Sunday, April 20, 2014

First Quarter of 2014

Two oh one four had been pretty amazing and great. The first quarter had finally passed and guess what? Friends had been saying that I am a real busy lady.


Well, I guess I did and I do.

All those Toastmasters meetings and contests. All those companies events and trainings. They really took a lot out from me but, guess what?

I am enjoying it! Like really really enjoying the life I am having right now.

January was already a pretty busy month for me. I organised a karaoke session with my friends and the turn out was really great! Though it lasted for 3 hours, we really had fun. Some were happily chit chatting away while others were happily screaming their lungs out.

2014-01-04 21.47.59

I participated a bowling contest and my team won the second place. During the game, I was awarded The Most Conservative Style. I wonder what it meant.

2014-01-28 02.11.24

During one of the weekends, I managed to catch up with my old buddies for some drinks. Sadly that was the last time I saw them which leads me to the next question on when will I be able to see them again!

2014-01-18 12.42.16

The week before I go back Sibu for Chinese New Year was pretty tense. There were a few activities here and there but the most important of all was a farewell gathering for our most beloved friend, David, which also means Beloved. Though I knew him for a short period of time, it feels like I have known him for more than a year. A really fun and very sarcastic friend I shall say.

2014-01-29 02.25.59

Now it is finally come to the end of the month. I was back to Sibu for freaking two weeks and it was awesome! I spent a lot of quality time at home and of course, with my family and friends. Great catch ups and all.

2014-01-31 11.06.11

February? It started with a surprise. I was surprised to receive a Valentine’s gift. Thought I would not receive one since I am single. A small bear and a chocolate. Up to date, I have not eaten the chocolate. It is still inside the freezer.


I spent my Valentine’s in a different way. I went to this stand up comedian with a few friends of mine. There was no romance but at least I had a good laugh that night.


I did have a Chinese New Year reunion dinner with my family back in Sibu but, I did not get to have a reunion dinner with my family in Penang! We really had a good time during the dinner. We then continued the night by invading Mu Hau’s crib. It was definitely a great night.


I had a surprise visit from a close friend of mine all the way from Subang Jaya. Though we only spent a night together, we really had a great time I shall say. Really hope to see you again, babe.


To be honest, February was really packed. There were a lot of Toastmasters Clubs’ Contests all over Penang and I tried my very best to attend them. To learn. To observe. With all those contests and gatherings, my company managed to slot into my packed schedule. I had to join this Agency Retreat to Pulau Pangkor. Frankly speaking, I had a bad feeling about this but I was wrong. I am glad that this retreat happened because I was never close with my colleagues from other places and guess what? Thanks to this retreat, I am closer to them now.


March was not any good either. Packed with Toastmasters meetings as well as some other contests. To start it off, I had this Sushi Bonanza with my friends and it was massive! We ate like nobody business and yeah, totally worth it!


That same month, I had a road trip with a few crazy friends of mine. We bought tickets to Legoland so, we decided to drive all the way down to Johor. We took a stop in Malacca and stayed a night there. Though it was less than a day in Malacca, I managed to devour food that I had been craving for so long! We stayed the next night in Johor after a long day in Legoland and then proceeded to drive back to Penang the next day after. It was totally insane and I was caught by surprise that I managed to get to work the next day.


Miscellaneous activities here and there after and oh, not to forget, the company trainings in Ipoh and then Kuala Lumpur. March marked a very important accomplishment of mine as well. I drove to Kuala Lumpur from Penang and back alone for the very first time! It was a great experience and it seems I am not afraid of anything anymore!



As you can see, first quarter of 2014 was really packed and it will not end there. More are coming and I am really looking forward to it!

God loves me, he does.