Saturday, November 29, 2008

ATAN 2008 & Yuen Steamboat

This is going to be another long post again. It has been a pretty busy week for me, don’t you think so? Well, it is far better than being rotten at home.


On Friday evening, the boyfriend and I went to attend AIESEC in Taylor’s University College’s Appreciation Night (ATAN) 2008. It was a great initiative to organize such event, to appreciate the efforts and hard work of those members who had been contributing to the local committee throughout the year. I did not manage to execute such event last year due to lack of manpower. That’s sad, right? I know.


Michelle and I



AIESEC Malaysia Committee and a few AIESECers from other Local Committee were there as well.


That’s Issac.


The event started off with our well-known square dance song, Mr. Q, by the Management Team of 2009, well, except for Shanny.


Opening performance, More Than Words; Ramadhan the Guitarist and Cecilia, Ke Vin and Shanny the singers. They were doing great. Apparently, I was supposed to sing with them as well. However, due to my messy schedule which will affect our practice and such, I decided to pull out.


In his mind: “When are they going to give out the certs?”


There, the first awards presentation for the contributors to Local Leadership Development Seminar, followed by Induction Conference and of course, the baby of AIESE TUC, TOMORROW, Project Based on Exchange.


And before we could have our refreshments, we were entertained by a dance performance by Suek Yee, Cecilia, Shanny and Ke Vin Big Grin


Sook Theng and I


Darling and I Love Struck


Shanny! Big Hug


Leon and Shan


Clarence and Ramadhan


Nick who came later


It all started off with five guys..


..and having girls in the middle..


..and later, two MC who happened to pass by.


Jul, who won the Best Dressed for the evening Batting Eyelashes


Before the awards presentation for the contributors to Career and Employment Fair 2008, there were Miscellaneous Awards being given out as well.



Issac won the Most ‘Hamsap’ Award


Sook Theng won the Lamest AIESECer Award


Shanny won the Most Talented AIESECer Award with her sexy dance moves.


Last but not least, Cecilia won the Most Hyper AIESECer Award.



Next was the emo emo moments; touching speech by Sook Theng as well as her team. And before the event ended, there were awards presentation to the Executive Boards of 2008 and more emo emo moments again. Comments on the event? Well, there were a lot of syok sendiri and inside jokes. If I were to be an outsider, I would not know what was going on. Nonetheless, the event was going pretty smooth.




And the best thing was I received two certificates. Thank you! Big Hug


After ATAN, the boyfriend and I had to rush to Yuen Steamboat to join the rest of our friends to celebrate the end of our exams Happy



That night, I had been eating a lot and I was not even full. Well, I indulged myself mostly with seafood. Somehow or rather, I had the mood to keep eating but unfortunately, there was a few unhappy incidents happened that night.


First, the boyfriend’s brother’s car met an accident, AGAIN. My gosh! He just bought the car for less than 4 months and was involved in an accident the second time in just less than three months the last time his car met its first accident. Can you believe it? This is the last thing that I wish to happen, you know? Therefore, again, he has to lend his car to his brother. However, the boyfriend himself will start working next week and of course, without his car, it will be damn inconvenient for him. He had gone through a hard time during the last period where he did not has a car to drive.


Second, something happened between our friends. I think it is not appropriate for me to further elaborate on what was going on between them.


Also, unfortunately, it is the end of Langkawi trip with the girls. We were almost conned by the package offered by a travel agency. Somehow or rather, I felt a bit frustrated about this whole trip thing. I am not going to expose the reasons behind it. I am just frustrated. Anyway, we have Plan B: to Genting Highlands. I believe this trip is far easier to manage than the trip to Langkawi, right?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Past: Jogoya & Shopping@Sunway Pyramid

Okay. This is going to be a long post as it involves my schedule for two days.


On Wednesday, I went Jogoya with my girlfriends; there were EIGHT of us Batting Eyelashes Finally, I went to Jogoya! I’ve heard a lot about the place from my friends and finally, I got the chance to witness the place and food myself!


I was dumbfounded the moment I saw the kitchens. There were so many stations and seriously, I did not know how to start taking the food. The next thing I knew, I did not know how to start to indulge myself with the food. Some are ‘Wow’ while others are either ‘So-so’ or ‘Yuck’.


Behold our table – the table was totally accommodated with food and the girls were still out hunting for more food.



I heart <3:




Typical me will not missed out free-flow of ice-cream – in total, I had EIGHT scoops of ice-cream Big Grin


Red wine



A group photo of us (picture credits to SiMun)

After a toilet visit, being girls, we camwhored all the way – spent around 1 hour for photography session Surprise


My camera sux but fortunately, the effect is cool


Don’t ask me what they were trying to do. You interpret this embarrassment art yourself


One of the Christmas Trees.




girls13 My idea Big Grin but I had a more cool complicated plan but once Pek Mun hear me out, she was confused Sad (pictures credits to YingHui)



I Red heart this picture! Thank you, Ying Hui  (picture credits to YingHui)


On Thursday was my last day of work. Also, the day for me to receive my pay! Big Grin The ladyboss was being so nice to present me some gifts – as a farewell gifts, maybe?




A Japanese style purse, maybe?


And a scarf with Japanese arts, perhaps?


After work, I was contemplating of increasing my laptop’s RAM in TBS’s lobby before I went to a computer shop in Subang Square. Having found out its RAM being DDR1 and that will burn a big hole in my wallet if I decided to increase my baby’s RAM, the shop owner(who apparently was one of my acquaintances) advised me not to do it. Plus, my laptop’s RAM is just fine with its current capacity.


Therefore, he asked one of his employee to help me to configure my laptop in order to speed up my laptop. Well, my laptop is slow and the technician was flirting with me, therefore I wasted a lot of my time there.


No lar. Just kidding. He was just being friendly and helpful, though he actually tricked me (he could not believe that I actually believed him) –__- C’mon lar! I don’t know much about computer stuff so in this case, this is an exception for me being ignorant Tongue So, he was not flirting with me, alright? Plus, I am not hot enough being hit on as well –__- Oh, the guy at MOS? He was tipsy. That’s why he could not see my face clearly and being ignorant, thought I was a hot chick, and approached me Laughing


Later, I rushed home to bathe. Why? I’m going out with Cw and May to shop for his working attire. However, it turned out more like an ice-cream-dinner-and-movie outing. After we decided to buy tickets for 7:10PM’s Quarantine, each of us indulged ourselves with two scoops of Baskin Robbins’ ice-cream before we headed for some window-shopping (see see first before actual purchase).


Around 6PM, we headed somewhere for dinner. After looking at Sakae Sushi’s menu, we decided it to be our dining place. It was my first time being in Sakae Sushi Big Grin I feel so happy. First time to Jogoya the day before and first time to Sakae Sushi the next day.


Damn high tech lor xD


Trust me, the real thing looks more disgusting






Can see the difference? Nah, it’s quite vague. In the second picture, the sushis were smeared with wasabi –__-



We were 10-15 minutes late for the movie. And guys, you should be there with us. Still remember the time we went to watch Final Destination 2 together back in Foundation year? Yeah, same thing happened to Cw when we were watching Quarantine. The movie is not that scary. It was the sound effect that create the whole excitement and thrills – which made me covered my ears in some of the parts of the movie Laughing


That female lead is very familiar to me. She appeared in White Chicks and starred as one of the twins’ girlfriends, Lisa. Apparently, she is the Emily Rose in The Exorcism of Emily Rose (I have not watched this movie yet –_-) but I remember how we wanted to watch it at Times Square and that May was unable to enter with the rest due to being an underage student.


Cw craved for a wallet more than formal tops –__- He even bought himself some facial products first, and formal tops come later. This boy, after dropping me home, purposely sent me a message [think I don’t know ar?]. Imagine if I asked him ‘You wanted to send to May, is it?’ Laughing I believe few years back’s Angel will do that.


The message is sweet Love Struck 


It is a deal! Winking