Sunday, October 7, 2007

'How was Prom?'

A lot of people must be wondering.

'How was it compare to last year's?'

Some even asked me this.

Well, as the matter of fact, I can't say that this year's was better than last year's or last year was better than this year's. Why is it so?

You see, last year, I was one of the Prom Night's committees so, I was not one of the guests who went there and enjoyed the night. This year was a little bit different. I went to prom as one of the many guests.

But, this year's lucky draw prizes were great and I was not lucky enough to get one.

Initially, Yee Yen and her date was nominated for to be the Prom Princess and Prom Prince but due to she not really not wanting to participate this event, my boy and I were nominated. It did look fun but sadly, my boy and I were really not interested in this kind of stuff and so, we pulled out.

After prom, instead of going back home, we went to clubbing. The initial plan was to go to a pub. =/ I so wanted to go to a pub. At the dance floor, I was on the lookout for my boy when he did not join us. Due to the way I dressed, I did not feel secured.

Before he came over, he was stopped by a girl and was asked for his phone number. I wonder WHO the heck the girl is! Anyway, he was protecting me all the while too. I was busy dancing and he was busy on the lookout. Due to the way I dressed, of course.

Anyway, here are some pictures. I will upload more pictures once I have collected them from the other camera.


sTaPhYlOcOcCuS said...

you look hot!!! :)

Fumoffu said...


LoVe_s@kUr@ said...

Hey... U didnt wear bra rite?? how does it feel?? will "they" stay in place?? haha...

TeckJung said...

wow.. never know you're so hot.. haha.. nice dress..

clement said...

any char bo to intro to me? ha ha

Fumoffu said...

Jennie: I got wear bra geh.. Hehe! WC won't let me go if I don't wear bra. XD

TeckJung: Yerr.. Now only you realised. LoL!

Clement: No char bo le..

keeyit said...

Wah... wear so sexy to prom.. I never wear that kind of dress before.. :P

You looks absolutely great with that dress !

Fumoffu said...

Hello keeyit,

Thanks for the comment. =)