Sunday, October 28, 2007

It has been indeed a great experience on Friday night. I just could not stop laughing, thinking about it.


Just now I came across with this article. It warned couples not to say 'I can't live without you.' Reason? Below is the paragraph that I quoted directly from the article.

Why? Number one, it's not true; you can live without them. And number two, the key to a successful long-term relationship is to ensure that you've got your own life. You can say I love you, I enjoy you, I desire you, I appreciate you. You don't say I can't live without you. A partner should never feel trapped. He or she should be making a choice every day to be with you. And
you, with them.


Another caught my attention which read 'How to Argue ... and Actually Improve your Health.' According to the article, women who bottled up their feelings after an argument were four times as likely to experience declining health as women who expressed their feelings openly. So how can you communicate with your partner in a way that is kind but effective?

Be Authentic. Fight to Love, Not to Win. Keep It Sweet.

Lastly, be sure to end each argument or cold spell with your spouse with affection and gratitude. It is easy to forget appreciation and love when you are in the middle of a fight with your partner, which is why it is so important to express these emotions after the issue is resolved.


Finals is around the corner. All the best to everyone and of course, to myself. :D

Thursday, October 25, 2007


One more week before finals!

One month left before I leave my baby's side for approximately 3 months!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lots of things happened for the past few days. Did not manage to update my blog, and yeah, was being lazy.

Last Friday was the elections of the new board for 2008. It was sad to see the candidates to get the chance to grow further in AIESEC while I decided to pull out. However, thanks to the words from Stanley (or Gabriel) and I got better.

The candidates

Later, it was AMAN on Saturday. I decided not to go due to financial crisis. However, baby's daddy postponed his birthday celebration on that night. His mother called him up and asked him to bring me along for the dinner. I was delighted, of course. I bought a cake for his father as his birthday present. That night, we had steamboat at this very grand restaurant. It was a bit awkward but I managed to get it through. =)

Baby and I planned to join the rest after AMAN. Lots of things happened and we ended up in Station 1 Cafe with Siew Jhoong. We ordered a bucket of beer. When we were drinking, I saw Timothy, Kazi, Cecilia and Daniel. It was really a coincidence to bump into them. Yee Yen, William, Shanny and Wei Hon came over too. All of us sat down together for drinks and seriously, we really had fun ie. you should see Timothy as he really enjoyed himself and Siew Jhoong who was almost half drunk (credits to my baby).

It was really unexpected but I really had fun that night. I thought I was going to miss the fun at the bar.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Weekend

I spent my last weekend at my boyfriend's.

The highlights:
  1. Gift for the mother.
  2. Met his Cheras' gang.
  3. The mother gave me 2 shirts. =S
  4. Poor baby had to sleep in the living room. I conquered his room.
  5. Had breakfast with the parents. Just the parents AND I.
  6. Had dinner with the family
Anyway, it was nice to know them. =)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

On Thursday, AIESEC set up a booth at Metropolitan College for EPRD. AIESEC's booth was not the only booth at the spot. There two more booths; CIBA VISION and DiGi.

And guess what?

There was this famous Yellow Man roaming around the place. We were so excited and we requested to take a picture with him! The most exciting information was that, he is Daryl's friend! Yeah, not from TBS but his previous high schoolmate!

The friends!

Lesson of the day: Wearing contact lenses ain't easy. =.=

Sunday, October 7, 2007

'How was Prom?'

A lot of people must be wondering.

'How was it compare to last year's?'

Some even asked me this.

Well, as the matter of fact, I can't say that this year's was better than last year's or last year was better than this year's. Why is it so?

You see, last year, I was one of the Prom Night's committees so, I was not one of the guests who went there and enjoyed the night. This year was a little bit different. I went to prom as one of the many guests.

But, this year's lucky draw prizes were great and I was not lucky enough to get one.

Initially, Yee Yen and her date was nominated for to be the Prom Princess and Prom Prince but due to she not really not wanting to participate this event, my boy and I were nominated. It did look fun but sadly, my boy and I were really not interested in this kind of stuff and so, we pulled out.

After prom, instead of going back home, we went to clubbing. The initial plan was to go to a pub. =/ I so wanted to go to a pub. At the dance floor, I was on the lookout for my boy when he did not join us. Due to the way I dressed, I did not feel secured.

Before he came over, he was stopped by a girl and was asked for his phone number. I wonder WHO the heck the girl is! Anyway, he was protecting me all the while too. I was busy dancing and he was busy on the lookout. Due to the way I dressed, of course.

Anyway, here are some pictures. I will upload more pictures once I have collected them from the other camera.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sometimes we unconsciously talked rudely that, in consequently, hurt the other party, especially someone who is precious to us.

True, it is hard to avoid this from happening, but still, a piece of an advice, please treasure your precious ones.

You would never know that the way you talked to him or her would be, sad to say this, his or her last words he or she heard from you...