Sunday, April 27, 2008

Have you?

Have you ever experienced in getting stuck in a lift with a bunch of people?

Have you ever experienced when those people support and care for each other in that situation?

Have you ever imagined how hard it is for these people to breathe in that situation?

Have you ever imagined how scary it is to be in that situation?

Have you?


I had.

It was really a life experience and guess what? Eventually, something hit right through me in that particular moment. There is someone that I really want to see.

This someone is someone important in my life.

This someone is someone whom I care the most in my life.

This someone is someone whom I adore in my life.

This someone is someone whom I love and who loves me in my and that someone's life.

And this someone is my beau, Wai Chung.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


OMFG!! This morning I just found out that someone stole my bra! Blardy hell! That bra costed me RM140 weii.. Some more it is one of my favourite and the most comfortable to wear! Shit! That blardy pervert attempted to steal my housemates' undergarments too but to avail. They are scattered on the floor so, that's why I know.

The crime scene:



WTF??! There are perverts around SS15!

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Mid-term Break

I am having my pathetic mid-term break this semester! Wtf!

Tuesday: CEF Lecture Promotions, CEF Roadshow, CEF Meet, EBM
Wednesday: TGM
Thursday: CEF Lecture Promotions

Those are the events. However, my life is not for the events only. I have tons of assignments due soon and lots of tutorials to do!

Since Monday is sort of free, I took the opportunity to do ACL 1st assignment and went to gym. I bumped into Adrian and Weng Foo.

Thanks Adrian for trying me out to use the machine with heavier weights. Oh ya! Thanks for the tips too! Loose-tight-girlsworkout-guysworkout. It was so obscene and funny and we had a great laugh. It really made my day.

To my brother, I am really sorry that I could not meet up with you when you came over with your friends. I want to apologize again because I have ruined your surprise. You bought J.Co donuts for me.

Belated 26th Birthday

After 10 days only he managed to gather everyone together to celebrate his 26th birthday at Park Village, Klang. The dishes are delicious. I recommend you to go.

The belated birthday boy

Our highlight:

One of the dishes was a leg of a pork. It may be fattening but it was really delicious that the picture below was taken like this:
DSCN9873 DSCN9876

His buddies bought him a birthday cake and it was really nice.DSCN9883 DSCN9884

Sequence shots of the birthday boy:


- The End -

Sunday, April 13, 2008

SAC, an Unforgettable Experience

It happened like this...

I asked Siew Jhoong out just to have a more insight on how SAC (fyi, it is an abbreviation for Student Assessment Centre) works. It was just a casual lunch meet-up. Few days later, I was so happened to have lunch with Ka Wei and guess what's the next thing that she told me? I was in the name list for SAC candidates! Adding to that, it was a just only a few days away to the day and I was not prepared at all due to mid-term exam.

Finally I went for the assessment and I thought I screwed up until "..nevertheless, Congratulations you have passed!" (Cafrey, 2008). Thank you, Cafrey, Seda and Mun Cheng. Regardless of the tiresome, the day was great and it was really, really unbelievable. It was a great experience; the excitement process and how each and every one of us help each other to cope with it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mid-term exam come and go.

I will be having my one-week mid-term break start from today! However, I am not able to rest as much as I anticipated. My schedule is really packed with upcoming events and activities. I really need a break...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Why do mostly good looking guys are gays?

Even if they are not gays, why are they mostly playboys?

Even if they are not playboys, why are they mostly not rich?

Even if they are rich, why are they mostly not available?

Sadly to say, I just found out that he is a gay! *sobsob*

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It is very indecisive when I come to think about it. The plans, the paths, everything can be so perfect until this, which made me think trice. Mostly I would just give up.

Certain things got to be in "It depends" situations. Most of the time the special resolution will not be passed but I hope this time, it will.

Chances may be low but solutions are already there for questions.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happening Monday

It was around 7.30am when I saw there were 2 missed calls left for me. They were from my honourable friend, Chi Wei.

I met up with him at Kopitiam; May joined us later. Apparently, he did not receive my message last night and that, I made him panicked this morning as he thought I was still sleeping soundly as usual.

The three of us were discussing ACL together and guess what? Fortunately, most the discussion questions we had came out in the paper! However, Chi Wei was still in his normal claim 'I will fail' which is very untrue. Do not be deceived by his look. He is a smart ass, I shall say.

And oh, it was May's and Siew Jhoong's first anniversary yesterday. Everything was good except the 'pencuri masa' (May, 2008). This is what I got for them:



Later, it was around 2.30pm when the beau called me, telling me that he would be heading to Malacca with Joe as there had been problems with LLDS's accommodation. I was worried sick. He came back to Subang around 10.45pm.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Black & White Party

DSCN9810It was around 7.00pm *ithink* on Saturday when I was checking my mails and I saw this announcement posted by Ka Wei regarding Black and White party to welcome new interns to Malaysia.

I started to think if I should go after I got to know that Ka Wei, Daniel, Julie and Ke Vin were going. Therefore, it was around 8.00pm when I managed to contact Ke Vin and had decided to join the party.

I was very excited as it was my first time to join such party. It really tested my socializing skills and honestly, I had a shock and had troubles talking to those international students. I actually had to walk around the apartment, approaching people randomly and talked! I discover that I felt more comfortable talking to females than to males.




Let me recall the names that I got to know: Mandy, Katarina, Petra, Pavel, 'Rsurell', Daniel, David, Paul, Filipe, Francisco, Trey, Ruben, Smit


Oh ya! Carlos was there too and I was very happy to see him again 'cos it had been a long time since we last met. And finally I managed to meet Mario, Seda, Ruta and Bong Hyun. I felt more comfortable talking to them. Why? I have no idea. Maybe they are the ones that I actually wanted to know in the first place? I got to know a Korean girl this time. I was surprised when she told me her name, Angie!






I believe most of you will think that I drank a lot and got tipsy but the answer is no. I did not drink a lot. Just a cup of Vodka + Coke (eww!) and a can of Carlsberg (and poured some to KB). Not like me, right? Well, 'cos I wanted to lookout for Ke Vin and Julie. Ka Wei was taken care by Seda and Roman!! Omg! *YeeYen,KaWeiisyoursuccessor!XD* Well, he is leaving tomorrow.



In a nutshell, I really enjoyed myself that night as I got to mix around with so many people around the world and it was really cool! I am very looking forward to the next one.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bally Cafe

It has been almost 3 weeks since I last went to do some workout at California Fitness. I have valid reasons for that.

First week: I had a fever, cough, flu and sore throat
Second week: Period came *great*
Third week: Which is this week and I managed to go today. Thanks to Ken!

Later, at night, I had dinner with the beau, May, Siew Jhoong and, guess what? A guy who went missing for many months, Gabriel (formerly known as Stanley)!
We had a great dinner at Bally Cafe.

Next week is going to be a hell-week for me.
Monday: ACL paper
Tuesday: CEF Meet
Wednesday: AG
Thursday: TGM
Friday: CFA and MDC papers
Arghh! Got to plan and manage my time well.

Intensive ACL revision during weekends! Gambateh!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I have been low-spirited this week. Even though I took enough sleep, I am still look so tired! I need a break. Probably going to do workout tomorrow with the monkeys.

His parent asked him to ask me if I can join steamboat for dinner but I rejected the offer as I feel that I am not able to catch up with ACL revision. I hope the difficulty of the questions are appropriate.

Later, May asked for steamboat too! What happen today? How come there are a number of people who are in the mood of steamboat today? Too coincidence already. blink

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy 11th Month

One more month to our anniversary.

We had BBQ along with steamboat at Restoran Talipon to celebrate this very special day.

That very afternoon, I had a good laugh with May, Chi Wei and Chris -- Ken's almond tea which led to pedigree and that led to my imaginary pet dogs, a girl, May's recent car accident, and there were more that I cannot remember!

And I did not realise that I have already had 300 posts before this one! Happy 301st post!