Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 20Ten

I was still in Shanghai when I started my 2010, still dancing, drinking and partying with my friends at Warehouse 1933. It was the craziest night out I had ever had back then; got home around six in the morning. Also, Adrian, one of my closest friends in Kuala Lumpur, was there, visiting me. We had a lot of fun back then. There were a lot of parties back in January, be it house parties or farewell parties.


I was back in Malaysia for two weeks during Chinese New Year. However, I regretted for not staying back in Shanghai. It would be so much different celebrating Chinese New Year in the land of the Chinese. Plus, it does not happen always. What was I thinking back then?


My life in Shanghai started to slow down in March; not much of drinking and partying. I was employed as a part-time English teacher. Taking up this new job really helped me to grow more. I learned to be more determined and responsible for what I am doing. Some of my friends did not like such changes, but I believe they understand.


I started April with the craziest Easter Day celebration I have ever had in my life. I think it will be the first and also, the last, epic Easter Day celebration. Teaching, buffet, drinking, clubbing, drinking continued and karaoke-ing. Trust me, I did not sleep for 48 hours and did all aforementioned.


Though I worked during weekdays and taught every Sunday, with all the sightseeing I had made as well as crazy parties like Roller Disco, May had been a very happening month for me compared to March and April.


Due to World Expo 2010 being a bitch, June was not a great month for me. It was my final month in Shanghai. Actually shit happened back in May. I was to leave Shanghai in the middle of June though most of my contracts ended in August. Therefore, it was a stressful period but, I am glad I managed to make it through and solved the matters. It was like my last challenge before I was allowed to go back Malaysia.


I was finally back in Malaysia, hanging out with my friends and family. Being homeless, one of my closest friends in Kuala Lumpur was willing to take me in for almost three weeks! I took that opportunity to seek for job opportunities in Kuala Lumpur and I managed to secure a job in July.


I officially started my job in the middle of August. In fact, I spent half of August back home with my family and then another half in Kuala Lumpur. I am glad that I am able to work here, just as I planned. It is not the time for me to go back just yet.


Just when I thought I would live a healthier lifestyle back home, I had my very first night out with my babes in the month of September. However, I did not regret organising it as we all had fun. I wonder if we are doing this another round.

Moving on, I had my very first business trip. I went to Thailand with my superior, meeting our principal, and were there for four days. The trip really blew my mind as I learned seriously, a lot, from all the people I met be it my colleagues or clients.

For the month of November, of course my birthday marked the month. It was great to be able to celebrate my birthday with people I wanted to celebrate with; family and friends. In that same month, I went for another business trip, this time to Indonesia and guess what? I planned everything my own. Blimey, no serious shit happened *phew*

As for December, which was just yesterday, I had a New Year Eve celebration at Chris’ place, the place I had stayed for almost three weeks when I was homeless back in June-July. I would say that was a healthy celebration; with food, soft drinks and video games to play with.


I believe 20Eleven is going to be another great year for me. Why? I love eleven and this year my birthday is going to be legendary! I will definitely make sure that it will be.

Happy New Year!

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