Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Festival 2012

Another year had passed and before you know it, Chinese New Year came knocking your door. It happened really fast. Well, for me. And of course I would not miss this chance to go back hometown to gather with my family and friends. Best of all, he is coming back with me this time. And what’s waiting for me back home?


Food, of course! I really love family reunion dinner on the Chinese New Year’s Eve night. All of us came together, surrounded our big round table and had dinner together. It was good to be home.


Then it’s firework! Sibu is really famous for this due to our giasu-sm. I never missed to celebrate Chinese New Year in my hometown and trust me, Sibu is definitely the best place to celebrate Chinese New Year.


What’s next? My dearest family members, of course! However, I did not get to spend too much time at home with them. Therefore, I am planning to head back hometown again this coming June, for my grandpa’s birthday. Will be back longer this time to spend more time with them.


Aforementioned, he went back to Sibu as well this Chinese New Year. He met my family members and good gracious, all of them sort of like him. I guess that is because he is from Sibu as well so, everything was good and went well. In fact, when I was already back in Penang, my family members asked him out to join them for dinner. Without me, alright?


But when he was back in Sibu had dinner with my family members, I was having dinner with his family members in Penang instead. It was a good night. We had really good and delicious Thai food. Though some dishes were spicy, they were good!

All in all, Chinese New Year was alright though I did not meet and spend a lot of time with my friends. Hope to have a better one next year which will be in February.

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