Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Bomb!

This year’s Christmas was truly entertaining.

I had an amazing and lovely Christmas Eve. Booked a suite all to myself and enjoyed spa. I must be out of my mind but hey, I loved it!

Later, I had a crazy and out-of-control Christmas Countdown. It was a last minute plan.

Then, I attended a wedding luncheon on Christmas Day itself and had a little fun for the rest of the day until...

...I received that piece of news.


It is okay.

The shock is now over.

And everything seems so clear to me now.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Crazy Christmas 2013!

How did I celebrate Christmas Eve? Well, every year had always been different for me and this year’s was no different either.

Since I had joined Toastmaster, I had a few Christmas celebrations in different clubs, namely Bagan Ajam TMC and Dell Dynamics TMC.


2013-12-20 11.16.33

I booked a hotel room on island to celebrate the Christmas Eve. The room was really big and I had the jacuzzi bathtub all to myself! Not only that, I went for a spa as well. The massage was not any good but, I did pamper myself to the max!

2013-12-24 15.05.43

After I had done pampering myself, a close friend of mine called me up to join him and his friends for Christmas countdown at Gurney Drive. Without hesitating, I decided to join them and guess what? It was really crowded!

2013-12-24 23.54.08

All of us played with snow spray and trust me, it was really fun! I had only watched people playing around with it but I had never tried it myself so, this year I took another step and bought three cans and attacked my friend.

2013-12-25 00.14.24

On Christmas Day itself, I attended a wedding luncheon of one of my best friends in Penang. I am truly happy for her – to have found her happiness and a man who really loves her. Congratulations and looking forward to the arrival of your little one.

2013-12-25 12.24.01

I continued the day with meeting up with my close friend again to join his friends for bowling. While they were playing, I went to a hair salon to wash my hair, knowing that I would be outside the whole day and would not have the chance to take my shower. We had our dinner at a restaurant near to jetty later that night.

2013-12-25 19.51.10

As we were eating, we were suggesting a place to go after-dinner. We decided to look for a café that provides board games for their customers to play. That was when we came across Funbox and trust me, we really had a good time there.

2013-12-25 21.17.48

I am really glad that I enjoyed my Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to the fullest, thanks to this close friend of mine. Without him, I guess I would be spending my Christmas with mundane activities followed by mundane mood.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You Will Be Greatly Missed But Never Forgotten

This morning I received a message from a friend whom I have not talked to for a very long time. We met in Shanghai and everyone is busy with their own lives after each of us left this amazing place.

He told me that he must have had sent to the wrong email address of mine and hence, decided to drop me a message in Gtalk with the link he wanted to show to me.

Initially I thought his account was hacked and the hacker may have sent all those dangerous link in my friend's contact list. Therefore, I ignored the link and deleted the messages.

It was until I checked my mailbox at work in the afternoon, I saw his mail. I opened it and it was the same link. The title of the mail concerned me a lot and therefore I decided to click the link he shared.

I read the title of the news and it did not bother me much until I read the content and came upon the familiar name. I was dumbfounded and my mind just went blank at that moment. I was speechless.

Ying left the world just like that. The cause of her death remains unknown. The officers are still investigating and of course, the whole world is trying to find out what had happened to her.

I knew Ying in Shanghai. Similarly to my case, we were both Exchange Participants under AIESEC to do our management traineeship in Shanghai. She arrived Shanghai two months later after Szu and I started our internships. She faced a lot of difficulties to have her Visa done but she did not give up. She was very determined and did not lose hope.

Ying was born in Malaysia but grew up in New Zealand. She was like the big sister in our group. A very ambitious, energetic and strong young lady. I remember she landed Shanghai on the night of Halloween. Instead of taking her rest, she changed into her costume and joined us at the Halloween Party! Now that showed how crazy and energetic this young lady was! 

Her giggles were what made her stood out the most and trust me, she had a really loud voice. Thanks to that we never failed to have crazy and fun moments in Shanghai.

Now that she is gone, I am sure her friends and family will take a long time to get over this big loss. May she rest in peace and dear Lord, bless her family and friends so they will stay strong.