Thursday, February 23, 2012

They Were Here!

It was back in January, a week before Chinese New Year, when both my mom and my baby brother came visiting me in Penang. Those were the time I was the happiest me! I laughed really loud and non-stop laughing.


We went eating together – I brought them to the places that I like and guess what? There are still more and they have to come back here again!


We went shopping together – I brought them to all the shopping malls I know Penang including the pet shops!


We even made wishes together – I brought them to a few places for sight-seeing. I wanted to try that new tram Penang just built but unfortunately for us, it is under maintenance on the day we went.

To be honest, I want them to come back again. I really had a good time. I really had fun. I really miss them now..

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