Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pearly’s BIG Day!

Finally I have the time to do this post. This is going to be a happy because it was the BIG day of one of my beautiful babes! She had longed told us to keep that date free as it was the day of her to officially becomes Mrs. Ting. Also, it was an honour for me to be one of her eleven ji muis on the day of her wedding.


Well, it was a last minute invitation and I almost failed to make it. Of course I did not prepare or come up with anything. I wish I did though. I would if I was informed earlier.


There were four rounds that Mr. Ting had to go through before he could officially bring our dear friend back home:

First, he had to get signatures and wishes from the neighbours.

Second, he had to get one of his heng tais to use his toes to grab cards out from a freezing icy cold of pail of water.

Third, he had to read out an oath as well as signed them which I had attached with the video below.

Alan’s oath to Pearly

Last but not least, he had to choose the right ribbon that is tied to his bride else punishment awaits which is borne by his heng tais.


That evening was a beautiful evening for the newly wedded pair. They did look tired. I believe they must have dreaded for a long rest after this day is over.

Anyway, congratulations to both!

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