Thursday, February 23, 2012

They Were Here!

It was back in January, a week before Chinese New Year, when both my mom and my baby brother came visiting me in Penang. Those were the time I was the happiest me! I laughed really loud and non-stop laughing.


We went eating together – I brought them to the places that I like and guess what? There are still more and they have to come back here again!


We went shopping together – I brought them to all the shopping malls I know Penang including the pet shops!


We even made wishes together – I brought them to a few places for sight-seeing. I wanted to try that new tram Penang just built but unfortunately for us, it is under maintenance on the day we went.

To be honest, I want them to come back again. I really had a good time. I really had fun. I really miss them now..

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Year Two O’ One Two

So what did I do on the first day of the new year?


The boyfie brought us to Gurney Paragon. We had our dinner at Goku Raku Ramen. Honestly, I ain’t going back there so soon.


This was the drink ordered by the boyfie. Cannot remember what was it but I remember it was not that bad, not that good.


We ordered gyoza as an appetizer. Just normal, nothing special about it though.


This is the boyfie’s dish. Looks good, doesn’t it? It was good though. Far better than mine. No, I do not remember the name of this dish too.


So this is mine. I ordered this. If I am not mistaken, this dish is somehow one of Goku Raku’s signature dish. This dish’s portion was big but well, not as good as I hoped. Actually I miss this ramen I used to have in Sunway Pyramid. I forgot the name of this shop but I know opposite it has this really delicious popiah stall. I wonder if the shop is still there.


After we were done with our dinner, we went for a walk. When we first reached here, we were too hungry to enjoy the sight.


There is this amazing water fountain performance. It would be brilliant if a music is played. This reminds me of this music water show I watched with my mom back in Hangzhou.


Before we ended the night, we drove to Chatime in Pulau Tikus to have our first Chatime for the year. Oh, and that night we actually had our belated anniversary dinner as well. Meaning we are hitting two birds with one stone.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Not All Malaysian Cops Are Bad!

I read a lot of news or watched a lot of video clips on bad cops in Malaysia. Well, they are not the ‘bad’ bad. I mean those who ridiculously pulled you over and accused you of breaking the laws. Or well, if you did go against the law, they were sort of asking for bribes when you preferred to settle the summons.

So, this is my experience and it is all the truth.

It was first day of teaching at my student’s place and her place is like way further than where I am staying. Plus, I had never been to that area before! Therefore, before I left from work, I printed out a few maps to give me the direction from my work to the place. I am being traditional over here as seriously, iPhone’s map cannot be trusted all the time! Plus, it is difficult to drive while navigating.

Things were going really great on my way to my student’s place. However, things were bad when I was to go back home from her place. Note, I am a really bad driver at night as I do not have good vision at night. I am scared of dark, alright?

Before I left, I did get directions from my student’s mom. Quite useful, just to get out of her neighbourhood but, not to get out of the area. It was really bad. I drove towards a traffic light which restrict only to turn to the left. Thought I have to drive forward again and seeing no incoming traffic, I drove to the other lane and join the queue. Guess what? It was a double lane road. Not good. Later I saw cops in front. Seriously, not looking good.

I got pulled over, of course!

I tried to be calm before winding down the windows. When one of them approached my car, I winded down the windows. I admitted my mistake and tried to explain to him that I was lost. Of course he asked for my driving license and all that. Not really sure if I should give them to him but, not wanting to offend him, I reached out for my wallet. At the same time, I took the maps I printed earlier and explained the situation to him.

And guess what? Thank goodness he trusted me! They trusted me!

He gave me the right direction and even helped me to stop the traffic so I could drive back (I actually overshot three traffic lights). After getting back my driving license and all, I was winding up my window when the cop joked,”Hey, how about the summons?” When he saw my horrified look, he just laughed and let me go.

Phew! That was really something! Got pulled over on my first day of teaching. The class was bad and this experience did not make it better! However, I am blessed that I did not get summoned. After all, I do not have the money to pay the summons!

Food Review: Cheers Restaurant & Bierhaus Revisited!

We went back to Cheers again, this time to redeem the voucher we bought online. This time we finally printed the voucher. What was the menu for the night?


We had a pint of German beer. Of course I finished my share but, unexpectedly, I did not finish the boyfie’s share. Yeah, he did not finish his but he is not the person who drinks and that is what I love about him. Consequently, I drink less too. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good change.


We had fried mushrooms as our appetiser. We were just worried that the main course will not be enough. Well, there was nothing so special about it. Just mushrooms being fried and that’s that.


Here come our main course, Crackling pork knuckles. No, we did not do the smashing-the-plates practice. I wish I did though. It was good but the portion is small. Not sure if it is because we bought the deal online or it is this small. If it is, this portion is not worth RM45 though but it was a good food experience.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Food Review: YEA Japanese Barbeque & Shabu Shabu@Penang Times Square

It was one fine afternoon when the boyfie and I were heading to Penang Times Square to have our brunch at Full House. After we alighted the car, I saw this interesting restaurant, YEA Japanese Barbeque & Shabu Shabu.


We were curious but thought the place was closed as the door was closed tight until someone walked out of the restaurant. This place was opened not up to one week. We decided to try this place instead.


It is an interesting set-up with marble stone for barbeque. They said it is more hygienic and easy to clean. There will be someone to help and serve you at the very beginning. Later, you will have to do it on your own.


Since it is a buffet, it is an all-you-can-eat with the price of RM48++ per person. With wide range of food to choose from, we enjoyed the meal a lot. They have desserts’ booth too! I still remember how full we were and we did not even go for dinner after. This is a great place if you want to enjoy food and have fun with your friends.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Christmas Celebration@Straits Quay

Chinese New Year is almost over and I am still posting on Christmas Celebration. I know, I have been procrastinating and this is really bad. My blog is really behind the real time, omg!

So, during our Christmas last year, we went to Straits Quay. We were stuck in the jam for more than an hour and we were starving inside the car. We could have thought to bring some snacks with us earlier. After we were freed from the jam, parking hunt next!


When we finally got a parking space, we decided to hunt for food before checking out the wharf. We went to Oh Sushi Japanese Restaurant and they have this all-you-can-eat Sukiyaki. Lovin’ the words ‘all you can eat.’ They remind me of Shanghai’s Teppanyaki.


We ordered a few side dishes as well though its soft shell crab rolls were bad. I really want Zanmai!


That was the Sukiyaki. Huge pot, wasn’t it? We could order its dishes unlimitedly. Awesome, right?


And guess what? We had seven plates of these. We had to have the right quantity for the price we paid.


After we fed our stomach, only we went to enjoy what’s going on around this big Christmas Tree. Straits Quay had the biggest Christmas Tree in Penang. What’s funny was when the clock struck twelve, no fireworks were put off but most of the lights went off and there, that was the Christmas celebration. Oh, I did not hear any shout out “Merry Christmas” as well. I probably should change to another venue for this year’s Christmas.