Friday, October 7, 2011

Training@Training Centre, Bangi

I was sent back to Kuala Lumpur to attend a course in Bangi for more than a week. In the beginning, I did not even want to go. I had been really stressful and depressed at the same time. Oh, my boyfriend knows really well about this. He had a hard time too.

However, after attended the training, it was not that bad after all. It was pretty much like a getaway from work, which was least expected.


The rooms we stay are good. Comparable to a three-star hotel’s rooms. They have attached bathrooms and room service everyday.


And the food? They really feed us well. Imagine five meals per day. Oh yes, five meals, approximately 2 hours in between; breakfast, tea break, lunch, tea break and then finally, dinner.


And we learned to sing Public Bank Corporate Song, the song that is played every morning at the branch that I am working. Hmmm.. but lately the song was not played. I wonder why.


We did a few role plays too.


As well as some great imaginations such as receiving a cheque with the amount of MYR86,400.00 *ka-ching*


We had some group activities too. That is my group’s creation, 5 Star Super Ho Liao Star Cruise. I know, this sounds funny.


Of course we had some interesting individual activities.


And guess what? We learned new directions but of course we were to unlearn it again. This was pretty interesting. You should try it too.


All these we did it together and who are we? We are the Bancassurance Sales Executive for the batch of September 2011 *grins*

And we are all ready for our upcoming training!

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