's birthday today! :D

Updates can wait till tomorrow. Now hardly can think and blog. Go play one round of Age of Empires first and then sleep! :D

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Paid lower than I should

I believe every Sushi King's member cardholder is very well aware of today being the LAST day of Sushi King RM2 Card Bonzana Treat in West Malaysia (not applied to East Malaysia). It is the last day where you get to eat all those sushi(s) on the belt for RM2 each!

Having sit for the the last test [note: for the week], I decided to give myself a treat [not that I did a great job in my tests. sighh..] to join my friends to Sushi King for dinner. With seven roses and one thorn, we crashed Subang Parade's Sushi King (having a thought that since it is Subang Parade, it may not be as many people as compared to Sunway Pyramid's). However, we were wrong.

It is really indeed a very small outlet [we were separated at the ratio of 3:5] -_- They could have afforded a bigger place, for goodness sake. The couple and I were sitting in front of the belt [made our life much easier to get those sushi(s)].

I attacked this red octopus. Can you believe it? It is only RM2. And when I decided to get the second plate of it, one of the waitress told me that this red octopus is priced at normal rate. (!!!) wtf? And there were less variety [maybe due to being a small outlet] and the worst senario was there was no iced-tea [or 'tea'] as the shop ran out of ice! C'mon lar, Carrefour is just a stone's throw away -_-

Nevertheless, they were paid for what they deserve. Being ignorant [are we?], we went to the counter straight away and we paid less than we should have :D Not wanting our secret to be bocor-ed, May quickly pulled me out of the shop. Being always the last person to realise, I knew what was going on..

I paid for an amount which is even less than what red sotong is priced at :D

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do you face these when you are working?

Will this actually boost your efficiency and motivation to work?

Or you rather hope for a reason to skip your work?

And wishing that everyone feels the same way as you do?

As your boss would just ask you to re-do your work

Regardless how well you did your job

Which results you with no bonuses, raises or promotions

And that Complaint Department seems to always be there for us

That it seems to be impossible to propose what every office needs


Perhaps we can work as a team

Or do something beyond your stupidity

And pretend that nothing has happened

Happy working, peeps! :)

Today's test

I had done very badly in my test today. It contributes only 10% to the subject's overall assessment and it is just so rare for me to feel THIS upset. Sigh.

Hope for the better for tomorrow's paper.

New template

See my new template?

It took me friggin' 2 hours to customize it!

Now the only problem left is the time display on the post title instead of day and date.


Also, I wanna wish a Happy 21st Birthday to my best of the best friend.

Here goes a little introduction of her -- she is my very first close friend (aka ji mui) that I ever had. We got together since Standard 3 and guess what, we had a lot of conflicts that we broke up million times. Our relationship becomes stable ever since we entered secondary school, been in the same class until Form 4. Though we were in different classes, and now different states, we have always been so close.

Again, Happy 21st Birthday to you my dearest friend and of course, I owe you one present <3 style="text-align: center;">

Monday, October 13, 2008

Go Green!

There is one way that product manufacturers or producers [or companies?] can reduce the usage of papers.

Reduction in papers usage equals to saving the trees!

I just bought this product [of Korea] and I am amazed with how creative the manufacturer [or the company?] to come up with this idea in order to reduce the usage of papers! GO GREEN!

"How?" you ask? You will get the clearest picture with the pictures below:

This is the packaging of the product.

This is the internal packaging of the product. See? They utilized the back cover of the box to include instructions, etc. instead of papers.

p/s: I think I watched Heroes too much. I dreamt of 'the end of the world' O.o